So I was thinking...How do you explain when people think for sure one thing is going to happen, and the total opposite happens or it doesn't happen at all. I mean if the excitement, feeling and thought is there then how come alot of times things or intentions do not manifest if a person is so sure about it?

I see this happening all the time. With people who don't necessarily practice loa. I know in the past I have done it. Been SURE something is going to be one way, or that I would get something specific, and been dissapointed.

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believer1, Very good question there ! I can relate to tht! And the answers also make sense. Would love to hear more from you guys here, and appreciate if someone has something to add tht could illustrate the point further! God bless you guys! <3

(19 Feb '12, 12:06) MagicalUniverse
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Here is a quote from Eric Butterworth that always helped me understand this,

"Faith is expectancy. You will not receive what you pray for, or even what you say you have faith in. You will receive exactly what you expect."

Does that help?

Even if you have a tiny part of you, no matter how small it is, that doesn't believe it will work... than its possible it wont. Or if a part of you still questions it, that doubt will affect it. It is precise... the universe pays attention to the whole of your vibration and everything factors in.

And then... how do you know it just hasn't manifested yet? Your desire is there, but there is some form of resistance that is keeping it out of your reality... maybe the doubt? Are you frustrated it hasn't happened soon enough? Think about it... because if you don't truly expect it to happen, it won't.

Also, its hard to say what another person believes in... you'd have to ask:

Does this person truly believe this will happen? Do they have any limiting beliefs that could affect it? (Ex: things don't always go the way I plan, sometimes bad things happen, things don't always turn out great)


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Good answer LapisLazuli :) I'll just add that IMHO, while believing in and expecting a desire to manifest does bring it forth, expecting the way in which it'll manifest may hinder the Universe from doing its job.

(19 Feb '12, 01:36) Eddie

Thank you Eddie :) I agree with that, too!

(19 Feb '12, 01:40) LapisLazuli

Like others have said, there wasn't real belief there probably. And even if those people felt belief, they didn't hold it for enough time.

From my experience, there are 4 manifestation stages when you align with the vibration of your desire, as you hold the vibration :

  1. The emotion. It comes immediately, and you feel happy as if the physical evidence is already there. It is an instant indicator that shows you that you are vibrationally at the right place, but it is also the first stage of the manifestation.
  2. Thoughts and ideas that match your vibration are the second manifestation, if you hold it longer (17 to 68 seconds according to Abraham, but there is no need to count, just hold it for a while until it happens). Images will start to flow to your mind (without you needing to focus and start building vision boards like all the "visualization experts" advise), and positive thoughts that match that state. You will notice immediately any negative thought that comes up and doesn't belong there, and you will be in this kind of a "cycle" of positivity.
  3. Vibrational evidence - circumstances, people, coincidences. You will start feeling the manifestation as if it is almost here. The thoughts from stage 2 become more vivid and stronger, you start getting inspired to act effortlessly, the whole idea suddenly seems so possible and at hand... This is the third stage, and when you are there (you will know it), your desire is close.
  4. The physical manifestation itself. Funnily, it seems to be the least exciting stage in the entire process... As I am discovering lately. I am beginning to understand why everyone say that the journey is what's important.

So anyway (I got a bit carried away, that's what happens when you just get into the vortex and start writing:)), it looks like the people you talk about where about at stage 2, and then some kind of doubt stopped them. Also it is possible that in that high state, an unconscious and unwanted vibration has manifested itself to "process itself out", and that's what caused the doubt. Anyway, the only solution is to keep allowing and watch what happens.


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I am stepping here because I am not Eddie or Stingray, but I am reminded by them that reality is fluid. Soo manifestations and there outcome are fluid. What are the things to consider? How strong is the desire? How clear was the desire? Was it left to the Universe? Did the person let go? Was time Allowed? Did something better come along instead?

I could go on. Keep practicing..



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Nice one Tom. Thankfully, you are you and you are valuable :)

(19 Feb '12, 01:38) Eddie

@Tom - "reality is fluid"- love it :)

(19 Feb '12, 08:19) blubird two

it appears they didn't fully understand
what it is they thought they knew
with eyes seeing only what
they could see


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To get what you want in life -- here or hereafter...

You have to WORK at it... physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

If you are dilligent, eventually you WILL succeed.

But True Success is even more than mortal decision and human determination; it is a wholehearted consecration of yourself to an unreserved bestowal of love.


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The Prophet

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