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Trying to keep it general and still share the experience:

The other night I was going into a situation that made me think of something that causes me a bit of distress. Within an hour of being there I had attracted it in physical form.

The next morning I received the most random e-mail from someone who lives in another location on the same topic and they had no clue of where I was or my thoughts!

I just could not believe it! Now being aware of my thoughts, I truly could "see" that I was attracting these things, even from hundreds of miles away all within 24 hours!

asked 11 Oct '10, 15:50

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Thanks for sharing :)

(11 Oct '10, 19:00) Michaela

Yes, personal experience is really the only way any person ever starts to experience the truth of what is discussed on this website regarding The Law of Attraction.

Once you've had a number of experiences that are just so obviously self-created manifestations, you just know that there is a direct correlation between thought and physical experience...and it doesn't matter what anybody else says to the contrary.

And thanks to that knowing, you then start allowing yourself to see that connection everywhere (where previously you filtered it out) and then you wonder why everyone else can't see it too :)

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answered 12 Oct '10, 06:38

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The LOA is working for you, and that shows that you wanted immediate result, and you got it. I just got back some money that someone had borrowed from me, and it came at a time when I most needed it, so the LOA does work in our favor, when we need something urgently.

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answered 12 Oct '10, 06:26

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