This question is intended for @Stingray, as follow up for Manifest a Mircale by giving it to someone else? and all the other links given in his answer.

Stingray, your answer has really shined a light on me. I can now see the great essence touched upon in the practise of compassion and 'loving kindess' in the traditional religion of Budhism (and other religions). I am not making the statement that you necessarily support those views, but, in all, my understanding of many things is sharpening super fast :)

Give in order to recieve

I already understand, that, as a great means to helping others and offering yourself, all you have to do is be who you are (i.e) do what you want to do and follow your passion, as you've mentioned in your original answer.

Yet I also can easily see your self tested advise offered upon in your experimental business and how that works in your life ; simply put, the more you give, the more you recieve.

I feel very, very stupid in asking this question, and feel even a bit guilty in asking (dont know why)....How can I serve other people more, on a day to day basis? And, equally as important, what are the general guidleines in doing so?

To add in, I have injured my wrist which is preventing me from doing many physcial acts...Naturally my mind clinged to the idea of doing more unexpected chores around the house, which I cannot perform due to this injury. I am doing my best to be of service...It's tricky around my household in which everyone already seems very self sufficeint and happy anyways. As a result, I have been finding myself getting out of the house and literally doing random acts of kindness. I expect nothing immediatly in return, not even the promise that doing an act of kindness will make me feel better: I just do it to give to others. Examples include, shouting some lonely dude at a bar a beer, leaving very unexpected tips for people, leaving self help books astray on buses and benches, buying a security guard a candy bar.

What can I do? How can I serve others? Are there any traps I need avoid when doing this act? How may I strengthen my desire to be more altruisitc?

Much appreciated and loved from Nikulas. Please only answer when (not when, if) you feel inspired.

Btw Stingray, I really feel I want to give to you personally for all of your help for me on IQ. Don't know how though- I feel you already know/remember truck loads more than I ever will and feel I cannot offer you anything!

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How can I serve other people more, on a day to day basis?

There are no other people in your reality apart from you - your creations of them are reflections of your own vibrational outputs.

For example, while I ( the consciousness stream of @Stingray ) may have my own focused perspective of my own reality and be having my own independent experiences from that perspective, you ( the consciousness stream of @Nikulas ) still don't take part in it.

You can sense another consciousness playing on this physical reality platform of Earth but you still don't "see" me as I am, you only see me as you create me to be. And how you create me to be in your reality is your vibrational choice, it's nothing to do with me. Everyone else is doing the same thing to everyone else :)

So, in effect, you are alone in your own reality playing with reflections of yourself :)

Because of that, it's a little difficult to go out deliberately to "serve" someone else without the process being focused on "serving" yourself :)

So when you say...

I already understand, that, as a great means to helping others and offering yourself, all you have to do is be who you are (i.e) do what you want to do and follow your passion

...then that's as good an answer as it is possible to give...because it's all about You :)

See also Does participation in the Inward Quest site fall in line with the concept of "service to others"?

Yes, there are plenty who've taken that simple idea and layered their own (arbitrary) rules of "Do this" and "Don't do that", often secretly motivated by them wanting you to do what makes them feel better rather than you :)

But if you are asking me directly for more "rules" (or "guidelines", as you put it), I'm afraid I can't really give you any without having a sense within myself that I'm misleading you.

It's completely up to you how you wish to operate your life and play with those reflections of yourself. There's really no right or wrong way. It's your reality and you can play in it according to whatever rules you decide.

And, really, if you are "being true to who you really are", you're going to be joyous and passionate. And that's really just another perspective on Abraham's idea of getting into the "Vortex".

So, in essence, this idea of "serving others", which really means "serving yourself", is just the same old stuff we've been saying on IQ for a few years now...

Get Happy (In Any Way You Can) And Your Life Takes Care Of Itself

Nice how everything fits together, isn't it? :)


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worship God in spirit and truth with all your soul(mind/heart),love your neighboar as your self,Do not judge do not cast stone,respect other people free will as they should respect yours,be mercifull,be a peace maker,make your heart pure,lift that stone and you will find me there,properly split that piece of wood and you will find me there.let there be light,be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Search the reasons you want to help people and make sure you are not doing it for self gratification or ego, look at why you hurt your wrist, is it to get attention, 70 percent of people help people to be noticed. If any of these thoughts make you feel uncomfortable you are probably doing it for that reason. If not make yourself aware of all the things around you and all of a sudden the correct helping path will jump out at you. It might not be the path you might think it will be.


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@Wazza- I used to have a huge desire to get alot of attention from people in a heroic manner; yes that was all an ego steroid, check out my question from a few months ago and the amalgum of responses contributed

No longer using it to serve my ego.

(02 Nov '12, 06:34) Nikulas

Smile.. Be pleasant with everyone .The cashier at the market that might see hundreds of people everyday.give them a smile and feel gratitude towards them for being there and doing their job right. Make this attitude work on autopilot. How is this serving? Well your smile and good nature at that moment might be that lightness that that person needed just then thus making them happy. The end game is making people happy and in return you are happy.As @Stingray said a refection of yourself.


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