I am going through something different since past week and I have tried a lot finding a solution to this inner conflict, but in vain. Finally I decided to ask the question in this beautiful place of wisdom.

I have taken a decision that is absolutely perfect as per my values and principles and I am 100% convinced to the fact that I am doing my duty perfectly. But from inside I am feeling forced and not happy in the situation. It seems like my inner world and outer world are out of sync.

Does this mean I am attracting something that I don't want? I hardly see any images form in my mind when I think about the future based on the decision taken.

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perfection, so there may be more to it. if it be by duty without love it may bring less joy and move to unchecked anger. do you know what it is you attract, are feelings ever stronger than thoughts

(25 Feb '12, 21:30) fred

I'm not sure where you got your "values" and "principles" but it seems like there could be some resistance involved in those words. Also, the word duty gives me the feeling of accepting through an outside source instead of an inner one.

Those key words you used could very well just be the way you express yourself and how you express your feelings.

When you brought up "from inside I am feeling forced and not happy in the situation" I realized that maybe those values, principles, and duties were not of your choosing. You may need to ask yourself from deep within if those thoughts and feelings are who you really want to be.

If you are feeling forced from the inside, then that most definitely sounds like resistance to who you truly are. It could be a signal letting you know that you may need to be aware of how you are feeling, or what you are doing, or saying in your current situation.

The inner world is the only thing we should follow. If we feel good on the inside, then we will get a positive reflection on the outside. If we feel bad on the inside (resistance) negative things will reflect back to us on the outside.

You will have to figure out for yourself if you are manifesting something you don't want. You just have to follow your feelings. Sit down and deeply examine your current values and principles. Ask yourself if they feel good. Think about them and see what kind of emotion comes up. Leave the concept of "doing your duty" out of it and just pay close attention to your inner self.

You may have been attracting something you don't want for quite a while. It could be that you just became aware of your inner signal. If you follow what feels right deep down within, you can never go wrong.


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Your perspective seems worth giving a thought. I might have just become aware of the innner signal. I might just think over this for a while. Thanks!

(25 Feb '12, 07:49) Perfection

When you say "it seems like my inner world and my outer world are out of sync" you're half way to answering your own question. Your outer world as you describe it, is one of duty and principles and it's a course of action that is required by social position, custom, law or religion, it's an imposed rigid education which implies lack of freedom of choice. This lack of freedom of choice is stifling your inner emotions hence the feelings of being forced to act against your inner desires.

In other words your education is telling you to act in a certain way, but your inner emotions are pulling in a different direction creating inner tension and uneasiness. These inner feelings of uneasiness are attracting negative energies and situations.

alt text

Follow your duty as imposed by your education and things will remain more or less unsatisfactory, follow your heart and you will find greater freedom, happiness and positive emotional evolution.


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ru bis

Well Perfection i think your so called duty are things you do in the world and not in you and even if you do your best it's never enough for people around you. But the fact is that if you acted like them they would not take it. Am i right in what i've said so far? To solve your issue be happy for yourself within. The outside factors of this world are imperfect and will never truly make you happy. People will always judge others as this or that because of ego, they think they know better and do better, but if they really did they would't have to prove it to anyone or impose themselves on others. They would just experience and enjoy, so experience and enjoy.


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ru bis

That is the reason why I am re-thinking on the decision I have taken based on what I have been taught is right till date. But I simply do not feel happy inside. Anyways, thanks for the thoughts!

(25 Feb '12, 07:51) Perfection
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