My understanding of the Law of Attraction (mainly from Abraham but latterly from many other sources) is that thoughts are what create our reality. These are then followed by emotions which give us guidance on how we are doing with our thoughts. Positive emotions - we're doing well. Negative emotions acting as a warning of where we re headed. However, some sources claim that reality is created by our feelings.

The reason why I am asking for clarification on this point is that sometimes feelings don't seem to be connected to anything I am consciously thinking at that point. At those times is the Law of Attraction operating on my thoughts or my feelings?

My thought on this is that thoughts create emotions but feelings are something else entirely but which is the LOA operating on?

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@Catherine-I think you get what you predominately feel about more than you what you think about.You usually get the essence of what your feeling/thinking.This answer from Stingray helped me understand this better :

(31 Jul '12, 08:32) Satori

@Satori = you're right of course. I knew it really but I'm just sifting through to get a really good handle on this so thank you so much for being so kind and patient with me - I appreciate it. Of course its feelings.

(31 Jul '12, 08:56) Catherine

@Catherine this is a really good question.

(31 Jul '12, 09:18) Grace

@Satori, thanks for the link. Good @Stingray. (As if there's any bad Stingray.) I also get a kick out of that expression "Manifestation frustration." Boy oh boy, so many of us know exactly what that means!

(31 Jul '12, 09:22) Grace

@Catherine @Grace- No worries, just happy to help:)

(31 Jul '12, 15:23) Satori
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The reason why I am asking for clarification on this point is that sometimes feelings don't seem to be connected to anything I am consciously thinking at that point <

That's because your feelings are greatly inter-related with perceptions.

Most people when they start learning about LOA strongly think that LOA just brings you circumstances, situations, selected behaviours of people and is the explanation of luck and chance. And to that, I'd say, yes, well done! Whilst that is absolutely true, a special point to consider is that LOA also applies to your thinking. This is such a huge thing the hit film 'The Secret' totally missed out on and hence why I feel it may let people down alot. People cannot manifest a parking spot and they immediatly think, "Right, this stuff doesn't work. Ok, back to Dr Phil..." If only these people could just analyse how flawless LOA works, we as a society would be so much more evolved.

First off, feeling is always preceeded by thinking. Tattoo that info in your magnificent brain.

If I'm feeling bad, and I think of something I appreciate in real life (a girl I'm in love with, for example), it won't make me feel any better. The reason is emotional jumping happens on a small level, involving 'hopping' from slightly better feelings to slightly even better feelings, opposed to just depressed to euphoric in an instant from a correction or reselection of thoughts. Hense, you'll read in many metaphysical books saying that "appreciation is the key." When, really, being in a state of appreciation is the key, and appreciating things to try and get to that desired state will defiantly let you down. You're just too out of sync with any authentic emotional play to be able to appreciate something when your pessimistic (example negative feeling).

However, if I'm feeling great, and in the vortex, and I think of this girl then, it is guarunteed to keep me in the vortex for a decent, solid few hours. Or, if I'm close to this vortex, and I think of this girl, it will gain me entry into the vortex, and I can use her as my object of appreciation to maintain my happiness flow.

There are a few, time and time again tricks that work when you're feeling bad, and don't know what to think of, or don't have much of a metaphysical 'toolbox' to use.

One such thing is to be fully in the present moment of NOW. Unless I am in dire emergency (which I have been for a period of about 4 days flat, when I was super depressed), I don't tend to use this method. It's too boring for me, but perhaps it will work better with others.

These days, I'm more inclined to use an Abraham suggestion, which is thinking of something neutral and unrelated which you know won't spike your emotional point either up or down (the trick is, in the long run, it can). Let's say your boss yells at you at work, here are some things to focus on for a few minutes:

  • Blue glass (ripped from an Abraham example)
  • Clouds
  • Wheels on a bus
  • The fabric of a shirt a spectator is wearing at the Olympics
  • Donuts

You'll notice these listed items don't generally relate to what just made your upset in the angry boss example, (unless you're at the Olympics working at a donut shop) and they aren't really too personal either, so they cannot stir up anything else that may trigger emotional distrubance in your life at the time.

I use this trick all the time. If I'm feeling flat, I think of something which I found mega funny. It was a time where I was working in retail with a best friend of mine, and I was serving a customer whilst they were so serious and confused about some faulty product. Whilst the customer was facing me, telling me their problems, and I had to be emerged in their concentration, out of the helpless corner of my eye was my friend, sneakily directly behind the customer, pulling the funniest most silliest of faces, as if to say to the customer, "Yeah, well haha I don't care!" Funny because I even crashed and lost it laughing one day when he did this and a customer just started laughing, thinking I was laughing at their boring jokes. Oh how red my face would get....

In my experience, humour is a distraction method, helping get one to a neutral emotional point, and not necessarily something vortex entry valid. The idea is, get neutral, then get happy.

But back to your question: LOA will grant you several perceptions when you're in a certain feeling. LOA 'manifests' perceptions, 'manifests' thoughts (inspirations), 'manifests' ideas....It doesn't concretely apply on a physical level.

Think of LOA as an audience, and you are a play/film/piece of music. Your thoughts are individual things like the writers, directors, producers, whilst your feeling is the final 'performance' and merely the result of all the previous works. So you're actually arguably more on the dot saying LOA solely applies to thoughts.


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@Nikulas - Terrific answer. "The idea is, get neutral, then get happy." Now that, I can work with. That one is coming with me. Thank you, Nikulas!

(31 Jul '12, 09:16) Grace

@Grace- You're most welcome, Grace. That's why when someone has made someone angry, after they 'deal with' or channel that anger (like going nuts on a boxing bag), they feel relaxed, and at the worst, perhaps ambivalent/bored....But then getting happy afterwards and having a cool day is defiantly within the cards :)

(31 Jul '12, 09:20) Nikulas

@Nikulas - The NOW moment technique I find is the best in those really difficult times. Thank you for your answer Nikulas.

(31 Jul '12, 09:22) Catherine

@Nikulas, feeling, is e.g. feeling cold - "I was thinking of grocery, and I stepped outside, the cold wind hit me and I thought damn it's cold". But I guess you meant emotion. But even so, I can feel emotion of love, and think grocery, then upon intensifying the emotion (e.g. through my actions or actions of my environment) I summon thoughts of love. ;-p

(31 Jul '12, 09:33) CalonLan

@Catherine, I am really enjoying that practice - the Now moment thingie. It works so well for me. The only problem I have is remembering to do it! Thanks again, it was you who finally got that advice into my thick head.

Sometimes, I wonder if bringing up advice aleady mentioned elsewhere is a good thing for me to do or not, but I am living proof that it is - sometimes it takes just the right word, from just the right person, at just the right time, to get something valuable through. :)

(31 Jul '12, 09:36) Grace
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It's emotions, not feelings, that you mix with thoughts.

Law of attraction does is not triggered by empty thoughts. But by thoughts mixed with emotions. For this mixture allows the thought to enter subconscious mind, with which Higher self is connected and as it Higher self sends down to subconscious mind the plan for its execution, you receive a suggestion of an INSPIRED action, which is in the same vibrational plane as the desire, thus you undertake it with no resistance.

So THOUGHT + EMOTION = submitted to HIGHER SELF through SUBCONSCIOUS MIND -> plan received for the desire's manifestation -> SUBCONSCIOUS MIND suggest INSPIRED ACTION to CONSCIOUS MIND -> and since it's INSPIRED -> you take that action -> perhaps FAIL and receive feedback -> which you SEND back to SUBCONSCIOUS MIND where HIGHER SELF based on that feedback UPDATES the plan -> and SUBCONSCIOUS MIND provides you with another INSPIRED ACTION you take it -> success.

Mixing thought and emotion triggers an event of consequent actions, which bring your closer to vibrational state of your desire a.k.a. manifesting.

It should be also noted that it as you FAIL over and over again on your attempts, you should keep on feeding that thought with emotions (best are emotions of love, faith, sex) over and over again.

And thoughts can create emotions, just as emotions can create thoughts.


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@Calonlan - Sometimes I feel like I'm going round in circles - I get this now. Thanks for being so patient as I keep asking questions!

(31 Jul '12, 08:58) Catherine

@CalonLan, Regarding your last sentance, I was just thinking to comment on that point to @Catherine. I have seen discussion here before - basically, which comes first, the emotion or the thought? It was never answered to my satisfaction. I like the thought that it can simply go either way.

(31 Jul '12, 09:04) Grace

@Catherine, read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It's explained in there in more details. But I had to go through my personal experience before I grasped the concept fully anyway. Always strive to experience things for yourself. Believe nobody.

(31 Jul '12, 09:36) CalonLan
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