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I have been reading "ask and it is Given" and one of the sentences raised a question I've always had. The sentence by Abraham was "You made the decision to come here and into your body"......which made me remember my very 1st memory of my life.....I remember standing in my crib as a baby and thinking "how did i get here?" was really strange and I've always kept that I came from somewhere else?

Does anybody else have memories like this or seeing things as a baby or prebirth memories??

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Ive got a memory like this one too! I remember being a tiny baby, and I was wrapped up in a blanket on a couch in my grandmothers house. I can remember her clear as day feeding me and she was talking to me and even though I cant remember what she said now, I could understand every word even though I was too young to speak or understand at the time.

I can really recall this still to this day, its one of those funny things that has just stayed with me. People always say, 'oh I remember when I was a baby' but I rarely think they can.

Ive got 'Ask and It Is Given', im going to read that part again. What this memory means however, I cant give you an answer to as yet! xx


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Yes! when I was in my crib my older brother can in and said he's awake and my mother came in behind him...I knew what he said but I was too yound to speak let alone know English.

(24 Feb '12, 19:56) Eldavo

I also have a memory of swimming in an ocean at night. It was so warm and was so joyful!

(24 Feb '12, 19:58) Eldavo

the sensation of confinement
while being pushed out
the birth canal,
most awkward when a breech

but finially some light
as through a foggy window
appeared and all was well
for years the dream lingered


answered 24 Feb '12, 18:59

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well i remember lots of stuff being a fee years old. but what is strange i add a memory dating from around those time and when i have speak to someone about something i remember about a place that person told me yes it was like that before you where born. so that is a little weird. did i visit before taking the choice and incarnating. well experience and enjoy.


answered 24 Feb '12, 19:27

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I remember some things from preschool. I also remember a dream I had in preschool. I also remember when I was preschool aged and I was with my adult friend breaking eggs and there was blood and a partly developed egg. gross


answered 25 Feb '12, 00:06

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