According to Bashar (and others), continuity is an illusion. Past, present, and future all exist at once and we have no connection to our past in each present moment, other than the connection we believe we have. Whenever we change something about ourselves, there is a complete change, and we have a new past and a new future.

According to Seth, it is possible to change an event in what we consider our past by creating a new memory of that event -- Changing the past in our mind

First, can we re-design multiple events in our past that have an obvious connection? For example, if changing Event A in our past would have changed Event B by default, can we also create a new memory of Event B based on how we THINK it would have changed?

Does this mean that if we create multiple new memories of the past, to the point where we actually believe the new memories are "real" and they change our current vibration, that we can actually have that past? In other words, can we literally rewrite our past and have it be whatever we want if we match the vibration having such a past right now?

I'm a little confused and probably overthinking. :)

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I can only speak from personal experience ... to explain how my mind works from my own personal experience I like to use computers as a metaphor. In fact the way google works is a direct reflection of how the human brain functions.

The google search engine just sits there waiting, when I type something into the google search engine it comes up with results at lightning speed. How did it do it? It searched in it's data base, ran it's programs, applied it's algorithms and out came the results. These results of course depend on it's memory banks, specific programs and algorithms. It's regularly updated, files, programs, algorithms are deleted and new files, programs and algorithms are contantly added.

My mind works in exactly the same way and has been ever since I was born. Something appears in my inner space in the form of thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations or more commonly something appears in my outer space(my story space more commonly known as the physical world) in the form of signals through my physical senses. In a flash my mind runs it's programs, searches it's memories and out pops a result that I become aware of, however in my mind the result is a story that's told with thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations.

And my mind has been refining it's programs and updating it's memories ever since I was born. So can I actually rewrite my past, create new memories, modify the memories already in place?

Afterall that I've just said the answer is obviously "Yes"


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? Start by putting a whole lot of money into your bank account but do like 15 years ago so the IRS isn't suspicious. Then, got to the nearest hospital & go down the the rehabilitation wing. See all those people missing limbs or in a wheel chair? Tell all about reimagining your past.


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