My car is seven or eight years old, a trusty people carrier that has seen much "active service" on the frontline of child transportation. It bears the scars of this!

About a year ago the drive shaft collapsed and since then it has been like a endless loop between my home and the garage who does the repairs - mainly small bits and pieces but also major expensive repair work. Last month the air conditioning broke down. Last week the drivers' window refused to open. This week the hazard lights are going off at random moments.

I understand that I am attracting this - in spite of what my husbands says about the age of the car and the way I drive it - but it occurred to me that that would mean that a car has consciousness? Does a car have consciousness and if so, does ABSOLUTELY everything have consciousness?

Meanwhile, I will consult Stingray's how to manifest a new car question for further guidance.

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Barry Allen ♦♦


@Catherine yes it sure sounds like your car is being cranky! LOL

(12 Sep '12, 15:22) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi ! Awwww ! LOL

(13 Sep '12, 06:20) Dollar Bill
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Here is a quote by Frank Kinslow from his book The Secret of Quantum Living.

Waves create particles and particles create atoms. Then atoms create molecules, which then create stars and cars and candy bars. That's creation 101 in a nutshell. Everything we see comes from primordial nothing.

Yes, every single thing in this reality has consciousness. Rocks, cars, pencils, and any other thing you can think of as being inanimate has consciousness.

Your car was created through thought and eventually became a manifested thought form. If you took a powerful microscope and looked at your car with it, you would see the vibrating molecules and particles.

The scene in the matrix is a good example of what I mean.

alt text

Everything, including your car, is vibrating source energy and has consciousness. Just like the picture above, everything in our reality is part of the 3rd dimensional coding that we chose to create.

More from Frank Kinslow's other book The Secret of Instant Healing

Nothing is inanimate in the ultimate sense

One of our workshop graduates reported that he had a dead car battery. After making a number of unsuccessful attempts to start his car by turning the key in the ignition, he decided to try QE on the battery. The car kicked right over and the engine purred to life. When he took the car into the shop, his mechanic said indeed his battery was the culprit. He probably didn't mention to the mechanic that the jumper cables he used were his fingers.

Try This IQ link for more information on Frank Kinslow and Quantum Entrainment. I highly recommend his work.

We can also give appreciation and gratitude to our vehicles just like we do with the people and animals in our lives. The positive vibration that we give off reflects everything (including good or bad running cars) back to us. There never is such a thing as too much appreciation.


answered 12 Sep '12, 16:31

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Very true- Masaru Emoto's rice experiment is a good example of it. You tell one jar of rice "thank you" and the other jar "you fool" for a 30 day time span. Basically, one jar is receiving positive vibration while the other receives negative.

(12 Sep '12, 17:28) LapisLazuli

I'd like to see this on Myth Busters, would plants grow better even if threatened. "Grow you plant or I'll give you a fat lip!" (While shaking your fist at it!) lol It would be an interesting experiment.

(12 Sep '12, 22:27) Wade Casaldi

@Cory This is an awesome answer - thank you. Funnily enough, the electrics appear to be working fine this morning so I am cancelling my trip to the garage. Regarding Frank Kinslow - my son has Aspergers syndrome and I had a healer work on him who told me she worked in a QE type way. The difference in him is remarked upon by everyone who knows him. Might get her to work on the car lol!

(13 Sep '12, 03:16) Catherine

Ha ha Wade , i did exactly that , gave a rose bush 4 days to get its act together or i would bin it,and in three it had fresh shoots . I was a pretty unenlightened soul at the time I did this , these days , touch them and tell them how much they are appreciated

(13 Sep '12, 03:54) Starlight

@Cory- Thanks, enjoyed this answer. @Catherine- Great question, funny I always believed cars were a living thing even before I knew about this stuff. I think this show had something to do with it . I will do some QE for you car:)

(13 Sep '12, 04:27) Satori

@Satori - the Hoff in his prime - fantastic! By the way, I called the garage and they said they would look at the car anyway. They ran the computer programme on the electrics and couldn't find any problem - Thank you very much for the QE.

(13 Sep '12, 05:57) Catherine

@Cory- After I read this question I just said to myself, "so....Cory officially has jedi master knowledge." You have leveled up and evolved soooo much dude :)

(13 Sep '12, 06:43) Nikulas

Two Hands Touching is my version of QE. @Catherine you may want to teach your son THT so he can help himself. I have had great success with kids at school, including a student with ADHD.

(13 Sep '12, 07:43) Fairy Princess

@Catherine- Good to hear that:)

(13 Sep '12, 17:38) Satori

@Fairy Princess Just spotted your comment - that is a great idea - from your work you will know just how closely related all those ADHD, Autism and various other things are to each other. I do use THT and find it an excellent way of just calming down if I'm anxious - I can see it would work well with maybe autistic kids who were angry as another tool to centre themselves and calm down. Kids with autism can find the World a very anxiety provoking place! Thank you.

(14 Sep '12, 10:59) Catherine

@LapisLazuli I watched a few videos of this research before. I never actually tried it but it does seem very interesting and I have no doubt that giving off positive vibrations will give you much "fresher" things in life. It couldn't hurt to do it with a piece of machinery that most of us use everyday.

(14 Sep '12, 23:39) Cory

@Catherine Your most welcome. That's very inspiring news about your son and I'm glad to hear that the QE treatment is helping him. For me personally, if there was one healing technique that I can say I would truly trust in, it would be QE. I've felt the pure vibrational bliss one too many times to not believe that it can be very beneficial. Regarding the car, you never know, she might very well be better than any mechanic in town:)

(14 Sep '12, 23:45) Cory

@Nikulas Yes, I have been in "Master Yoda's Brainwashed American Re-Enlightenment and Recovery School" for the past few years now, and I can truly say that my recovery (which is still in progress) has been going very good:) I know I will never quite get there or get it all done, but I now know that all the power I ever needed was right here in side of me Right Now. I appreciate your kind words my friend. You have done quite a bit of evolving yourself from my point of view.

(14 Sep '12, 23:53) Cory

@Cory A completely deserved "chosen answer" award - brilliant

(19 Sep '12, 16:43) Catherine

@Catherine I'm glad my answer has helped and thank you for asking it:)

(21 Sep '12, 01:09) Cory
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An interesting observation is when I had my old Chevy Lumina I loved and appreciated my car. It always looked good and drove like a dream. I sold it to my brother I am not sure it lasted a year after I sold it to him.

He locked his keys in it and was stuck someplace so he smashed out the window, rather than get a new window from the junk yard that would have been more work he bought a door and replaced the original black door with a white door.

One thing went wrong after another until he junked the car. I had it for years with no problems. He beats his cars into the ground.

Could this be some kind of consciousness thing or could it be because I took care of my car? I don't know. I am more leaning toward I took care of my car so it worked well for me.


answered 12 Sep '12, 16:53

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi I imagine you as someone with an appreciation of cars and guitars - I think you may be on to something here. You know I was reading yesterday about how people who have organ transplants take on aspects of the person who donated the organ (e.g. a middle aged woman suddenly had a craving for chicken nuggets - her donor was a teenager). Maybe that is what happened to the Chevy Lumina - it temporarily took on the consciousness of the car who "donated" the door - LOL. Thank you

(13 Sep '12, 03:24) Catherine

@Catherine - LOL! I remember that chicken nugget story, I think you are on to something there! Cars and guitars? :D You are on a roll lady.

(13 Sep '12, 09:08) Grace

Yes it looked awful, a beautiful classy looking black car with a white car door on one side! It looked almost like a old police car. Terrible! But for my brother it drove him from point A to point B so he didn't care how it looked.

(14 Sep '12, 11:37) Wade Casaldi
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Surprised this has not been posted "Christine". A Plymouth Fury! with consciousness.

In pagan, pantheistic, and other societies it is believed that everything has consciousness. India religions have felt this for melinna. It was about 600 years ago that thought began to turn in the direction of these spirits, or gods (about 13 million of them) were actually related to internal states of consciousness. But there is still a feeling that objects have consciousness.

There are a lot of "unexplained" phenomena. I knew a flight attendant who was on a plane that had an oven, salvaged from a plane that crashed, where most people died. The flight crews began seeing ghostly faces in it. They pulled it from the plane. But, I guess this was more of a haunting.

Cars and motorcycles can take on a persona. I had a Porsche I named "Lucretia." It seemed to often not start when I had a date with a woman, but never a problem when I was alone or with a male friend. Was Lucretia (Borgia) jealous?

A good friend in Australia is a CPA and not given to flights of fancy, but he has a small altar by his computer. He has spent a lot of time in Java, where this sort of 'magic' is common. His Chinese wife makes little rice bowl offerings to his computer. He even praises it. He has never had a crash, virus or any problems.

In Java, it is believed by many that if you had an accident in your car, you had the incorrect dashboard alter.

@Catherine - Personally I feel it is your feelings toward the car that may be manifesting these situations. Yeah, I know, what else is new? <grin> Don't go beating yourself up about this like I did/do!

Just one of the great things I have learned on IQ is that while you do create your own reality (I have known this a long time), that if you hold yourself in a state of blame for having created same, you put yourself outside your Vortex where you have no power to change the 'bad' situation, in fact you may compound it! This can create a nasty loop. You feel bad about the situation and attract more needed repairs as your "mind chatter" increases

Stingray has some excellent suggestions in his "Manifesting Experiments" you know.

I have found the best thing for me to do is to turn away from the 'problem' and find something that gives you Joy. Anything! Does not have to be - in fact should not be related to your problem.

This better feeling place allows your "mind chatter" about your 'negative' situation to subside where you can be presented with a better answer. The answer and the question are always together.

Or you may need a better dashboard altar. <grin>

I do feel, this morning, that I am a bit unqualified to make an answer as I am need help, myself with a situation.

Reminds me of an story where a mother took her child to Gandhi. She asked Gandhi to tell her son to stop eating white sugar. Gandhi told her to come back in two weeks. She did as she had been told. When she returned, Gandhi leaned over to the son and said, "You must not eat white sugar, it is not good for you." The mother asked why he had wanted her to return two weeks later for him to tell her son. The great man replied, "Because two weeks ago, I was eating white sugar!"

I am going to start another thread.


answered 13 Sep '12, 06:20

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Dollar Bill

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@Dollar Bill Love the Gandhi joke DB. Lucretia sounds like a high maintenance mistress! You have given me an idea - I'm going to get the kids to come up with a name for it and then we can all appreciate it together. I don't have much knowledge of India and had never heard the idea of altars to things like computers - houses maybe but not computers - very interesting as our computer has been playing up too! Thank you very much.

(13 Sep '12, 08:56) Catherine

@Catherine - Yes, I named her after Lucretia Borgia (Sounds like Porsche). High maintenance indeed.

And Gandhi felt he could not tell someone else not to do what he had been doing, until after he stopped. My allusion was that it is easy for me to give advice. It is harder for me to take my own advice! But it gets easier.

One of the great things about IQ is that as I begin to answer someone else's question, I realize I should be taking my own advice!

(13 Sep '12, 12:03) Dollar Bill

@Catherine - I also realize as I begin to type a question, that the answer comes to me as I am typing. Often I go ahead and ask the question anyway because someone else may have a similar unasked question, and also someone may - likely does - have another answer I had not thought about.

There are always several good, valid and yet completely different answers to the same question!

(13 Sep '12, 12:06) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill We have decided on Etta (short for Henrietta) for the car and purchased an air freshener as our offering. I do know exactly what you mean about taking your own advice!

(13 Sep '12, 12:35) Catherine
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Hi Catherine, If you think your car is wonderful than it will go like a dream and if you think your car is full of crap than it goes like crap. You are your cars consciousness and your car is an extention of you when driving.

When you have problems you shall notice that not only cars but all other appliences and things will start to play up. The reason they say things allways go wrong in threes. When your life is smooth and problem free than everything else seems to behave.


answered 14 Sep '12, 01:07

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Paulina 1

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@Paulina 1 I'm living that at the moment - alot of my appliances are playing up - LOL. Some vibrational work is needed. On the positive side, the hazard lights appear to be sorted. Thanks for your answer.

(14 Sep '12, 02:03) Catherine
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