Hello IQ friends,

Been a long time I asked something. Had stopped visiting IQ for quite some time. Something brings me back here, time and again :)

So here is my question:

My problem is not that I do not believe. It is actually the fact that I start disbelieving, when an exception to what I believe occurs.

How can I deal with this?

Thanks a ton.

asked 06 Apr '13, 01:41

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hi @Sourabh, in other words how to prevent doubt creeping in ... "our doubts are traitors and make us fail where we oft might win"

(06 Apr '13, 01:51) ru bis

Hahaha. This is too funny, the world's gone mad. You see your blessing as the problem and want to give it away. If you understood life, you would have gotten to the same place of not believing anything. You got there the other way, through doubts, and it's your other belief that doubts are bad, that makes you want to leave this place. But, I guess you have to before you come back again and stay cause you'll know.

(06 Apr '13, 04:51) CalonLan

@ru bis: Yes, you can say so. I tend to believe things easily. For eg. I start practicing this process for manifestation / healing and its working pretty well. Suddenly one time, it just wouldn't work and thats when I start doubting whether this process works. I think I want that what I believe should be true, without exceptions and unconditionally.

(06 Apr '13, 10:38) Sourabh

@CalonLan: Well, I would really like to learn more about your perspective. Do you mean to say, we should be in a place where we do not believe anything, and if yes, how does that help? Thanks.

(06 Apr '13, 10:39) Sourabh
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I think most people go through this phase when they start to try and integrate their knowledge of Law of Attraction to manifesting.

It will come with practice like a lot of things do. I used to doubt the power of my thoughts and my beliefs but once you really start to see the Law of Attraction at work through you deliberately doing vibrational work and not doubting the outcome, then this will give a great boost to your confidence.

You will then just find it easier and easier to manifest what you want.


answered 06 Apr '13, 07:10

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Pink Diamond

edited 06 Apr '13, 09:12

Thanks Pink Diamond, I see that practice is the key, just as for everything else. I will keep practicing and get better and better :) Cheers

(06 Apr '13, 10:41) Sourabh

Why would you want to not disbelieve? Disbelieve everything...doubting it all will direct you to the only place the answers reside - Within. Great doubt and Self inquiry will take you where you want to go :)


answered 14 Apr '13, 16:54

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It seems that you are suffering from doubts, i suggest that you take a look at the excellent answer given by Stingray to this question;

"How do you remove all doubt, so that manifestation can occur."

p.s me thinks i'll take a sneak look as well, lol


answered 06 Apr '13, 03:01

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ru bis

edited 06 Apr '13, 07:16

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks Ru bis for sharing that link, Stingray's answers are always illuminating and filled with wealth of knowledge on reality creation. I have had many instances of interacting with him earlier with my questions, where I failed was - putting his advise into practice, and in a fun filled way :) Never late to start again. Thanks!

(06 Apr '13, 10:50) Sourabh

We can have do or be anything we want within reason. Reason of what is possible is dependant upon what domain of possibility we are living in.

Example: What may be possible to someone wealthy is impossible to someone poor. What may be possible to someone poor is impossible to someone wealthy. So we need to think on what domain we are living in. What limitations am I accepting believing in as fact?

This will give a key to what needs work.


answered 06 Apr '13, 03:16

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Wade Casaldi

edited 06 Apr '13, 03:18


Thanks Wade. You are very correct, its the Domain of possibility! Which needs to be ever expanding with time and experience. I will work on this :)

(06 Apr '13, 10:42) Sourabh
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