My baby sister, 1 year old, seems to constantly be crying, raging, sceaming and getting into tempered moods most of the time. Overall, she's just so noisy, and I live in a very small house, thus it's extremely hard to concentrate on vibrational work at home, at least 85% of the time.

The thing is, at night she is having outbursts as well, and despite my earplugs or white noise MP3, it just dosn't cut it.

My question is overall about whether this is something that will actually be solved, considering it's in my beliefs that she's just a baby, and naturally, she's going to be a handfull. However, it's making me really frustrated and I've been having headaches lately as well.

These days I am asking questions that are defiantly things I've got zero clue about...I know alot more than a year ago, and I understand we create our experience, but, seriously, can someone tell me I've manifested this? I also know that clearing other areas in life that leave me feeling the same emotionally may also have a ripple effect on other things in my life.

Some babies are quite, some are annoyingly noisy, coupled with a small house. I am asking this question sort of half way out of the vortex. What should I do?

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You should focus on how much you love her and the adorable things she does. Think of the things she does that make you laugh, and feel grateful for her in your life.

I have a son who is tempered and loud.. hard at first, but they do get better. If you feel frustration most of the time I do believe this will rub off on her... when my mood changes so does my sons. Still, if you are more aligned with yourself, the temper tantrums and outbursts will not bother you as much.

But I am talking about my son, compared to your sister... so I know parents have much more tolerance with their kids.

Is it possible for you to leave, go do something so your not around the commotion as much? That sounds like the best idea to me, at least to help your mood. I don't want to say "you manifested this", but I think if you did little things to help your mood and raise your vibration the situation would improve.

Kids do go through stages... some are more quiet than others, but they all have there stages. So she will grow out of it, and if she's past one year this could be very soon. Instead of seeing her as a handful, take a more fun perspective... kids are incredibly fun and adorable. The good completely outweighs the bad. I'm not sure how much you interact with her, but if its not much, you should build a bond with her. Talk and play with her. Kids can be so rewarding, they have put me in some of the best moods. I love it, its an amazing thing- treasure her and you'll always be her hero. Little sisters love their big brothers.

The more attention and fun she has the less outburst shell have... and if you have a strong bond with her, I think the outbursts won't bother you as much.


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But... aren't babies supposed to be noisy? And they're not ALWAYS noisy. There are the calms and the storms. Imagine being able to handle the storms... I'm sure that would mean I'm in the vortex. And an opportunity has presented so.

I have not handled loud babies before, I admit. But I think I would spend lots of time with it, quiet or not. I believe their pure innocence is worth it. If I prioritize my work or myself above a child, what would happen if that child really needs my help one day? Will I just ignore him/her and say "Go away I'm busy". Yes, there will be times I will definitely be busy, but I know I won't say it every time that it becomes an automated response to ignore him/her.


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