Spiritual can be defined as immaterial, undetectable by physical means ... the electromagnetic spectrum is generally described as extending from low radio frequencies to high gamma frequencies, covering wavelengths from thousands of kilometers down to the size of an atom


With the aide of a pendulum Chaumery and Bélizal claim to have discovered the complete range of electromagnetic vibrational energies extending way beyond established limits and have represented them in a circle graduated from 0 to 400 radians

alt text

Further more they claim to have discovered source energy,composed of pure magnetic and pure electric energy, situated on the diagram at the mid-point (0/400 radians) of the negative green section.

Can the energies in the negative green section, actually only detectable by dowsing or assimilated methods, be considered as being physical or are they spiritual ?

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@blubird two, you've asked a number of these Is this evidence of subtle energies? style of questions already on IQ. And there are numerous other science-based questions ( for example, How does a whirlwind really work ? ) which you are using to later post information that it appears you intended to post in the first place. While IQ policy allows you to answer your own questions, IQ questions are intended to be genuine requests...

(27 Feb '12, 03:32) Barry Allen ♦♦

...for spiritually-based information. If you wish to share information like this on a continuing basis, I suggest you create a single Community Wiki posting and edit it or add to it.

(27 Feb '12, 03:39) Barry Allen ♦♦

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In your first sentence you state "Spiritual can be defined as immaterial, undetectable by physical means". So if negative green cannot be detected by physical methods; as you've stated in similar questions and since dowsing has never been proven scientifically, the answer is spiritual. My answer would have been spiritual regardless, due to the fact negative green is a vibration type of energy, similar to radio sound waves.

However, it could be Both. If I recall correctly when they dowse for water; they detect some sort of * physical* energy field & if this is correct; it would mean negative green was physical also.


certainly a poor choice of words, on my part... I was anticipating your answer & links; always so enlightening.

Main Entry: trick

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: expertise, know-how

Synonyms: ability, art, command, craft, device, facility, gift, hang, knack, method, secret, skill, swing, technique

Antonyms: ignorance, misunderstanding


. . . and I'm guilty of being over analytical; not my intent either. I understand the spiritual/cosmic connotations; but not always the scientific. You may want to try looking at it in a more mystical way. Think of indigo (from your green leaves link). What does it mean to you? Leave science completely out of it; use only your intuition & follow the flow. Do you see how it connects with a whirlwind? Have Fun... .

I love the French language . . .

bliss . . . only bliss

Yes, I was referring to magic ( mental energy). Sorry, you had doubts. Your thoughts ar soo deep - very imaginative; yet complex & technical, too. I really hope you kept your thoughts & questions going till you came to the "whirlwind".


lol! complicity... I do appreciate the "rush" to bliss & love the picture & feelings it creates. The view I was contemplating - tends to flow towards a slow aerial blissful dance to the the au-delà.

which went along these lines . . . indigo . . . according to Native American lore/magic, the indigo bunting along with the bluebird were able to manipulate the wind. Which connects directly to the whirlwind & for me, surprisingly, revelation.


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@ele - glad you appreciate my point of view ... thanks for the complicity ... :)

(01 Mar '12, 12:44) blubird two
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