What might the Buddha say about Buddhism? And how would Muhammad guide the Muslims of today? Thank You

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I think they'd all say "I came to show you by my life's example not teach you with a set of doctrines."

Their lives were a complete embodiment of what they were trying to show us... that the Divine resides within each and every one of us and when we look elsewhere, we'll always come up short. And the quickest way to that realization is by letting go and having complete faith in that Source from which we all originate.

Great question Brian :)


answered 29 Feb '12, 21:17

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if you want to be perfect leave everything you have and follow me or my example. very good michaela.

(12 Mar '12, 06:58) white tiger

I think they would all say, " DIDN'T U UNDERSTAND WHAT WE TAUGHT? Love not war, unconditional love means love with NO conditions, so love the ones who do not see as you. "

something like that.

Actually Treb describes some things about Jesus here.


answered 29 Feb '12, 11:42

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TReb Bor yit-NE


On the channeling front I once asked Jesus this question. I remember he was not happy about what has become of his tecahing and all the Christian religons.

(29 Feb '12, 12:38) Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi ,, yes, I BET, man what a waste of great information and love that he gave us.

(01 Mar '12, 10:29) TReb Bor yit-NE

Yes this reminded me of that channeling session. I had long forgoten about that actually. It has been a long time since I last channeled. But I do remember this session. Jai is close to spot on with her responce. I know he said he didn't come to be worshiped, but to teach us who we are.

(01 Mar '12, 16:28) Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi yes, i know what u mean, Treb said he connects to the conciseness of Christ and he is a great entity. Do u have any of ur channelings recorded or written down?

(02 Mar '12, 08:27) TReb Bor yit-NE

Yes a stack of old VHS video tapes.

(02 Mar '12, 20:46) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi if u ever get them set to digital, let me know i would love a peek, love n light brother

(21 Mar '12, 09:05) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Jesus might say: it really doesn’t matter what religion you believe in or don’t believe in, as long as you believe in yourself. Remember that any religion is a path home to spirit and that there is no right or wrong path. Love is the Universal religion of spirit and love is always unconditional and absolute ♥

Buddha might say: carry water, chop wood, it really doesn’t matter what you do with your time here on earth; but just remember that this reality and all realities are illusions. For as long as you remember this you will not be drawn into drama and folly, and so you’ll avoid all of pain and suffering that goes with it ♥

Mohammed might say: love and respect all of the choices that your brothers and sisters make, no matter what. Know that the separation between all people is artificial for the Source of all beings is One. Forgive those who’ve forgotten this truth and show them your kindness, love and understanding ♥


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eddie, what if they were on the same path our elder brothers alerting to caution or pitfalls, yet knowing each has to learn at their own. we may be all from the same flame descended into form to arise again with the purity of our conception

(01 Mar '12, 21:00) fred

I think Jesus would say:

"Oh, my! How you have COMPLICATED what I tried to teach you!!!

"And what is all this history of going to war in my name???

"Don't you read my word??? I see a lot of you have not cracked your Bibles in Months, or even Years!!! Try getting it from the horse's mouth...

"And, by the way, you people (especially the Church of Rome) have really messed with my legacy...Try going back to the Simple Word I preached...The greatest laws are: Love God before everything, and Love thy neighbor before thyself. If you keep these two laws, you keep them all!!....

"Your greatest ally is the Holy Spirit, whom I sent to you after I died...call it what you will: conscience, gut instinct...you have a lot of buzz words for it, but the Holy Spirit can teach you if you let Him do so...Just open your hearts and minds...

"Remember: I was the King who rode a simple donkey one week, and died the next on the Cross. My life I gave for your salvation...that the Old Testament would be fulfilled, and a new Covenant was forged by my life...

"When you have doubts, read my Sermon on the Mount. There, you will find all the Truth you need to follow what I taught.

"Finally, practice K.I.S.S: Keep it simple, stupid!"

I think Jesus would say things like this...I cannot speak for Buddhists or Islam...they will have to speak for themselves.

But--have you ever noticed that a Holy Man or Woman, of any Faith, bears much in common with other Holy People of completely different faiths?...In other words, there is a common thread that leads to God and Enlightenment.

I highly recommend the book, "Return to the Center". It is one of the best books I have EVER read...It is about a group of Inter-Faith People who live in India, in poverty, with one goal: to find the Truth about God. And they do! They are dedicated to their cause, and work quietly amidst all the religious turmoil in the World. Read it, and you will see...

Blessings, and Peace among all Faiths,



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very good jay i agree with you. but i do not think jesus would judge anny one he would stay in truth and know in fact he all ready know all so why would he say you have complicated things? knowing what he know how could it be anny other way.

(12 Mar '12, 07:07) white tiger

Or he might say

It is not any command that I give unto you,except if you co-operate with Me in the Divine Creative Will, you will have no need for any other graven image before Me or yourself. Thus,you will not call images gods but you will know that you are God in whom I Am well pleased and you have the same dominion that I have. Now come up close to me, my son; amalgamate with me and I Am yourself and together we are God.Your body is the God-body which is idealized and which is in existence and was in existence before the human race was ever projected into form. This is humanity's being. God creation.All humanity have this perfect form and image if they will but accept this true image.This is the temple of God that belongs to man and is complete for man.

This message was taken from The Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East.Volume 3. It felt right. love and light


answered 29 Feb '12, 21:09

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very good roy i am is my eternal name and i made you and my image so you can also say i am and have the same potential that i have. experience and enjoy.

(12 Mar '12, 07:11) white tiger

i guess it would be whatever
it is we believe in most dearest,
is that not our common way
though some may search for
that elusive awareness of self

would all three agree
on what it should be or
nonjudgemental in how you see
knowing you have yet
unfoldness to discover


answered 29 Feb '12, 18:33

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What a terrific question! I too believe each of them would be shocked, and probably very disappointed by the way things have gotten convoluted over time.


answered 01 Mar '12, 09:23

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I think they would all be disappointed that the followers of their religions haven't recognised the oneness of God and the essential oneness of all the religions and that each of them Buddha, Muhammad, Christ etc are really all the same spirit returned, but rather have used their name to hate and despise one another.

"Know thou assuredly that the essence of all the Prophets of God is one and the same. Their unity is absolute . . . To prefer one in honour to another, to exalt certain ones above the rest, is in no wise to be permitted. Every true Prophet hath regarded His Message as fundamentally the same as the Revelation of every other Prophet gone before Him." - Baha'i writings


answered 01 Mar '12, 18:10

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Inner Beauty

inner beauty, we aren all destined to the same path. some may take longer to find the way. it is through individuality that we see universality

(01 Mar '12, 20:55) fred

That may be true Fred, but if we understood that all these paths were one and the same, we'd have an easier journey and we'd have a better world in which to make that journey. Understanding of some fundamental truths doesn't make us lose our individuality, just like knowing that yesterday's sun is the same as today's sun doesn't alter who we each are.

(02 Mar '12, 03:19) Inner Beauty

inner beauty, there is cause and effect that inflicts each of us for past choices. as we learn who we are we begin to know that there is connectedness of all that is, since a part of us always was. some just run the race at a different pace but at the finish line each surrenders personality witout fear since their individuality is subjectively known

(02 Mar '12, 19:04) fred

very good inner beauty do not judge and you will not be judge stay in the truth and the truth will set you free. experience and enjoy.

(12 Mar '12, 07:14) white tiger
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All of these spiritual leaders had one objective and one only, perfection of personality. Personality has not changed from then until now. The same issues that these spiritual leaders faced then are the same issues that we face now. The development of government, technologies, real estate, transportation, apparel and so forth, are prophetic revelations, not only by the leaders in question, but also by unprecedented figures. Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha were said to be simple men, undesirous of worldly pleasures. Part of ones perfection of personality is to control desire, and so, in your pursuit to excellence, focus on controlling your emotional being as did all of our spiritual guides before us. Peace & blessings.


answered 01 Mar '12, 10:13

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constantine, was it perfection or unfolding to its potential, then purity of its being, a spark of the eternal yet individualized to learn and develop

(01 Mar '12, 20:52) fred

Your poetic analysis is one in the same. Thank you for reading into my energy as I enjoyed reading into yours.

(01 Mar '12, 23:07) Constantine

very good constantine things do not change has much has people think. past, present, future often the same test in different form. experience and enjoy.

(12 Mar '12, 07:25) white tiger

The beauty of knowledge is its ability to travel beyond the medium of mind. You and I have never met, yet our understanding(s) have crossed paths allowing us to be on one accord. Thanks for the compliment White Tiger as the compliment also belongs to you. Joyful experience.

(12 Mar '12, 13:18) Constantine
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This is a good question. I believe because of the passage of time quite a lot has changed in all of these religions or really in the people that practice these. For example there are a lot of Sunday-only Christians, that go to church then the rest of the week you would never know they were Christian. Jesus said those that are ashamed of him in public he will be ashamed of in heaven. The other thing is that there are so many sects of Christianity each saying that they are the only ones that are right, everything from Catholicism to Jehovah's Witnesses. There are those that fully believe we have authority and power to heal and cast out demons (As I do) and others that say oh no we don't, that is blasphemy we have to pray to a saint to intercede for us! There are those that believe that you must be baptized to be saved and those that do not, that say it clearly says as we accept Jesus as our personal savior you are saved and baptism is only for those that are going to FULLY dedicate themselves to Jesus for life.

I believe what it is is that so many look at the Bible and have different ways of interpreting what is being said that each time that this happens there is a new sect. The thing is some churches believe you should sing and dance and play musical instruments for God. Other believe absolutely not that would be a blasphemy to God! Some churches believe in talking in tongues others say no only the apostles did that and anyone one else is possessed by a demon.

You can see the "rules" of the churches vary extremely, the words from the bible remain the same but how they are taught is vastly different. Some churches use a lot of rituals others use none. Some are highly decorated and others so plain and simple if it wasn't for the podium with the cross you would never know it was a church inside. My church does not believe in rituals, there is no ash Wednesday, Baptism is only for the very serious and dedicated, Communion is near impossible to get because you have to be that worthy, so none of this is ever done in my church. What is done is we learn of our power, authority and command through Christ. We learn of always treating others as if we were treating Christ. How would I treat this person if he/she were Jesus? We learn as Christians we represent Christ and as such need to be on guard of how we are behaving and thinking. "Would this represent Christ or the worldly ways?"

It really comes down to, do we live the life or just practice the religion? I believe it is the life Jesus talked about that is important to God, not the religion. It is how close are we to God everyday not... "Look God, I'm busy, but I have some time Sunday for you, I'll pencil you in for Sunday, make my appearance, then I have to go screw this guy over for a deal I'm making." It is like what is the point of that!

People say, "As long as I make it though the gates." It is far better to get to the inner kingdoms and even go for the seven crowns! You don't want to just be in the gate like, "That's far enough pal, go can't go any farther you can watch them happy from here but that is it!"

There are football players that cross themselves then go kick someone in the head, what is that? "As you have treated the least of these you have treated me." Jesus said. Have compassion for all, love all, even your enemies for it is not them you are trying to please! It is God himself! As we do for others, God returns for us and more so however it must be with sincerity of genuine compassion not out hope that God sees this and will give you something. If you do that then you are abusing the word and will receive back something akin to what you are putting in, which you wouldn't like too much.


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Wade Casaldi

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Jesus can only see the Truth and Love, the rest does'nt exist.

(29 Feb '12, 16:59) Roy

Right, God knows where our hearts truely are. If we are sincere or not, he knows.

(29 Feb '12, 17:02) Wade Casaldi

very good wade those who are pure of heart with faith will see God. those who believe will be save. has for the rest of what they do they have free will shall i judge them? experience and enjoy.

(12 Mar '12, 07:20) white tiger
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jesus would say: verily verily in truth i am not surprise when the harvest came fee where at the narrow gate and many where at the wide gate of destruction in truth i tell you the father is a God of patience and God is not a men to change is mind but do not think he has not the power to do so. but the wisdom and weakness of God is greater then men. men seek to gain power out of ego and that same ego is what is stopping him from achiving it. so i tell you in truth follow the way that i have set for you in truth and life you will become pure of heart and the spirit of truth will come to you and the door will be open for you and you will be born again. the church is not only made of stick and stone. look at my life where did i teach with out opposition was it in temple or church building of stick and stone? if the pharises and priest would have the truth would they have need to put me on the cross?

has for buddha he would say when you read the scripture you have to realize that you have all that you need to become what you are: you are the buddha the tathagatha (born again)that is what you need to realize.

Muhammad would say be pure in though speak and action follow the golden rule.

experience and enjoy.


answered 12 Mar '12, 06:55

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white tiger

How would Jesus comment?

Exactly as the previous answers have unfolded. There is nothing but Christ in this world, absolutely nothing. The answers given in this post are given by Christ.Who else could they be given by?

He may be fast asleep in some, or awakening in others. But either way Hes all that exists. Hes playing every role, His face appears in every mirror.In Him all things exist. All things,spiritual or physical, if indeed anything physical does exist or exist in the way we think it does....


answered 21 Mar '12, 06:27

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