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I have been using these videos lately and have found them very helpful and interesting. They relate directly to manifesting and attracting. Remember that headphones are strongly recomended.

would love to get some feedback and peoples impressions on some of these.

Thank you and enjoy.

asked 08 Mar '12, 05:43

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I need to manifest some new headphones this weekend ;)

(09 Mar '12, 03:00) ursixx

I only played one. It was a lot like the paraliminals I paid money for. I prefer the ones I paid for oddly enough.

Good. Having played only one, one time it's hard to have an opinion.

Thanks for the links


answered 08 Mar '12, 19:09

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you are welcome, these videos are free and have some of the quality of some paid for ones. It helps to to have them while you till you can afford to buy the other ones.

(09 Mar '12, 17:03) Greendog

I just played parts of all of them. Some remind me of the subliminal or paraliminal recordings I am using. The first 4 on your list are actually really good and I intend on using them for a while also. I will try to extract the audio onto my mp3 player, so I don't have to be in front of the computer for this all the time. But 2 of the 4 require that b/c of the subliminal messages popping up constantly, which is a double bonus.

Now, the 5th video does not resonate with me. The audio is ok, but I don't like the flashes of scantily clad women (among other wealth related images) flashing across the screen, so this is a turnoff for me. I guess guys probably would love this. It's a preference, I guess.

But, all in all, I do want to thank you for the links, I will try and use them regularly and will also send the link to my daughter and son in law, who could use this as inspiration. My daughter just lost her job of 5 years and is a little down. And her husband is on disability. They are not really into meta physical works like I am, but it should get their minds off of things and who knows, it may help them in their financial situation also.

Lee (PurpleRose)


answered 09 Mar '12, 16:26

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Hell PurpleRose you are welcome, I have been using them lately, and since they are free on youtube, it is a great way to test drive them until you can afford the ones you pay for. They are very helpful, and just today I got some bad news on a deal, but I was able to turn it around and keep positive and forward thinking. have a great day!

(09 Mar '12, 17:06) Greendog
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