I have been debating Reiki certification, but am unsure if it is the correct path for me to take. I thought of maybe getting certified in Access Conciousness's 'the Bars.' Yet, I do not align with some of the teachings. My favorite spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn, does not teach a healing process. Okay he teaches an effortless healing process where if you are called to grocery shop you are called there to be in a healing dance with those around you. You heal the people in the grocery store/coffee house/other location and they heal you back.

You see every month in my city is a healing night where you can go to heal or be healed. I want to learn to consciously heal. I know I can go there and naturally heal others by seeking healing, but I wonder if the healing power would be greater if I attempted to heal another. So what is the awesomest superhero healing I can do?

Not that it isn't cool to heal the whole coffee shop while I sip my tea and watch YouTube, or read. I just wanted to heal in new ways.

asked 11 Aug '18, 21:22

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check out David Snyders 'spinning' and other emotional healing techniques- he has some extremely effective methods that have worked for me in ways i cannot even describe

here i have seen EFT being very popular- and i do use it when i need a quick healing relief- as davids techniques take a bit longer (like a minute longer but still sometimes you need something like right now real quick) but i have found for some deeper emotional pain davids methods are always 100 percent pain-removing and i have been using them for 2 years and it doesnt wear off- it has standed the test of time and thats important


here is a video but check out his youtube channel he has loads of free seminars and videos there and he shows on people how to do it and generally gives a lot of good tips

his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SanDiegoKarate

btw he is also a certified reiki teacher, certified pranic healer, he has several black belts in multiple martial arts (karate, shaolin ku tao and others) he is a licensed acupuncturist, and has a master of arts in oriental medicine and many many more credentials - but he combines all these different healing techniques into one and perhaps that could be of use to you since you are not sure about the reiki- and he kind of mixes eft and reiki and a lot of other stuff into one and it really really works so i think this is maybe something very interesting for you to explore


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Thanks, I will check out the video!

(13 Aug '18, 20:54) Igot7

Well, why are you interested in Reiki in the first place? Do you like Japan? When you say "Reiki" it is very specific as opposed to, say "therapy." I wouldn't go all in with something if I don't completely agree with the teachings... although parts of it you can keep for yourself (that benefit you). Sometimes, just talking (or writing) or understanding can help someone out. It doesn't always have to be "energy" or whatever.


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i think talking writing and understanding is of very little benefit to anyone wanting to heal/heal others as i think people that have had regular therapy for years are living proof of and energy healing like eft has helped millions of people dealing with very deep seated emotional pain in literally seconds.

(13 Aug '18, 08:22) Januaryfeelings

also, reiki IS a form of therapy- as therapy literally means 'the attempted remediation of a health problem', which can mean literally anything- including meditation reading creativity- AND you guessed it REIKI- it is a form of therapy because it is an attempt to remediate a health problem. so thats that

(13 Aug '18, 08:25) Januaryfeelings

also, liking Japan and being interested in Reiki has no connotation whatsoever- i may like pasta bolognese but that does in no way reflect my views on italy and their very corrupt politics which to keep it short- i dont like at all

(13 Aug '18, 08:31) Januaryfeelings

Looks like you need some reiki.

(13 Aug '18, 18:13) ingridstjerne257

o wow touche you got me there dont even know how to come back from this after literally pointing out all the flawed premises in your answer ...you hit me hard joke's on me

(14 Aug '18, 04:46) Januaryfeelings
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