Sometimes I feel jealousy when I see others around me with things that I desire.

So I got to thinking when I notice others with what I desire, am I really just giving appreciation to that thing? And consequently feel discomfort because I just launched a desire?

And what would be the best way to see this jealousy in a positive light, so I can let it easily go in the future when I notice myself getting jealous.

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Jealousy is a negative response to seeing someone have what you want. This only brings negative feelings. Negative feelings toward the person who has what you want, and toward yourself for not having it, not deserving it, not having the resources to get it, etc... If I feel that feeling come on, I quickly turn it around to being happy for that person to have that wonderful thing. I don't want to take it from them and have it instead of them, but I want to have it also. So I want to be happy for them and maybe find out how they got it, or whatever, to turn it around to love toward that person and happiness for them for having it. There is not just one happiness that can only be had by one person and we need to fight over it. There is enough happiness for everybody. We just have to make it a choice. The Bible tells us to be content in whatsover circumstance we find ourself in. By doing this, we are being positive in our vibrations, and will attract positive things and people. There is enough to go around. So grab yours and be happy for others too.

If you want to turn it around to a manifestation, according to the people who have done so that I have read or listened to, take that desire for what your friend has and imagine yourself having your own, not theirs, but your own, and how wonderful you would feel. If you have limiting beliefs about why you can't or shouldn't have that, or don't deserve it, do some EFT on those limiting beliefs and the emotions and events around them.


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Fairy Princess

i like your answer Juniper...

(08 Mar '11, 18:35) Zee

Well put juniper, thank you

(09 Mar '11, 10:14) daniele

Thank you Juniper, I agree this is my sole intent- "to be happy for them and maybe find out how they got it, or whatever, to turn it around to love toward that person and happiness for them for having it."

(09 Mar '11, 14:27) Nikki777

"I dont want to take it from them and have it instead of them,"- that quickly puts a spin on things. Nice.

(10 Nov '11, 11:53) Nikulas

:) Glad I could help :)

(10 Nov '11, 13:49) Fairy Princess
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Sounds to me Nikki that your jealousy isnt a problem.

You have stood outside your own ego and have noticed this.

You have decided to see the positive in this.

You dont need my advice Nikki, your doing good on your own.Your looking at yourself in an honest light,your appraising the situation and reacting positively to it.Your adapting,admiting your wrong and doing something about it.

No problems there!



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Monty Riviera

Graham, I truly appreciate your comment. It is so reassuring at times to just this sort of encouragement. Have a blessed day!

(09 Mar '11, 14:26) Nikki777

"Is jealousy really feeling ..." yes it certainly is.

And feeling is pure awareness, awareness that is inborn.

alt text

We are all sentient beings, sentient meaning characterized by consciousness, endowed with feeling and "unstructured" consciousness.

Unstructured consciousness, just pure energy, as soon as we're born we often learn to structure that energy into good, bad, and that feeling, that raw energy that we have learned to name "jealous" is often considered, judged if you prefer as being a "negative" energy.

Anything that we learn that is taught is something that becomes a belief, a belief that has coloured the original pure energy with a "false" human label, human invention. And many humans "forget" this process of labeling and believe that there're experiencing "jealousy" when what there're really experiencing is pure raw energy that has been polluted by self endowed labels.

There's an interesting definition in The Free Dictionary; jealous an obsolete word for zealous. And what does zealous mean? ... filled with or inspired by intense enthusiasm or zeal; ardent; fervent

So @Nikki777 is jealousy really feeling appreciation and launching a desire for a thing at the same time? :)


answered 04 Aug '15, 03:57

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