And what facts do you have to prove this?

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I wrote the first part then realized that your question was even better than I first thought, so had to expand my answer. Thanks.

(13 Oct '10, 16:24) Eddie

In short: scientifically we know that at its root everything that is exists as vibration. Our brain interprets vibrations in ways we can understand and we call this physicality. It's important to remember that this all occurs within our mind, so in truth there's nothing out there. In fact, out there is a misnomer because all reality exists here and now - there is no place or time other than here and now.

Every thing we perceive is layered like an onion on top of the true vibrational state, so while we perceive physical reality as real, it's not really real so we call it illusion. The only part of physical reality that's really real is our experience of it and again it's all an internal affair. Kinda freaky and kinda true 8-)

Added later:

And what facts do you have to prove this?

What is proof? In my view proof is something we believe in. Ultimately our beliefs provide all the truth we need. Remember that beliefs are self perpetuating and self reinforcing. Meaning that evidence to support our beliefs must show up in our life and when it does, we say yes that’s true.

After reading what I said above, I realized that I see it that way based on my belief in two concepts. First, scientists say that everything is vibrating. Second, Buddha and many spiritual teachers say all is illusion. Both of these viewpoints seem rational and reasonable to me and that’s probably because they fit with my overall belief system.

And you may say: but if it’s a scientific fact, it must be true. There’s nothing wrong with that line of thought as long as you realize that it’s a scientific fact because scientists believe it. If we turn it around and say everything’s illusion, then nothing’s real including scientific inquiry, and that’s a fact.


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Well it is always good to have two different perspectives to work with, in that way you cannot go wrong. The Scientist is right, and the spiritual teacher is right, based upon their beliefs. But the bigger question is: where do you fit into these beliefs? Thank you.

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If you are asking what do I believe, then I believe what scientists say about this version of reality. But at a deeper level I believe that this reality along with all realities are illusions in the sense that there's no one physical reality that's more real than another - only my experience of any reality is real. When you ask: where do I fit into these beliefs? We're all facets of the one creator or the I AM. More I cannot say...

(15 Oct '10, 01:50) Eddie

We conceptualize things and say that physical reality is an illusion because it is constantly changing. Reality constantly changes due to the perceptions in our minds. So if we perceive something one second and perceive the same thing differently the next second then how can we be sure? To me this changable reality is what makes life so fun and exciting. In reality we are all source energy forever interacting with the Universe choosing to love or not. I hesitate to say that reality is an illusion, because what we are experiencing in the present moment is "real" as long as our consciousness is living on Earth in this body. Everything is real but everything can change and does, weather we have fun with it or not is up to us. The illusion I think we are referring to is the "bad" stuff in this world because God created everything and everything God created is good.

Peace and Blessings


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You are so right everything can change from one minute to the next, and sometimes we have to ask the question: “did you see what I see?” Thank you.

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I believe it is our "Human" reality. For these vibrations are experienced only by humans. All other beings have totally different realities.

Our Universe is infinite in so many directions. So beings can only handle a limited view of the total reality.

Much Love


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jim 10

Yes, I guess it is fair to say we are limited to the view of total reality. Thank you.

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The world as you experience it is a mental construction, helped along by your five senses. If you don't believe this, ask yourself what you experience when you see a familiar object, such as a book. What you see is only a part of the book, the front face of it, perhaps. But your mind reconstructs the back of the book, so that you experience the entire book, and not just its front face.

If you could hook up a very powerful computer to your brain that simulated all of the neural input from your senses in perfect fidelity, would your experience of that virtual world be any different than what you call the "real" world?

Sounds like a good idea for a movie. :)


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Fascinating movie “The Matrix” Neo, and Morpheus are two of my favorite actors. Thank you.

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who is writing the comments and answers to your question, who asked the question
do you admit to being only an illusion; and then illusion has various connotations;
why do you ask for proof,
what do do you find when you look inside yourself


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I can feel the spirit in your answer, great point. Thank you.

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LOL, what would you be without that thought? That physical reality is an illusion? Turn it around? "I am an illusion" AH Man, I thought I was a butterfly dreaming I was a man.

In The Spirit Of Humor


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I like your sense of humor. Thank you.

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I agree with Vesuvius, Lost&Found and Eddie:

If by "physical" you mean "ontological", i.e. truly existent, then no, it's not illusion, by definition.

If you simply mean "the world of our daily experiences" than it is illusion in the sense that it's nature is conventional, or virtual. The world of our daily experience only exists in the virtual reality of our minds.

1) Each phenomena is only such for a given observer in the given context at the given point in time. This is a major source of arguments and misunderstanding, cuz people kinda expect what they call same words to refer to the same phenomena of their subjective experiences.

2) Every perceived "object" (i.e. my wife's beautiful body, or my mom, or what I perceive as "I", "myself") is in fact a combination of many components that have only aligned temporarily and will go out of alignment pretty soon. People tend to attach to these "objects" expecting them to be permanent but they are in fact very transient and will explode back to the individual components pretty soon.

This is what Buddhists mean when they say "Form is emptiness" or "Everything is an illusion"

This doesn't seem like much if you expected the world to be true illusion, like in Matrix movie, but the more you dwell on it in your daily life the more profound it becomes.

I'm still open for the possibility that we really are some kind of mushrooms in the Magellan Galaxy dreaming that we are people on Earth or that the structure of the world is completely different. We simply don't know. But the #1 and #2 above will hold true in either case. As long as those other creatures have minds, they will have illusions.


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I hear what you are saying, there are more questions, than answers. Thank you.

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Not exactly the answer to your question, and I have given this same answer to another question, but I have no idea which question that is. So here is a somewhat condensed version of that answer.

You are surrounded by the energy of creation.

You interpret this energy into 6 senses

They are sight, touch, smell, taste, sound and finally, consciousness.

You look at energy and convert it into sight.

You touch the same energy and convert it into touch.

You taste the same energy that you saw and now you touched into taste.

But each of these experiences is completely different from each other. They are so different that you can almost argue that they are not connected to each other.

But because our 5 senses work in coordination with each other, we all see that they are interpreting the same energy.

The sixth sense, consciousness is also an interpretation of the same energy.

Our mind interprets the energy of creation into the experience of consciousness, the very same energy that the 5 senses experienced as physical reality.

Physical reality is a shared space with each having individual points of reference.

Consciousness is a shared space with each having individual points of reference, therefore individual and independent thoughts.

Let's not forget that the experience of "Space" in-itself is an interpreted experience.

The shared space of physical reality and the shared space of consciousness is one and the same because they are both interpretations of the same energy, the energy of creation.

If you want proof of this phenomenon start playing with the law of attraction and take notes while doing it.


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They say that perception IS reality. I guess ifs its real to you...then its real.



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Monty Riviera

I hear you! Thank you for your answer.

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whether physical reality is an illusion or whether we exist in a simulated universe is irrelevant for within our individual concious mind if we believe we exist and feel we exist than what does it matter...


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