This question is intended to be read in a short term context, however it definitely could be read and responded to from a long term perspective as well.

asked 17 Mar '12, 09:15

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Took me a NICE long time to gain any ground on this topic. For those who follow I suggest starting with the two (one) step(s) of quieting one's mind and meditating. My biggest problem was my idea of meditating never actually hit the mark which its entire purpose is aimed at.

(25 Mar '13, 07:38) Snow
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Here are my suggestions:

  • Let go of trying to figure it out (taken from the Sedona Method). When you let go, you let the inner knowing flow and be in your present awareness.
  • Try to be aware of the moment, be more in the now. This way you won't be cluttered with things from the past and future (either positive or negative) and you will be able to see more clearly what you have in front of you, specially those subtle nudges from the Universe guiding you ;-).
  • Follow your instincts and therefore your bliss and highest joy. Whatever the universe is telling you it's for your greatest good/growth/joy/happiness/bliss.
  • Try to empty to your mind. Try meditating at least for 15 minutes or more. I have a great 7 min meditation which I was able to do several times a day and it made a tremendous difference in me, so even a little bit helps. This will help you get the ball rolling and lead you to greater clarity and ultimately greater experiences.

Hope it helps!!


answered 17 Mar '12, 10:39

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Your first point is spot on. The answer cannot be forced, it can only be allowed. Trying to figure it out is keeping yourself without an answer. Just get into the vortex and trust the answer will apear.

(17 Mar '12, 10:52) Benjamin

@Benjamin And what if ''trying to figure out the answer'' is in fact the way of the answer appearing?

And what if our inner knowing and our mind are meant to cooperate in synergy, but because of our inability to set up such cooperation we tend to go with only one method.

Because our mind is not something standing apart from our inner knowing. Both of these are us, and we are all that is.

The point is, our minds seemingly block or compete with our inner knowing only if believe so.

(17 Mar '12, 18:25) CalonLan

I like this answer. Your second point in particular resonated a lot with me. I'm reminded of the comical movie & cartoon scenario wherein the character misses obvious radio broadcasts, papers, road signs, etc. Sometimes to the extreme that the road sign actually has the character's name written on it.

I imagine focusing too much on trying to figure it out may distract you from seeing the hints that are right in front of you. Thanks for sharing. =)

(18 Mar '12, 09:07) Snow
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Pray only for the knowledge of His Will for you and the power to carry it out. Then do the next indicated step. Then the next indicated step. Then etc.

Realize after giving your Will to Him your next thought won't be entirely yours. It may start out as ridiculous but after some practice you fall into Divine Synchronicity. This can be anywhere from good to sublime. Don't take this advice to lightly, it works so well I am going to do it now myself.


answered 18 Mar '12, 01:20

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Great answer @Tom. I'll definitely will apply it myself.

(18 Mar '12, 01:26) Kriegerd

Kriegerd's first suggestion is spot on......

In my experience, when something is trying to get through I just let it go and I know it's going to come to me in a "flash image." Then at a later time (a day or 2 or 3) I'm driving the car, doing the dishes or just walking, where my mind isn't focused on anything.....then out of nowhere it "flashes" in my mind and I get that "Ah-Ha" moment.

Also, I learned that when you get these flashes you are to "thank the flash" for coming and they will showup more often.


answered 18 Mar '12, 13:20

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Sometimes, when we focus too much on details, we can't see the answer. We should take a step back, but still, I believe we can do it consciously.

(18 Mar '12, 15:08) CalonLan

you have to open your heart your mind your eye and ears listen and figure it out to the best of your potential. experience and enjoy.


answered 18 Mar '12, 03:10

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white tiger

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