Disclaimer - this post is work of thoughts in progress. If you feel confused or don't see a specific relation between paragraphs at some point, don't worry about it much. :)

I find myself in a very strange state of mind lately. And I'm thinking it might be that I have taken all that self-improvement a bit too far, or not. I have been always thinking too much, some say over thinking things, but I've seen that as a great asset rather than liability.

Recently, I have gone, mentally, to worlds of thoughts that I have never been to before. Even as I'm writing this post, I'm exploring them further and deeper. And while it is an amazing journey, beautiful beyond my ability to describe in words, it creates rather unusual experience in relation to this very world we live in physically, causing myself to feel detached from it. And I do not want to go back, the physical world cannot compare to worlds of thoughts for its progress is to slow.

For example, I used to get excited about some things and felt down about others, nowadays I don't get either feeling from anything. I'm sure should a doctor review my state of being, he'd prescribed me anti-depressants. Many dualities seem to cease to exist lately. I used to think that happiness should not come from outside of you. But inside and outside is duality as well. But here's the news, taking source of happiness from the outside world and placing it on the inside one only shifts the focus. And while I agree it might be more practical to be happy from within, it doesn't get rid of the very act of dependability itself.

But the thing is, I'm starting to find the physical world kind of limiting. So I'm thinking what should I do with my days here on the Earth. Maybe now that I feel so out of this world, I should go back to it with understanding of this detachment from it, and choose a few things in it to be inspired by to live my days with joy actually attached to them, but at the same time knowing I can let go of them at will, because I know that my happiness doesn't depend on them, yet I allow the happiness to come from those things.

And by the time I got to this very point of my post, I realize that it is thinking itself that I find my joy in, but I also recognize the fact there's a body and I would like to give it a meaning within our world.

Should I describe myself then, I would say, 'I'm a thought made of and living in its very self'

So I'm wondering if there's anyone able to relate or elaborate on this. I would love get invited to the worlds of great thoughts I know you guys have been to yourselves.

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calonlan, know yourself the various aspects. how each has power and weakness. that alone each is limited, that synchronized you show the best (most near truth). so it may be not be just thoughts of the brain-mind, but those of his and the experience from your heart. instead of remaining at equidistant polar opposition no matter what the revolution, allow a point of merg, feel it ring

(20 Mar '12, 21:44) fred

you see the physical world and the world of though has a duality and it is. you need to go beyond the mind where there is no duality. you said it your self inside and outside is duality.then solve all those duality.then you will know the glory.and to answer your question in truth where ever you want or are needed. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

I can relate to what you are saying in certain ways.

For me it feels like I see the world, other human beings, and existence as a whole in a completely different light than I did just a few short years ago. Almost as if I finally pulled the curtain on the "All Mighty OZ" or unplugged myself from "The Matrix." It took those few short years to decipher and adjust to my new way of seeing things, but eventually, you get to a point to where you are changed forever and you have to figure out a way to live with your new perceptions.

If you are starting to feel limited in this physical world then I would suggest maybe changing the rules that you think are set in stone. Mesh the higher non physical self with earthly physical self into one balanced unit.

From everything I have learned about reality creation there are no limits other than the limits we put on ourselves. We knew this 3-D game would be a challenge and that is exactly why we chose to participate in this great adventure. We wanted that different perspective of contrast and illusion of limitation so we could sift and sort through the emotional guidance system and see if we were able to feel our way back to who we truly are.

If thinking truly gives you joy, then I would suggest you use that to your advantage. Think and create new and exciting things that nobody else has to this point. Blend the love and passion of thought with your earthly vehicle and create something new that the universe has yet to see. Every new and "unusual" creation is an expansion of the universe and is of benefit to everyone and everything in the cosmos. Find a new thought that excites you and manifest it into your existence.

Many people here on Earth at this time are experiencing something similar as what you mentioned but in a variety of ways. It's like we know we are going back home but are not really sure what home was and still aren't completely sure what home is like. We just know something is changing and can feel the repercussions of the energy shifting.

You could be experiencing the higher part of you wanting to line up with the more dense physical part of you. Almost as if the higher you is riding a bike up a mountain and nearing the top, looking back at the physical you saying "come on and catch up to me, the view is absolutely stunning and I know for a fact you will love it."

Use your power of thoughts to create the ultimate human experience.


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I have received many enlightening inspirations by contemplating my dreams. Not as most would but as the dream plus what is behind the dream. What was I feeling or thinking before this or that happened? The more that I really dug my feet into this the more aware I became of how my thoughts and expectations dictated what I experienced in those dreams.

Now here is where it starts getting weird, do the same for life and you will find it is the same! Examine what happens and then go over it in your mind in contemplation as to what you were thinking feeling actually expecting. It blows you away because you start seeing things that seem totally random unconnected coincidences actually are connected by the thoughts that preceded the experience.

We find these moments mostly in times when we need something extra that is not there for us. Example: I am running a race and believe I am running as fast as I can, but am losing. In my mind I think "run faster!", the next thing I know is I am passing everyone off running faster! This happened to my father when a big log fell on his friend's leg trapping him. His friend yelled for help, my father ran down lifted it off and they left. They later found out all together they couldn't lift that log! At the time he didn't expect to not lift the log, he expected to lift the log.

I started applying it to hypothetical situations and seeing just how thought might influence the outcome. For example gambling, I don't gamble but I thought let me think here about "Lucky Streaks" I realized that this is a momentum built belief by belief and what causes the streak to break is the loss of faith that there is one. This brings me to faith, healing and miracles it is shockingly amazing when you see how thought influences experience you see reasons behind everything even behind the greatest miracles that we have recorded on Earth not to mention the present day miracles around the world.

It all comes down to "What do you expect?"

Observe Experience.


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Wade Casaldi

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