If two people love each other can it be wrong? I often use this rhetoric with homophobes.Would god condemn love because of the gender of the two people that love each other?

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I'm not gay...just happy :)

(09 Mar '10, 20:17) ursixx

I think that many people unfamiliar with homosexuals confuse homosexuality with sexual perverts. I have worked with a few homosexuals over the decades, and they have been wonderful people. Where sexual perversion is concerned I find the heterosexuals seem to have cornered the market. Most heinous of all being the child sex trade.

Bible people... before you start throwing darts at me... 'God' asked someone to sacrifice his son, stab him, kill him .... for love? God was rather blood thirsty in those days - maybe the God of Love we know now would not have been so harsh?

As Stingray says, consciousness is consciousness and a soul is a soul. End of story!

(Ever thought about a female consciousness being trapped in a male body? For whatever reason..? )


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love is love...

(09 Mar '10, 22:16) ursixx

Since this is a spirituality/metaphysics website, my answer comes from that perspective...

Start of answer...

Consciousness has no gender.

...End of answer



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Your point is well taken. I answered the way I did because of the way the question was asked.

(09 Mar '10, 21:05) Vesuvius

I quite understand, Vesuvius. It wasn't intended as a comment on your answer...just a point I thought worth remembering, that's all :)

(09 Mar '10, 21:14) Stingray

The current public debate on homosexuality centers on whether or not a same-sex relationship can be considered a couple, for legal and other considerations.

I don't think any reasonable person believes any longer that a same-sex couple should be denied basic family considerations, such as being allowed to be at a loved one's bedside when they are ill, or doing whatever it is that a same-sex couple does in the privacy of their own home.

Where it gets a little thorny is in the raising of children and the function of marriage to provide a stable platform, but even in that arena people are beginning to soften their attitude.

Unfortunately the gay rights movement has chosen to make same sex couples an issue of civil rights. In a recent NPR story about a gay priest, one of the commenters on the story (who is himself gay) left a comment to the effect of, "Why are you still reporting on this issue in a way that suggests that the debate is not over? Why are you still giving both sides of the argument? You wouldn't be reporting racism or the nazi concentration camps this way."

To which I replied, "There is no way that you can compare your plight to the plight of a black man during the slavery era, or to the plight of the jews at Auschwitz."

This is what always happens when someone who would otherwise be in favor of freedom of speech, or freedom to pursue your own religious beliefs unencumbered by goverment meddling, is so committed to an idea that he seeks to squelch the free speech of others, or to change the laws to force others into his way of thinking.


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I can now tell you that I preffer your answer.

(11 Jun '10, 00:58) Gleam

The homosexuality is an unnatural option (it's useless for the specifical natural porpose), but it isn't the single manifested by humankind. It can beneflts by some tollerance and help (at asking), like smoking or excessive alcoholization (common with homosexuality is the addiction), but must be manifested with decency, like the heterosexuality. The sexuality is a very private behaviour (such I consider it).

As concept, the phoby means a compulsive irrational fear with a very specifical object, it isn't the reversal of homosexuality, it is a severe mistake affirming that the natural oriented heterosexual people are homophobes.

Basically, homosexuality is a whole body-mind-soul energetical disharmony, beginning with Muladhara chakra and influencing all the chakras.

it cannot take a social model by homosexuality and I think isn't correct to impose it abusively. The freewill must be respected reciprocally.

Maybe it could be useful more consideration about Gender.

See how the Principle of Gender is operating on different planes of being:

*1. On the physical plane, Principle of Gender manifests as SEX. http://www.kybalion.org/kybalion.asp?chapter=II

*2. On the plane of energy, Principle of Genger is operating specifically to this level: http://www.kybalion.org/kybalion.asp?chapter=XIII

*3. On the Mental plane of consciousness, Principle of Gender operates differentiated for the two aspects of Self: "I" and "Me". http://kybalion.org/kybalion.asp?chapter=XIV

Than, the Principle of Gender operates on the highest level of consciousness, like the other Universal Principles.

Yang <-->Yin are only an other denomination of the same Principle of Gender, manifesting in all the planes of Universe "as above, so below; as below, so above", interacting with all other Universal Principles.


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How can it be an unnatural option if it has existed throughout all ages and nations. Maybe the big mistake was assuming that there are only two sexes... ?? Where do hermaphrodites fit in this scheme of things. Drs sometimes have to decide whether a babe is to be male or female. The nature world produces hermaphrodites and the natural world also has some species where the male produces the babies... ??

(10 Mar '10, 03:01) Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you,Lorraine, the good news. With the genetical experiments of the best shinning human's minds, the women could waiting to assist soon to the first human male's "producing a baby" by naturale ways !?! until the women talk on the !nwardQuest about spirituality, near a hot coffe teleported to each within us by the happy owner of site!

(10 Mar '10, 10:40) Gleam


I hope you will permit me to bring some Biblical perspective to the homosexual debate. As mentioned in earlier posts in this forum, the Bible does indeed condemn the coming together of two men or two women in a sexual context. You will find this in [Genesis 9:20-25] [Leviticus 18:22] [Leviticus 20:13] [I Corinthians 6:9] [I Timothy 1:10] [Romans 1:26-28].

Firstly, to understand the details, we must go back to [Genesis 2:18-25]. Adam was formed of the dust of the ground. Eve was formed from Adam's rib. Eve was brought to Adam and he called her 'Woman'. The name 'Woman' means 'from the womb of man'. We still use this descriptive term today when addressing the female species. Therefore, the coming together of a man and woman in a sexual context is described as being 'one flesh' because of the way each was created by GOD. Now, with that Biblical understanding, we can see that a man coming together with a man cannot be considered 'one flesh' because it is a union of strange flesh. A woman coming together with a woman cannot be considered 'one flesh' because it is a union of strange flesh. A man coming together with a beast cannot be considered 'one flesh' because it is a union of strange flesh. A woman coming together with a beast cannot be considered 'one flesh' because it is a union of strange flesh. Thus, the coming together of a man and woman is what the Bible describes as natural.

Secondly, you must take note that the Bible always describes a person's deviation from natural sexual context as a personal choice. According to the Bible, a person is not born homosexual but has the free-will choice to choose his sexual conduct.

I fully understand that the information above may not be politically correct. However, it is the Biblical truth. I do NOT encourage hate or violence against anyone. I think that we should all try our best to get along peacefully. Our attempts at a peaceful co-existence, however, will NEVER supercede the truth of GOD's Word.

There are some mis-informed comments in this forum regarding GOD's character. He is not only a GOD of love. Among many other titles, He is also a God of judgement, a Man of war, and a GOD of peace. The same GOD who stopped Abraham from sacrificing Isaac also asked Israel to cleanse the land before the occupation. Appealing to one of GOD's characteristics (as only a GOD of love) in order to condone deviations from natural sexual context is very irresponsible. Every Biblical event is significant to GOD's prophetic time-line which is still in progressive operation today. I strongly and humbly urge you to learn of it before making blanket statements regarding what GOD would permit or not permit.

Thanks for reading.

Concerned Citizen


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Concerned Citizen

Welcome to site! I like your Bible-based answer, the gived out respect to God and your peacefullness.

(11 Jun '10, 06:40) Gleam

Hello, Gleam... Thank you for your warm welcome. To the best of my abilities, my goal is simply to share the truth of GOD's Word with others in a humble and respectful manner. Thanks for reading.

(11 Jun '10, 12:43) Concerned Citizen

Simple answer NO. How can i condemn another? have i walked in their shoes? has God appointed me to judge another? Do i think im any better than a gay man because im with a woman? I know the bible says that homosexuality is an abomination but Christ never thought it neccessary ( as far as biblical records go ) to mention it. However Jesus did have quite a bit to say about hypocrisy,religion and judgementalsim.Alot more than homosexuality at least



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Monty Riviera

Homosexual people are no different than heterosexual people. We are what we are and that is all there is to it. A homosexual/lesbian person did not choose to become who he/she is any more that I chose to be heterosexual, we are who we are. If we believe in God as our creator, we believe that he created us in his image and likeness, in spirit. Personally, I believe that God loves us all in spirit, not the fact that I am a woman and my husband is a man. To add to Lorraine's comments on people who use the bible as a guide to judge homosexuality, remember Jesus words "Love your neighbor as you love yourself". He did not say anything about not accepting anybody else. If we believe that we can achieve the greatest happiness through love, peace and harmony, then we must accept that each one of us is a loving expression of God creation. All of us human beings.


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Having organs for one specific gender, we cannot choose what sexual preference manifesting??? We can choose to be cannibal or not, to be killer or not, to be welth or not, to be god or evil, but we cannot decide and manifest the sexual option, because "we are who we are"? It is not words about hermaphrodites, who truly are facing with an option, but about who possess a clear physical specific gender and chooses the opposite orientation; this is unnatural.

(10 Jun '10, 20:21) Gleam

Jesus did say for a man to sleep with another man as if a woman is a sin. There is no problem with actually loving someone and two people of the same sex living together and having a close friendship. The sin is when platonic pure love becomes mixed with sexual desires and results in perverted sexual acts. Such acts are pervasive through out society within heterosexual and gay people. Both are in the wrong. The apostle Paul says that in our own hearts we know the truth. The truth is most of us at times in our lives stop listening to that inner voice which guides us through life. It seems if we master ourselves and thoughts then we can control ourselves and live happy blessed lives. In terms of my own experience i have worked with a lot of gays over the years and i dont know one that hasn't suffered from a tortured soul. Most of them seemed extremely lustful and enjoyed discussing their sexual exploits. What the mouth speaks the heart is full of springs to mind. Of course not all gays are like this but from my experience most seem to be and i suspect the others suffer from lustful minds as well. Is it society that condemns them? I don't think so, it's whats left of their higher self, i suspect. Nature it self says degraded sexual acts are wrong by bringing disease and ill health to those that practice such things. It is only our modern day inventions that have helped us defy natural law. To answer the question posed at top, you have to consider what does it mean to be a homosexual. You have to link certain sexual acts with the term homosexual. Therefore rather than condemn it i would encourage against it in love of course. I think its only Gods place to condemn it not mine. I think we are all tortured in one way or another and we need to atleast try to raise ourselves above beastiality and sinful thoughts and acts if this world is to become a better place. Whilst we are locked in the world of appeasing sensuality and lustful pleasures how can we ever know real beauty and truth when it speaks to us.


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Beloved, a homosexual, is a being who is suffering. Too much of the opposite energy (be it male or female) in one's own body usually due to too many incarnations in the opposite gender. It isn't a sin or wrong. Those souls require lots of love and compassion.

Thanks, Namaste


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Here is an Abraham-Hicks Youtube video on gay rights , I think it explains it very well



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thanks for a great link enjoied it very much

(06 Sep '10, 13:34) ursixx

We accept the fact that people are born with mental differences, such as Schizophrenia. We accept the fact that people are born with physical differences, such as Spina Bifida. We accept the fact that people are born with spiritual differences, as can be seen by the various religious sects. We accept the fact that people are born with personality/emotional differences, such as introverts vs. extroverts. Why is it that we can't accept the fact that people are born with sexual differences?

God has given all of us free will. What another person does with that free will is no one else's business. We don't have the right to condemn anyone, hence "Thou shall not judge."

I do realize people use 1 Timothy 1:10 and Leviticus 18:21 as confirmation that homosexuality is wrong. As a heterosexual female, I think those scriptures only mean that I don't need to engage in homosexual behavior. It does not mean that I have the right to judge/condemn others.


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In the beginning there was no gender male, or female, until man, then woman was created, and the woman was created for a specific reason as the man was. And the two shall become one, and bear fruits etc; the woman will reproduce sons, and daughters to multiply the generation of man, humanity, and society! So, two people of the same sex are unable to participate in the continuation of reproducing, and multiplying the generation of the human species!

Therefore my question is: are we limiting the reproduction of the human species, by indulging in same sex marriage, or is this an attempt of a selfish act for one to demoralize one's self, or to create separation between the two sexes, based upon desires, and personal Biases?

But in the same token: Solomon said each to his own! I do not have to accept, or condemn homosexual love, and behavior. I will continue to treat every person as an individual, and with respect!

It is my belief that each of us will be judged by the work we do, and the purity of the heart, regardless of sex, and gender, but this is only my opinion!


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