Hi all, I havn't been on the website in a while and haven't asked a question for a greater period of time than I usually do.

Whatever I try, it just never works. I try and deliberatly manifest things into my experience, and they never ever show up. It's been advocated that practise is necessary to hone up your skills on the law of attraction and metaphysics, and I practise every day....I just cannot even manifest seemingly common and petty things at all. At this rate I don't have any hope of being able to obtain my 'big desires' let alone do I even believe I'm in control of my life!

I've come down to pretty much one single, fatal decision I have to make, and it is very scary; the decision is either live in the moment of NOW for the rest of my life, or fall prey to the terrifying, depressing, suicidal driving rollercoaster my mind/ego plays on me. Manifesting and deliberate creation, though my desire to make them work is very high, are out of the bag for me because of the countless failures.

Likewise, living in the now takes a considerable amount of psycological focus and effort, it's pretty much the same as basic meditation except you are applying it into your life. I want to be able to just 'think thoughts' again like I used to be able to and not worry about the repurcussions.

Please help, what do I do?

asked 27 Mar '12, 10:52

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I am not sure you can manifest anything positive with negative energy which your post is fully contaminated with.

Also, I never heard that any practice is necessary, I believe in manifestation being effortless and easy and nobody can make me believe otherwise, because I won't let them. The other way seem actually harder. And I don't believe it has to be hard to earn anything

It is only your belief that it is hard to manifest without practice what is making it hard for you to manifest anything.

(27 Mar '12, 12:30) CalonLan

@Nikulas, could you please re-edit your question to indicate which of the processes, exercises, or experiments you have been using on a consistent basis? That way, I can give you more specific advice...either with how to change what you are already doing, or suggest additional processes which can fix your problem.

(23 Nov '12, 12:17) lozenge123

@Nikulas, could you please re-edit your question to indicate which of the processes, exercises, or experiments you have been using on a consistent basis? That way, I can give you more specific advice...either with how to change what you are already doing, or suggest additional processes which can fix your problem.

A general cry for help ("Why is nothing working for me?") can only really elicit a general response ("Just be more positive, have faith, enjoy your life, etc.") which is probably not going to be very helpful, and is going to be too difficult for you to accomplish, from where you currently are.

In my view, the thing that makes the Inward Quest material so valuable (such as the Stingray experiments, Abraham & Bashar processes, etc.) is their specificity.

So let's get a little more specific here...then we can diagnose the problem(s), and prescribe a cure.

I will then re-edit this post and add an answer here. :)

(23 Nov '12, 12:18) lozenge123

In the meantime, here is an interesting article which might provide some insight...it's by Ken McClean, whose work Stingray has previously recommended: http://www.kjmaclean.com/Articles/DelusionManifest.php

(23 Nov '12, 12:22) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - great link, thanks. :)

(23 Nov '12, 18:44) Grace

@Grace, you're very welcome. Here's another one for you, @Nikulas, and all my other IQ friends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPAEFnVZVOs

(23 Nov '12, 19:23) lozenge123

@lozenge123, I am turning your "answer" into a comment otherwise it clutters up the answers thread for other people. If you get a response, you can add a new answer.

(24 Nov '12, 06:47) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen ♦♦, Thanks!

(24 Nov '12, 22:13) lozenge123

@Nikulas, @Grace, here's an EFT video I found for clearing feelings about LOA not working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5p-R_ufMGw&feature=plcp

(24 Nov '12, 22:14) lozenge123
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Sounds like you're trying very hard to swim against the current... like others have mentioned, you're question has a lot of negativity. Take a break. Don't try to do anything. Don't worry about you're thoughts. Just look around and take everything in. So maybe you don't live in your dream home. So maybe you don't see the girl of your dreams. Maybe you haven't quite got this whole IM thing figured out. Can you tell yourself that one day it WILL be different? You will live in that house. You will drive that car. You will find that girl.

You can change your reality no matter what shape it is now and even if it got worse tomorrow, the power to change it completely will always be in your hands. Don't worry how long its gonna take or if you're doing it right... that only ever works against you. When you choose not to doubt yourself and stay on the same path, no matter what you see or what happens outside of you, is when you "win". That's when the "magic" happens. Your "wish" is granted. You "pass". Its that unshakable vibration. You say "I'm going to buy a new car!" Suddenly, you're car breaks down. If you had total faith in getting a new car.... would you be upset? No, instead of worrying about that old thing, you'd ride the bus being excited about your new car. You'd enjoy you're day at work and not think about the broken car. You wouldn't let the broken car get to you. That's your key to this... don't let what's happening get to you. Keep on keepin on :)

Life is you. There is no test, no magic wand... its an experience we chose. I feel we all chose to be here to learn something. We have given ourselves obstacles, things to tackle.. instead of thinking of a situation as a hardship, think of it as a puzzle. How do I change this? What do I want this to be like? And people may say... you can't do that. You're being unrealistic. That's impossible. Thing is, people have been breaking the barriers of the "possible" for centuries. Have faith in youself, you can do this. :)


answered 16 Apr '12, 13:24

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Hi Nikulas,

I am pretty much in the same boat as yours. I have been at this stuff since almost 2 years now with very little measurable material success. I must admit that I have become a very calm, composed and generally a much more positive person. But yes, I have still not been able to get most of what I am aiming at.

I have my shares of low points when nothing seems to work and life just seems to continue running in the same direction with no respite. But, I make sure I get up each time. I read something different and get more ideas. I have noticed something though. When you fall and you are picking your self up, you will most often than not, get some ideas, which will take you a little further. See, if this resonates with you and make the most of this upswing.

The other thing I realized is that you really need to keep practicing whatever you are doing. Don't just try for a couple of days/weeks and give up. You will actually be able to use the tool most efficiently after a lot of practice of "Attempting to use it"!

Another important thing, (As rightly pointed out by others as well) all this really is meant to be effortless and the more we try to make it complicated, the worse it gets. I am kinda getting a hang of this effortless work and trust me, it is a lot of fun!!

I would suggest you read about the Quantum Entrainment process by Dr Frank Kinslow here www.quantumentrainment.com Also get hold of his book, the Secret of Instant Healing. This is really some mind blowing stuff. And whats best is that it is super effortless, because thats how it is meant to be.

I have got amazing results of using this process for physical pains and aches. Also the feeling of being in connection with "Pure Awarenesss" as Dr Kinslow calls it, is absolutely ecstatic.

This is kinda starting to shift things around for me. Atleast I feel so at the moment!

Now I am not an expert at this, but since I am pretty much in the same situation as you are in, I thought of sharing whatever I have learned the hard way!!

Wish you the best and the most effortless path to staying in alignment! :)



answered 16 Apr '12, 13:00

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Living in the NOW is not difficult. It simply is a matter of being present with your body instead of dwelling in the past or anticipating the future. For example, many people watch tv or read while exercising. This is not being present, it is a distraction from the present because somewhere we got the idea that the presence is bad, or painful. However, if we feel the muscles that we are using, and be present in our workout, we increase our results, feel better, and have less injuries.

Living in the NOW means being present at work. Pay attention to the details at work instead of drifting off in your head to where you would rather be. If there are down times where you have nothing to do, find something to do. If someone is talking to you, listen to what they are saying instead of thinking about what you are going to say, or anything else. If you are washing dishes, be present, smell the dish soap, feel the slick clean feeling of a dish after you wash it.

So whatever it is that you are doing NOW, be fully present. Sometimes what we are doing now is dreaming up what we want and planning how to get it. Be present in that and then return to NOW when you do something else.

Have you ever noticed that when you get a new car, or new shoes, you look around and there are several of them that you never noticed before you got yours. Then all of a sudden they are all over the place. So, we see what we look for. So look for good things and you will find good things.


answered 27 Mar '12, 11:23

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Fairy Princess


Do you see the caring of this community???


Hang onto that first. I happen to believe that, as a group, we are quite powerful. This group prayed for me, and I believe that they saved my life. I was very sick, and someone posted a question about praying for Jai and everyone did, and I not only survived, but I kept my leg and it functions, too!! I just found out that about 40% of the people who have a necrotizing bacteria in their legs actually DIE.

I didn't.

Please read Dollar Bill's post called "The Answer". It will help.

In the meantime, hang onto us like a lifeboat, read, and re-read the answers here, and quit trying so hard! Just be. Just be. Allow yourself to just be. Give yourself permission to be the person you ARE, right now, at this moment. Then...let go of all that crud you are carrying around, as Wade said. Just dump it. It isn't serving you.

Go for a walk, and try to appreciate that spring is coming, the end of winter is near! You have much to live for- and that girl you are desiring will come-- but it may take a while-- so what are you going to do in the meantime??? Pout??? No, you are supposed to LIVE!!! Enjoy the life God gave to you.

Just be.

Just be.

Love you,



answered 27 Mar '12, 12:34

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The tremendous attachment to the outcome and lack of belief in the manifestation of it are evident in your question.

When you believe you are abundant, you will be abundant. Right now you don't believe it, and you choose to be frustrated because "it isn't working for me", while the manifestations you are experiencing are a perfect match to your limiting beliefs.

Instead of asking how you can manifest, ask how you can believe. How you can let go. How you can know yourself and your power.

Stop looking at what you have, and start looking at who you are.


answered 23 Nov '12, 11:45

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Nikulas would you just relax and turn off your vibrations a little bit.

Whatever I try, it just never works what you would not like to hear is that it will never work as it is just never work

when some machine, a phone do not cooperate and stop working we turn it off a little bit and it will repair it self, when some architecture spend hours for getting ideas to work on, a writer for some inspirations and nothing seem to appear they just quit it and then return back, just restart your self in order to work again.

Ask your self:

Do I believe in the science of LOA

Do I believe in the universal laws and the validity of their work

Do I believe in Abraham and their vortex

Do I convinced of the science of thoughts and their power when focusing

Do I have my old evidence and successes

Ask your self, sit with your self, bring up old manifestation no matter their size is, because they will strength your shaken belief system and let yourself answer and choose its path.

every time you are not there just quit it, focus on other thing, when you are not in the state/mood of creation do not make efforts because there will be no results and when there are no results you will be disappointed and doubtful.

If you really believe and adopt that science, apply it right,

We are not meant to create 24 hours 7 days, we only create when we are in a state of creation. Do not rush the machine when it is tired, turn it off, relax, quit have some distraction, a vacation, and when the period of your quit is getting longer do not worry but never come back when you are still not there. writers spend years without writing when they are not in the track because if they write the work will be a shit, do not spend years just relax and you can make it in weeks.

Do not promote the idea of failure because you can do it if you fix your machine, support it with good tools, it will perform well and it is guarantee.


answered 27 Mar '12, 12:06

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Nikulas we are creating constantly. Always from where we are in our state of mind presently comes our creations. This depression that you are fighting is fighting you back. when we struggle with something it is like wrestling with it. While we could win this is true we need the problem to wrestle with the problem.

This is something I learned a long time ago that if I fought with something I needed the thing that I fought with to fight with it! So I developed quicker and more efficient ways to win, each time gaining in beating it however still needing it to beat. I thought EFT was fastest until I realized I needed the problem to tap on the problem. In other words any time we have something we need to overcome we need the problem to have the problem to overcome.

That is a nightmare paradox! There is a solution though, disown it! First feel the problem strongly then treat it as an invading spirit and cast it out (command it out!) imagine it as a demon even a cartoon demon or a ball you pull out of yourself next you judge it and sentence it. "You will control me no more. In Jesus name be gone!" At this point imagine you have a lightning rod and you point at it and blast it to destroy it!

Disown this depression, cast this spirit out and destroy it. Besides it feels good to destroy the thing that has been making you feel lousy. Nothing to fight nothing to wrestle with, nothing to overcome just disown and cast out, it is not YOUR depression.

Don't even try manifesting your dreams until you can be in peace, happiness and faith. Your main issue I think you need to work on first is to get out of this depression first. the first rule is Yesterday is gone.

Yesterday does not exist, even a moment ago does not exist, we can only change the now and where we go from here. If feeling of yesterday bother you too much then again disown them and cast them out. Do not accept these mental creations that bring depression, disown them and cast them out. Don't think of it as "What am I going to do about this?" Instead think of it as, "This thought that I am powerless, that I am hurt or was hurt torments me! This isn't my thought! Spirit of torment I cast you out in Jesus name be gone from me now!"

Thought of failure, thoughts of hopelessness, thoughts of self hate, thoughts of life sucks, thoughts of fear, all of these DISOWN and CAST OUT! Imagine them as not your own, imagine them as spirits delighting in tormenting you then recognize them and cast them out because the true you the real you is far more powerful then any of them.

The real you is victorious, a winner, a champion! You are far beyond any of these thoughts emotions and feelings, rise now and cast them all out! You can do it because that is the real self.


answered 27 Mar '12, 12:11

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Wade Casaldi

Yes, I discovered that awhile ago and then forgot about it on my journey. Thanks for the reminder.

(27 Mar '12, 12:30) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess yes we need always remember, 1. "That is not us." and 2. "We are above that, so we can get rid of it." :-)

(27 Mar '12, 13:02) Wade Casaldi

This is a very good question which I am sure a lot of people can reasonate with, so I wonder why it has so little votes and views. Maybe some do not want to face up to the reality that they sometimes feel the same way as Nikulas does ?

Well Nikulas I completely understand how you feel, you might feel better you are not the only one who feels this way, because I did in the past as can be seen from this particular thread. It has been another long year since that thread again, and I sometimes feel that I have gotten nowhere in terms of being to manifest the things I want.

At times I wished that I had not stumbled upon manifestation and law of attraction teachings at such a young age, because like what Stingray mentioned somewhere before the more you actually believe you are the master of your own life or destiny , the more you will tend to beat yourself up when things aren't going the way you really want in life.

Nowadays it has also been getting increasingly difficult to follow Abraham teachings because I really don't know what has gotten into them over all the copyright stuff recently, especially the small bits and pieces of youtube videos which I used to listen to in the past frequently.

You are right that being able to manifest things actually takes a lot of conscious effort on your own part and it can sometimes be really troublesome for a beginner. Just remember that there is nothing wrong with letting nature takes its course as long as you try to be in happy moods for more than you are in negative moods, and everything should turn out fine.

I guess sometimes it's good to take a break from all of these manifesting and metaphysical stuff and just go out and enjoy your life for a few weeks or months!


answered 16 Apr '12, 11:11

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One of the things that is holding you back is your programming. See when you are used to having negative beliefs "This wont work" that are habitually run through the subconscious mind- it means your conscious thoughts will echo this ( if your subconscious is programmed with erroneous beliefs then your thoughts will automatically be erroneous). So what do you do?

You start a new habit. Put a card in your pocket or a rubber band on your wrist with the opposing statement. "LOA works for me" or something of htat nature. And start writing down every little thing that comes into your life and FOCUS on those things- keep a small notebook with you and record every little thing that comes into your life- maybe you get a buy one get one free sock pack at the store, maybe someone waves hi to you and it feels good. Maybe you find a key or a ring or something you thought you lost. Maybe 50 cents you found in your jacket pocket. Whatever it is, even minute stuff that you consider gifts or nice surprises- focus on that and expand that, and get into that energy. Then keep in that desire and ask and KNOW that what you ask for is already done. Get in the practice of this habit and it will replace the "this doesn't work for me" habit. Its ALL about reprogramming our minds.

Also check out Bashars 01 experiment diagram with the circles and boxes- that will train a part of your brain to see synchronocities appear. Theres also a part of your brain called the "gabba center" I believe and it serves this same purpose- it synchronizes you and leads you to "more-than coincidences"- you might have to read around a little on the subject but it is there.



answered 23 Nov '12, 10:59

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@kanda- i appreciate the point in ur answer.."pointing towards gabba-centre"..thank you fr sharing... :))))

(24 Nov '12, 01:41) supergirl
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