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If you are wise then can you be a fool? And if you are a fool can you be wise? Do you consider yourself to be wise and/or a fool?

asked 20 Apr '12, 12:59

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Sorry Berry but I like this question.

(22 Apr '12, 16:18) Paulina 1

@Constantine ... the string of "spaced out vague" questions that you asked 2 days ago certainly resonates with me ... thanks my friend

(23 Apr '12, 02:51) blubird two
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It is the fool that would consider himself wise. Once we believe we have all the answers there is no more need for learning. We stagnate and become like a vault packed full that can not take in anything new. There is no room because we are wise and need not consider any others opinions or view points but our own. We stopped growing because we have the belief that we have grown!

We stop running because we feel we made it to the end, never mind others are running past us out of our sight. We made it this is as good as it gets there is no more to be learned, we close down actually.

But if we consider ourselves wise to some and a fool to others, we see clearly that yes we may have learned much but as well we have much to learn, the journey continues and we keep running the race.

I may be wise to many I can compare my self with however to others I have much to learn and am still learning. It reminds me of the question of age when asked a Zen master how old he was. His response was something like, "To a grasshopper I am ancient, To a mountain I am a fetus, to a man I am just right."

So for your question, to a child I am a wizard I am so wise, to the Buddha I am a fool, to most humanity I am just right.


answered 20 Apr '12, 13:56

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Wade Casaldi

Therefore, is wisdom the end of all things or does it have no end? Does wisdom cause one to stop and stagnate or would this be foolishness?

(20 Apr '12, 14:20) Constantine

I believe wisdom is infinite, there is never an end. This is because knowledge is infinite as long as there is a future there is more to learn. Example We learned of the wheel, then chariots, and wagons, then cars, airplanes, and space shuttles. The things we will know tomorrow we can only guess at until we actually reach there. It could be common wisdom someday to remember not to space walk when the sun is shinning directly onto the space ship. Who knows we'll learn eventually though. :-)

(20 Apr '12, 14:28) Wade Casaldi

there is no limit only the one that you imposse on your self or other.

(20 Apr '12, 17:47) white tiger

"So for your question, to a child I am a wizard I am so wise, to the Buddha I am a fool, to most humanity I am just right." ..Which in other words mean that to know everything or to know nothing is the same in the end.

(20 Apr '12, 21:15) CalonLan

@CalonLan This is interesting, in the occult symbolism there is a snake that is eating its own tail. This is a circle cycle that we end up back where we start but when we started we were ignorant and when we arrive back to that start point we have understanding. Anything in between is the journey to the beginning. In the Tarot deck the fool is shown with all the same tools as the hierophant but he hasn't the understanding that he has everything he is looking for already.

(20 Apr '12, 21:24) Wade Casaldi

The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do. Dale Carnegie

who can defeat him self? that one is wise. who will continue to judge other? that one is a fool. when a men judge he is not in truth.

(22 Apr '12, 16:11) white tiger

I simply love your answe Wade it's truly is wise and now I dont even have to answer the question for you have done it for me.'

(22 Apr '12, 16:21) Paulina 1
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