Hello all, this is amazing.

Today as you may know I tried to meditate before work with not much success, I have just finshed work which involves me driving to customers houses. I decided it would be a good idea to listen to the Abraham audiobook ask and it is given while in my car. I managed to get through quite a chunk of it.

The more I had listened the bigger my smile was getting and as I am inexperienced I'm not sure if it was the understanding/working of the law of attraction or not but I started to feel different kind of like a buzzing inside. I then proceeded to not get an amazing amount but a good amount of tips! you can imagine how happy this is making me feel by now.

And then on my last trip I was looking around for the right house number and saw a for sale sign, it was the house I was looking for! when the customer answered I casually asked how much it was on the market for. It was in the exact price range of houses I was looking at when I decided I should manifest a house a few days ago.

Now I am back home and have looked up the house and it has pretty much everything I was looking for except the area that it is in. Thinking about it I have been to this house once before a while ago and imagined myself living there after I just had to compliment the owner on how nice it looked.

A while ago I would have thought it would all have been too farfetched but right now after looking into this stuff and hearing messages from everyone here I am thinking its working for me.

I am currently in a nowhere near healthy enough financial position for this house yet, Is it possible that I have manifested this house and I will become able to purchase it? could the Law already be working for me in such a small amount of time?

Thank you all.

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could the Law already be working for me in such a small amount of time?

Time is an illusion of the physical world we live in.

From the point of view of manifesting what you want, the potential for it is manifested in the moment you wanted it.

The rest of the equation is just about the physical You catching up with the non-physical You, which is already living with the thing you wanted...and how long that takes is simply about how long it takes to improve your feeling.

Time is actually irrelevant to that but because, in this physical reality, we seem to have evolved belief systems that make us think it takes time to change our emotional setpoints, we think time is a requirement for something to change when it really doesn't have to be.

If you are generally tuned-in to feeling good ("in the Vortex") - i.e. where the physical You and non-physical You are fairly aligned - you'll find that many things will appear to manifest "instantly" i.e. the moment that you think of something you want, you find it already queued up and waiting for you in your reality.

For most people though, this only tends to happen with, what they think of, as "minor" or "insignificant" things. The "big stuff" seems to take longer.

And this is where many people have cause and effect backwards..it's because they think those things are minor or insignificant that they come so easily...not that they come easily because they really are minor or insignificant :)


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