Gday all I was wondering how the Law of Attraction works in a partnership or marriage. What if one person believes that the universe will provide and the other person does not believe that the universe provides. Will the love that people feel for each other in a relationship balance the different thoughts that they both have and set them on the right path?

asked 01 May '12, 09:24

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Tom 4

Sorry Tom 4. I am not sure what exactly you are asking about.

(01 May '12, 09:55) Fairy Princess

I see any circumstance involving multiple people a blending of their energy, a co-creation.

So, if you think about it, does it matter if one person believes in LOA and one does not? You can still be in a relationship. The two of you will just see things differently... one will see winning twenty dollars as lucky while the other believes they attracted it.

I believe the universe will give you exactly what you expect- whether you deliberately create your reality or not. So if you expect to fall in love, you will. If you expect one day you'll find your soulmate, you will. If you expect to lose your lover, you will. It doesn't matter what you intend- I attract people all the time who've never heard of LOA or the secret. They're still awesome people that I get along great with.

You don't have to have a lover who believes in law of attraction... just expect to have a perfect match, and you will find them. It won't matter if they believe in it or not:)


answered 01 May '12, 21:15

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easy, it is a co-creation, a collective consciousnesses of two. And if it is like my marriage with my wife, then it is very easy because in being soul mates, we are already as one entity. Our cations effect each other and we take on each others energy and emotional status. this can be very dangerous for ones who are connected highly but not aware in 100% of the others mindset energy and intent. Any miscommunication or deliberate lie can cause the fall of this union in manifesting great things. (any thing for that matter) So when u connect to someone with that sort of passion and intensity every thing u do and they do, BECAUSE of the strength of the connection, will show almost instantly in ur manifestation.

love n light (wisdom)



answered 02 May '12, 12:31

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TReb Bor yit-NE

I don't think that it is important that both people believe the same thing for a relationship to work. But, if you DO, then it could become a stumbling block.

If you release that belief, then it won't be.


answered 19 Jul '14, 17:31

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