Have you ever been in a house full of people sick with the stomach flu, and you are the only one well? I do not know about you, but I start wondering if I am going to get sick, if I get a twinge if it is the start of the awfulness etc.

I am on Medicaid, and all of a sudden, the doctor asks repeatedly if I want to schedule mammograms, colonoscopies, flu shots- the works- all of which I turn down because I refuse to entertain the notion that I am going to get these things. But the constant questions have made me wonder if this stuff is getting into my subconscious...and that, in turn, made me wonder if, when everyone has insurance, if people will start going to the doctor for every little thing when before they did not bother.

I am not saying this right, I think. What I am trying to say is if knowing you have insurance will actually cause you to spiritually and subconsciously not fight off what you would have before the Affordable Insurance Act...

I do hope you are getting my drift. I am not trying to get into a political debate- I am looking at this law as a big, enormous mind experiment with all Americans part of the experiment.

My Blessings to you, as usual,

Jai ♥

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Same as the car insurance question, or any insurance really. It's about the person.

If having insurance puts the person at rest, removing their concern over potential undesired events because now they have a safety net, then it would be beneficial.

If it just makes the person upset they have to get it, and then think about it more, it'd probably both cause them to put more attention on bad events as well as be in a bad mood while doing so.

(07 Nov '13, 17:17) Snow

@snow - well said!

(07 Nov '13, 20:56) abrahamloa

time will tell, perhaps if we learned to breathe and eat right then less fear over waiting to get sick could occur. however, if one has to subconsciously ruminate about illness, there is where we find ourselves

(08 Nov '13, 06:21) fred

@fred, well said!

(08 Nov '13, 13:01) abrahamloa

@Jai, what you said there is merit there for sure too. I too usually dont go to Doctor unless i have something. I really dont believe in just getting all kinds of checks when i feel right. Although ultimately everything is in the mind, its not easy to be at that level. Thats why meanwhile its just better to go to doctor for treatments at least when something is wrong. Medical science has made lot of wonderful advances and those should be used.

(08 Nov '13, 13:05) abrahamloa

Medical scientific cures and mind and mental and spiritual consciousness can both work together. Paramahansa Yogananda said there is not really conflict between the two. that you should deny any one kind. After all god can work through herbs, drugs and medical treatments and doctors too - since all is God right?. (i am not saying you are doing this- just saying in general).

(08 Nov '13, 13:07) abrahamloa

he said healing takes place at Physical (treatments etc), Mental (our thoughts minds) and spiritual (God's will) levels (something like that). It made lot of sense to me then.

(08 Nov '13, 13:09) abrahamloa

Paramahansa said to take common sense medical treatments while you work on your mind and as it gets stronger you would not need for normal health issues like cold flu etc...then you can see how the mind has the power over your body..

(08 Nov '13, 13:36) abrahamloa

My understanding is that it will only lead to more people being uninsured as premiums rise. I live in one of those countries with "free" healthcare. My impression is that most people avoid the doctor unless there is an emergency because they know they can't get good treatment and also feel like it's unreasonable to pay for private care. Other people go constantly. The ones that seem to treat hospitals as their second home are mostly people locked into a cheap (to them) private plan. So maybe?

(09 Nov '13, 04:46) flowsurfer
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This is a pretty interesting hypothesis. On one hand it would be a preventive thing making sure everyone is in tiptop health.

But on the other hand with the laws of creation people being told they need this that and also that other thing checked out, they find thoughts to worry over that they hadn't before!

You had better get this checked, we need to check that, because you could get this or that disease.

Next you are worried you may have or get, cancer, diabetes, MS, and the list goes on because you are told you need to be checked for it.

These worries create that expectancy based in fear of the possibility of having or getting whatever it is you were told you should be checked for.

This fear creating the vibration of the thing feared and thus creating it where it wasn't before.


answered 07 Nov '13, 16:20

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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi- Thank you for sticking to the topic. A lot of good things have been said, but they have not been on topic. Thanks so much for simply answering my question. ♥♥♥

(07 Nov '13, 23:10) Jaianniah

You are paying in advance for illness that you are certain will come your way. You are making all preparations in the present for a future of illness. You are betting upon disease and not health. This is the worst kind of natural hypnosis, and yet within your system insurance is indeed a necessity, because the belief in illness so pervades your mental atmosphere.

Many become ill only after taking out such "insurance" -- and for those, the act itself symbolically represents and acceptance for disease. Even more unfortunate are the special policies for the elderly that detail in advance all the most stereotyped and distorted concepts about health and age. There is great correlation between the policies that people take out, and the illnesses that they then fall pray to.

Even more disadvantageous are the suggestions given, with the best of purposes in mind, concerning specific health areas dealing with prevention.

Illness is not a foreign agency thrust upon you, but as long as you believe that it is, then you will accept it as such. You will also feel powerless to combat it.

Source: The Nature of Personal Reality (A Seth Book)


answered 07 Nov '13, 18:50

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Once you get the worlds population to believe this - then there won't be ANY need for medical care period - preventative or otherwise. Of course you would also have to believe genetics is not applicable or lifestyle or the role of nutrition in health in not applicable either. Until then ..... I wish you the best of luck........ and I'm NOT being sarcastic..

(07 Nov '13, 19:06) ele

I find this very interesting and worth further investigation. +1

(07 Nov '13, 22:04) Wade Casaldi

Reminds me when I received a call with an offer for insurance from car and other accidents. I told the lady I don't need it, when she mentioned I got a motorbike and it's easy to crash, I said it is, but very unlikely for me.

Now that I think of it... daily insurance payment is about the same amount you would bet in a lottery. Either you're betting on you getting almost killed and paid, or just paid. At least the lottery has a positive twist to it.

(08 Nov '13, 01:43) CalonLan
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I am on Medicaid, and all of a sudden, the doctor asks repeatedly if I want to schedule mammograms, colonoscopies, flu shots- the works- all of which I turn down because I refuse to entertain the notion that I am going to get these things

Well Jai ... being a "Christian", I thought this story may be applicable..


God Will Save Me


A terrible storm came into a town and local officials sent out an emergency warning that the riverbanks would soon overflow and flood the nearby homes. They ordered everyone in the town to evacuate immediately.

A faithful Christian man heard the warning and decided to stay, saying to himself, "I will trust God and if I am in danger, then God will send a divine miracle to save me."

The neighbors came by his house and said to him, "We're leaving and there is room for you in our car, please come with us!" But the man declined. "I have faith that God will save me."

As the man stood on his porch watching the water rise up the steps, a man in a canoe paddled by and called to him, "Hurry and come into my canoe, the waters are rising quickly!" But the man again said, "No thanks, God will save me."

The floodwaters rose higher pouring water into his living room and the man had to retreat to the second floor. A police motorboat came by and saw him at the window. "We will come up and rescue you!" they shouted. But the man refused, waving them off saying, "Use your time to save someone else! I have faith that God will save me!"

The flood waters rose higher and higher and the man had to climb up to his rooftop.

A helicopter spotted him and dropped a rope ladder. A rescue officer came down the ladder and pleaded with the man, "Grab my hand and I will pull you up!" But the man STILL refused, folding his arms tightly to his body. "No thank you! God will save me!"

Shortly after, the house broke up and the floodwaters swept the man away and he drowned.

When in Heaven, the man stood before God and asked, "I put all of my faith in You. Why didn't You come and save me?"

And God said, "Son, I sent you a warning. I sent you a car. I sent you a canoe. I sent you a motorboat. I sent you a helicopter. What more were you looking for?"


Personally I think any one with your health issues would be a fool if they didn't get a flu shot unless you are allergic or have another medical reason not to do so. If you end up with breast or colon cancer in the future, you have only yourself to blame. Colorectal screenings & colonscopies can & do prevent colon cancer. You may want to research this Jai. Odd, you run to the ER for just about everything under the sun; but you don't believe in preventative care? hmm.. Why is that? Er visits cost tax payers big dollars as does unnecessary hospital stays which could have been prevented as well as long term care which could have been prevented especially if one has virtually free insurance like Medicaid. It is believed by many, "The affordable care act was designed to help ppl afford preventive care which will reduce the cost to taxpayers in the long run."

Have you ever been in a house full of people sick with the stomach flu, and you are the only one well?

I haven't had a common cold since the late 1980's. I get a flu shot because I am around people who are elderly or who have health problems. I do NOT want to infect someone with a virus which could be life threatening - so I do my part & get a shot. It's the least I can do..


NOT every case of cancer or illness is caused by 'bad thinking or bad vibes' - genetics, lifestyle & nutrition play a role too.

Do you have any idea what it will cost taxpayers to care for someone who has colon cancer? Compare this to the cost of a colonoscopy. You are fortunate to have insurance Jai. Do you have any idea how many people wish they had medical insurance or are working 1 or more minimum wage jobs & simply cannot afford insurance? You don't realize how fortunate you are.

A colorectal screening & a colonoscopy if deemed medically necessary is preventative care. The cost of a colonoscopy & the removal of a polyp which may turn into cancer is insignificant compared to the long term treatment of cancer. It's also an unnecessary burden to taxpayers.

ETA To answer your question

Will the Affordable Insurance Act In the U. S. A. actually create more illnesses in the U. S. A. by subconscious suggestion?

NO, it will NOT!

My answer is NO. For the simple fact MOST ppl in the US have medical insurance.

Why would it change NOW? It hasn't so far. Medical Insurance is NOTHING new.

There are 317 million US citizens & less than 50 million are uninsured. There are currently 50 million people on Medicare which is insurance for the elderly or disabled after 2 yrs. Many ppl like you have are on Medicaid due to the generosity of the American taxpayers. Nearly every child in America has insurance. There have been programs that pay for medical insurance for low income children for decades at either zero cost or next to nothing.. Others are entitled to medical assistance & those ppl are included in the 47 million non elderly uninsured tally..

What you fail to understand is the majority of the uninsured are in low-income working families. Working families with 2 incomes - minimum wage jobs earners who wish to have coverage but simply cannot afford the premiums. There employers do not provide medical benefits. The working poor in this country. These ppl don't qualify for public assistance like you do & the majority are adults. People of color are the ones most at risk for not having health coverage. This law helps out ppl who have preexisting conditions & makes health insurance more affordable for everyone.

You never worked or worked enough to qualify for SSDI otherwise you would be receiving SS based on your earning record instead of SSI which is a govt handout for ppl who never worked or paid into SS & this entitles you to free medical insurance also known as Medicaid.

Once again my answer is NO because the majority of the ppl have insurance in the US. I have and have always had insurance & when I was a child my parents insured me. I never use it; but I sure don't want to lose everything I have if something happened through no fault of my own. Having insurance hasn't cursed me yet & I don't think it will either. It's like carrying a very expensive spare tire with me in case I have a flat. Wade has NO insurance so he never goes to the doctor. You on the other hand have basically free insurance with no deductible or premium & you run to the doctor all the time. If you had to pay a large co payment or meet a deductible would you go as often as you do now?

It going to have the opposite effect. It will prevent ppl from worrying about getting ill & losing their homes & everything they worked for all their lives. Less worry automatically raises ones vibrations & PREVENTS illness in my opinion.

One-quarter (25%) of uninsured adults go without needed care each year due to cost Studies repeatedly demonstrate that the uninsured are less likely than those with insurance to receive preventive care and services for major health conditions and chronic diseases. Research has also suggested that insurance can decrease likelihood of depression and stress.



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@Jai Medicaid is the Cadillac of insurance. It pays for just about anything & everything. The US does NOT discriminate against poor ppl in the US when it comes to medical care. After you've been disabled for 2 yrs, most states want you to enroll in Medicare & they even pay the premiums if you do. Medicaid will be your secondary insurance company & acts as a supplement to Medicare. This should be mandatory in my opinion; but most states cannot force a disabled Medicaid recipient to do so.

(07 Nov '13, 18:22) ele

@Jai as for what I said about ER visits. Medicaid patients abuse this benefit cause they know they don't have to make an appt or wait like ppl who have reg ins or the uninsured do. Most states are cracking down on this abuse & unless it is a true emergency, the patient can expect to be billed. Not that they can pay; but in hopes this abuse will stop. Compare the cost of a flu shot to a hospitalization. Many ppl end up in the hospital when they get the flu. Long term care vs preventative care.

(07 Nov '13, 18:27) ele

@Jai Please do NOT view this as a personal attack. I'm voicing my opinion as a US citizen & a taxpayer. According to our 1st Amendment rights I have every right to do so. If you continue to write questions complaining about how poor you are or whenever you get the flu & all your er visits then I will continue to express an opinion. I also support all these programs. Its NOT a conflict unless you view it as such & there is NOTHING stopping you from making a comment or a last word. Peace .

(07 Nov '13, 19:21) ele

God bless you, @ele. ♥

(07 Nov '13, 20:20) Jaianniah

@ele, LOL... great story you posted. in my opinion you are right and wrong.

the thing is this. It is true that mind controls everythying. But till you get that willpower and mental power you need to rely on common sense methods. THats why Paramahsansa yogananda said when something is wrong its ok to let the Doctor treat you... while you slowly develop your mind power.

(07 Nov '13, 21:00) abrahamloa

You said you did not get cold/flu since 1980 since you got the flu shots. Lots of people get those shots and keep getting something or the other too.. so just cause you get some preventive method does not mean it will work. Look at some chronic patients... doctors cant do anything about them. I also many times dont get any flu for long periods of time (not like from 1980 lol) but relatiively long periods. I dont take nothing.

(07 Nov '13, 21:02) abrahamloa

So one should take the measures in common sense way that feels right for you w/o worrying too much about it. You need to ultimately know its in the mind. I am not sure what you think of lot of mind healers and remote healing etc... they are very powerful stories of people getting rid of cancer through just prayer healing when all doctors gave up etc... what do you say about that?

(07 Nov '13, 21:03) abrahamloa

but all in all for me it feels common sense to provide people with proper insurances and coverages... so i like the affordable insurance act if the help goes to the people in need who need doctors in the right way

(07 Nov '13, 21:06) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa I misspoke, I haven't had a cold since 1987 or 88. The flu shot has NOTHING to do with it. I've only been getting a flu shot for about a decade. A few yrs ago, there was a limited supply of the flu vaccine. I did not qualify due to my youth & being in good health. The medical professionals insisted I get one because of my role of care taker; so I did. I'm around elderly & ppl with weakened immune systems on a reg basis & I will continue to get one each yr. I've seen ppl (Part A)

(07 Nov '13, 21:45) ele

(Part B) die from the flu or get gravely ill. I don't get colds or the flu & I believe the reason for this is due to my beliefs. Back in 1988, I drove my family insane because I coughed all night long for several weeks. They insisted I see a Dr & I thought well, if you don't get over it in 2 or 3 weeks it would be wise to see a Dr even tho I knew I was fine. I went to urgent care & I had a high deductible. The Dr said to me "Quit sniveling, you have a cold, sometimes it takes longer

(07 Nov '13, 21:49) ele

(part C) longer to get over it." Then I got the bill. It was nearly $200 & I vowed never to get a cold again & I have not. I'm also going to add, I used to be a sickly child with asthma & allergies. I'm not perfect tho, so I error on the side of caution when the lives of others are involved & I get a flu shot. A flu shot is $40 in my area. Many ppl cannot afford one & would love to have this protection. My ins does not pay for it - I do. Glad you liked my story. I thought Jai would have too

(07 Nov '13, 21:51) ele

(Part D) I'm glad you are perfect -- I'm NOT. I can make a vibrational boo-boo. So far so good - knock on wood. Again, I error on the side of caution when it comes to the lives of others. I may have perfected resistance from the common cold; but I'm NOT cocky - I'm human & can make mistakes. The cough I had at night disappeared about a week later - the DR was right. Great motto Quit Sniveling.

(07 Nov '13, 22:03) ele

@abrahamloa My post is marked wiki for several reasons. No 1 - I didn't exactly answer the question & what I had to say was too much for the comments. Feel free to edit it & correct what you feel is wrong. That is what wiki is. As for the story -- I didn't have time to the find the short version - it was in the form of a joke.

(07 Nov '13, 22:15) ele

@abrahamloa I canceled the wiki -- you can edit when you acquire more points if you wish to. @Jai I think this is the most ridiculous question you have ever asked. I also think its one of my best answers by far & MY opinion is what matters to me. I don't begrudge you anything - your entitled to these entitlements. I would love it if you would wake up & realize how fortunate you are.

(08 Nov '13, 01:44) ele

@ele, i loved that story.. that said it all about how to use physical and superconscious both hand in hand ..lol the mainstream people are too dependent only on physical treatments and sometimes the spiritual people also tend to go to extremes in denying doctors and drugs and solely depending on mind .. but its better to use both until your mind is so strong to not even let disease come in the first place...

(08 Nov '13, 13:49) abrahamloa

its hard to comment on preventive care.. since it depends on how you get those... if you get preventice care but be very positive and actually give sense of well being then its good.. while if you are always focused on checklists and create constrictive energies you can draw that sickness.. just like focusing on what you dont want.. .so its all about how you go about it...

(08 Nov '13, 13:52) abrahamloa
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I think that what passes for health care in the USA is "disease care," not "health care." Alternative medicine is not covered under health insurance, just allopathic medicine, which promotes, causes, and then "treats" diseases they have caused by their medicines. Just look at the explosion of disease and ill health we have had in the USA. I don't trust conventional medicine, nor the government, so I try to stay healthy. Allopathic medicine is great for things like broken bones etc, but it does not increase health. it actually promotes disease and ill health by prescribing drugs that cause further declines in health. Chemotherapy destroys the immune system in cancer patients. The Standard American Diet is responsible for the explosion of obesity and subsequent ill effects of obesity. Diabetics are encouraged to eat carbs and take ever increasing amount of insulin, which destroys their pancreas. I could go on and on ... I've seen a lot of people killed or maimed by conventional medicine. No, thank you.

I avoid conventional medicine whenever possible and I don't take their drugs. I agree with Seth.

Just my two cents. :)


answered 07 Nov '13, 19:39

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Beach Baby

edited 07 Nov '13, 19:41

Actually many health ins plans do pay for alternative medical treatment such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic & other holistic types of care as well as discounts for lifestyle changes. Diabetics are NOT encouraged to eat just any carb. They are encouraged to eat ONLY healthy carbs which provides needed fiber such as fruit & veggies & complex carbs like whole grains & beans in moderation - they advocate counting carbs . Heres a link http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/diabetes-diet/DA00027

(07 Nov '13, 19:53) ele

Heres a good link explaining the immune system.


Many employers as well as insurance carriers are big advocates for lifestyle changes & preventive care. Employees & companies both benefit from these programs.

(07 Nov '13, 19:57) ele

@Beach Baby- AMEN!!! ♥

(07 Nov '13, 20:21) Jaianniah

@Jai "From Scientific American: "Another analysis of British data on colon cancer, by the watchdog group Straight Statistics, concluded that screening 1,000 patients for 10 years will prevent two deaths from the disease. (_cont.)(6 mins ago)Jaianniah

I prefer the data from the CDC. "At least 6 out of every 10 deaths from colorectal cancer could be prevented if all men and women aged 50 years or older were screened routinely"


(07 Nov '13, 20:26) ele


I also would like to correct something I said in error. I should have said colo-rectal screenings which include having a fecal occult blood test which is VERY inexpensive, a sigmoidoscopy , or a colonoscopy within 10 years after age 50.

They are NOT advocating a colonoscopy every yr & not until age 50 unless you have a family history & even then a fecal sample will do.

As for your statistics - if these tests prevents one death - I'm good with it.

(07 Nov '13, 20:30) ele

Whole wheat is NOT good for diabetics, see: http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/category/diabetes/ Neither is excessive fruit consumption, but low carb vegetables are good. I cured my Type 2 diabetes by going ultra low carb, using my blood glucose meter to monitor my blood sugar, while most of my diabetic friends have died from following their doctors' dietary recommendations. Unfortunately, it worked a little to well, because

(07 Nov '13, 20:35) Beach Baby

I can actually eat more carbs without an excessive rise in blood sugar now, but I still have excess fat to lose. I'm going 100% wheat-free now, and my supposedly incurable arthritis is nearly gone as well, as well as my brain fog. I don't believe the recommendations that the medical community suggests for health, since they have NEVER worked for me.

(07 Nov '13, 20:35) Beach Baby

Your absolutely correct excessive fruit consumption is contra indicated. I couldn't possibly write everything in my post. I thought you had a gluton intolerance. There are more complex carbs than whole wheat to eat - again, I can't possibly cover everything in my posts. A blog is NOT scientific proof. BTW - thats sort of what I meant by counting carbs as TOLERATED & NO allergies - good carbs. The medical community is up on glutton intolerance btw. Have a great evening.

(07 Nov '13, 20:40) ele

@Jai I don't know what happened to your post to me. I need to refresh my screen more often and not be distracted with real life things like phone calls and ppl and kitties.......

(07 Nov '13, 20:46) ele

@Beach Baby It's a pet peeve of mine when someone expresses their opinion as if it is FACT. This web site is viewed by thousands of ppl & I correct statements which I believe are errors & NOT based on facts & I try to provide facts to substantiate my views. When you make statements such as you do, I interpret them as if you knew what you were talking about & NOT like your expressing an opinion. Peace..

(07 Nov '13, 20:57) ele

@ele- God Bless You! ♥

(07 Nov '13, 22:06) Jaianniah

@Jai I know you are an ordained minister or at least I recall you saying that in your bio. I did NOT mean to ignore your previous post. I would prefer if you said "blessings"... Blessings & Peace Jai

ETA and get your flu shot because I care.

(07 Nov '13, 22:17) ele

@Jai and @Abe Flu shots don't always work on the elderly or ppl with weakened immune systems; hence the need for me getting one. Have you ever seen a cancer patient suffer from treatments; last thing they need is someone bringing them the flu. I've seen it happen & its not pretty. I would never think of visiting anyone in the hospital or in a nursing home during flu season w/o a shot even tho I have NOT had the flu since I was a child. Your contagious before you show symptoms of the flu.

(07 Nov '13, 22:30) ele

Oh drugs are good. Just that different kind. haha

(08 Nov '13, 01:46) CalonLan
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Does having life insurance shorten your life? I think not. Does having car insurance increase your possibility of having an accident? No, unless you having car insurance makes you careless (oh, the insurance will just pay for it).

Insurance has one purpose, and only one, and that is to give up a small monetary loss in exchange for protection against an unlikely, but large, monetary loss. In other words, you and many other people pay a small amount of money which goes into a pot that makes a large pool of money. If someone collects (which, in insurance terms, is a statistically improbable event, the moral equivalent of winning the lottery), the money is taken from that large pool, thus protecting the person's family from large financial losses.

The problem with most health insurance is that it's not really health insurance; it's a pre-payment plan. Most health insurance is really a prescription drug and doctor visit plan; you pay $400 per month, and go to the doctor once in awhile. The plan makes money on the healthy people, not the sick ones.

The only real health insurance is the kind that protects you against catastrophic financial loss, the kind that has a high deductible (say, $10,000). You pay for your own drugs and doctor visits out of your own pocket; if expenses exceed $10,000 in any one year, then the insurance covers it. If you're healthy, you get to pocket the difference; catastrophic health insurance is very inexpensive, and if you self-insure for the first $10,000, you can expect to save $300 per month, or more, on health insurance costs.

Having health insurance doesn't increase the likelihood that you will get sick. If anything, the opposite is true; having health insurance makes it more likely for people to go to the doctor, before a small problem turns into a larger one.

People don't get sick from their subconscious, unless their subconscious is sick.


answered 12 Nov '13, 17:54

Vesuvius's gravatar image


edited 12 Nov '13, 17:58

Couldn't agree more. Like I said health insurance is not anything new & I agree "having health insurance makes it more likely for people to go to the doctor, before a small problem turns into a larger one."

(12 Nov '13, 18:05) ele
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