I've waded thru books, teachers & philosophies for 15 years!!! I'm tired of the endless study; I want to reap the rewards! Pluck the Fruit! Graduate!!! Who can recommend a "Fast Track" that actually works??? Do the new 'subliminal videos DO everything they claim, and which ones have the highest recommendation?

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You can go on for another 15 years studying and you will still be in the same place, because all you're doing is reading/listening to information....you're not applying the information, but I don't know what information you are studying either??

Bob Proctor explain this very well here:


I get results from mind movies that I create myself, with images I choose myself that may mean nothing to the next person, and I choose music that I love and other people would prefer something different. This works and I am proof that it works.

Here's how to make a 5 minute mind movie:


You need a movie making program. Window's XP has "window's movie maker" in the programs list. Or you can download one off the internet.


Go to google images and start saving and collecting images in a folder "that create a good feeling" inside you. It could be of beaches, or relationships, or happy faces....just what ever makes you feel good when looking at it.


Collect music "that makes you feel good"....everyone has their own choice in music.


Open the movie making program and import all the images you collected, import the music you want to hear over top of the images and you can type text over the images as seen in the example below....then save!! and play and watch it acouple of times a day....I usually play it before bed and when I get up in the morning.

Fifth: (Alternative)

If you can't find a movie making program or just one's they charge $$$ for we can simplify: Just save your images into a folder. Open an image and select "Slide show" in the tab on the left(?) and the slide show will show each picture (3 seconds) that is in the folder. At the same time you are listening to your favorite music.....where do you get the music? Well you have a CD player to play Cd's in your computer or just find your favorite music on youtube and let it play while you're watching the images.

Your goal is to "FEEL GOOD."

Then the images and text will start to manifest...I try to stay focused around a certain topic for the best results, rather than being vague like some mind movies.

Time frame?...umm it can vary between 2 weeks to a month before I start seeing "something."

Here is an example of a mind movie:


I hope this helps.


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Love your idea, Eldavo. Up until now I had been cutting out images and putting them into a photo album. Used this method for over 20 years and it does work. But a movie or slide show would be so much more pleasant and for some reason I hadn't thought of it. Thank you for the nice idea.

(14 May '12, 21:21) LeeAnn 1

you're welcome

(15 May '12, 22:51) Eldavo

Very cool suggestion! Thank you!

(16 May '12, 21:29) figure8shape
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I Don't know if subliminal's actually work but I think the better the quality, the better it will work - if you really use them. That's the key. I did some looking and found this one... http://subliminalmessagesdownloads.com/ Do your own research. Decide for yourself.


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Rindor, have you been using these? And how well are they working for you? I am curious...

(15 May '12, 20:31) LeeAnn 1

I have not used subliminals that much. To me it's like waiting and wanting some magical thing to decide for me to make my life better without effort on my part. The claims they make are wonderful, but the truth is you must make the decision to make your life better and then do what it takes. Eldavo on this page offers good advice if you use subliminals. But what blubird two says is also true. In fact, you MUST look within and clear the emotional blocks in your life or nothing you do will help.

(16 May '12, 15:48) Rindor

I will make a recommendation based on having listened to several 1 hour talks by her. Watch this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJH2Ww8HXgo Then go here and sign up in the upper right hand corner... http://www.abundanceandprosperity.com/ Google her name... Morgana Rae. You need to go inside and find what's stopping you. It's all inside of you.

(16 May '12, 16:47) Rindor
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Hi susankay1122,

remember that the sun is always shining all the time and every day, sometimes we have the impression that it's not there simply because it's hidden behind dark clouds.

to receive the full beneficial effects of the sun, we should recognize and eliminate what is blocking it ... in other words subliminals always affect us in some way ... these effects are often blocked by emotional structures of which we are totally unaware.

there is plenty of information here on IQ on how to become emotionally free ...

have fun :)


answered 16 May '12, 02:07

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blubird two

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