hi..friends.. my query is that now-a days .when m studying.., when my eyes are tired of studies.., n m little bit sleeply on my study table itself., i see few people appearing in my mind. its like .watching 5 mins of short episodes of daily soap. the situations n the people in it are totally unknown to me.even,what they say..i don't even understand ..,n i am not even in dream state. i am not getting what is it all about.., plss can u al help? n m not talking about the slide show..,

i alwayz have slide shows of many people.who are unknown to me..smiling,laughing, some are realy scary too. now-a-dayz what i am seeing it literally people talking to each other, homes, there gestures.etc.. n it happens when i am about to sleep ,not slept completely ..means..i am awake n aware that i am concious. are these symbols of opened third-eye..??? cos few dayz back when i did online chakra test, it said that i have overactive third eye. i hope i haven't confused u all. n if suppose i really apolozise. thank you.., hope to see the answers soon. love,light n lots of blessing to all of u.. :))) have a gr8888 time ahead :))))

asked 12 Oct '12, 04:03

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Barry Allen ♦♦

If it only happens when your eyes are tired then that doesn't sound to me like you are receiving psychic impressions through the "Third Eye". You should be able to receive these kinds of psychic impressions at any time, not just when you tired.

The "Third Eye" itself has nothing much to do with your normal eyes anyway (apart from the name). It's the common term for the Pineal Gland, also called the Brow Chakra.

What you are describing sounds more like the phenomenon of Just before I fall asleep images of people appear, why has this now stopped?


answered 18 Oct '12, 18:28

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@stingray- thank you for ur wonderful answer..:)) , but, when our third eye is opened- do we receive psychic impressions with eyes-open?

(19 Oct '12, 04:09) supergirl

@supergirl - I wouldn't call my Sixth Chakra even slightly "open" but I pick up "psychic impressions" most of the day regardless of what my eyes are doing :) The thing is not to get too hung up on one particular Chakra at the expense of the others. It's about balance. I've written about this idea here: Sixth Chakra/Third eye: Any way to give it a boost? The other thing is that...

(19 Oct '12, 04:21) Stingray

@supergirl - ...physical age does seem to have an influence. I used to do a lot of "psychic development" work when I was younger (teens, twenties) but never used to be able to sense much whereas others who were older could easily pick up all kinds of things. Now, a few years later, I find the same thing...picking up impressions seems to come quite naturally. The same exercises now have much more effect than in my youth.

(19 Oct '12, 04:24) Stingray

@stingray- thank you.., but, sometimes i can precognise things..,so in this case can u say tht i am getting psychic impressions?

(19 Oct '12, 04:28) supergirl

@supergirl - Certainly, you can call it that :) Being "psychic" is really only about being sensitive to vibrations - and all of humanity is undergoing a transformation where we are all reawakening our natural abilities to sense and interpret vibrations.

(19 Oct '12, 04:33) Stingray

@stingray- n how will i come to know that my third eye is opened? are there any particular signs n symptoms of opened third eye? like-now at this age i can precognise things many times,i manifest almost everything asap, i feel someone near me always while meditation.(i assume it as an angel)., so are these signs of opened third eye?

(19 Oct '12, 04:35) supergirl

@stingray-thank you for ur answer..:)

(19 Oct '12, 12:54) supergirl

@supergirl - You seem very focused on the Third Eye for some reason even though you have thousands of "psychic" centers scattered around your body...the 7 Chakras are just some of the major ones...and the Third Eye is only one of those 7. What is it that you think an "open" Third Eye is going to give you over a balanced development of all your centers?

(21 Oct '12, 10:44) Stingray

@stingray- yh..,ur right i will balance all the chakras,instead of focussing on just 3rd eye..,neways thank you..-love,light n blessings..:))

(21 Oct '12, 11:39) supergirl
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