Is it something that we need to do? A random outpouring of our subconscious? Something to do with our spiritual growth?

Or What?

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Dollar Bill

I read a scientific article somewhere where a scientist/psychologist believed we dream to practice our responses to events and challenges.

(24 May '12, 07:02) SR7
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"According to Seth, dreaming is a creative state of consciousness, a threshold of psychic activity in which we throw off the usual restrictions to use our most basic abilities and realize our true independence from three-dimensional form. In dreams, Seth says,we write the script for our daily lives and perceive other levels of existence tha our physical focus obscures."

Source: Dreams & Projection of Consciousness by Jane Roberts


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dreamwork is most difficult for me.

(28 Jan '13, 11:52) don

"dreaming is a creative state of consciousness"- many lottery winners have said that they dreamed the winning numbers, which certainly seems to support this statement by seth

(28 Jan '13, 13:09) blubird two

To understand why we dream we need to expand this question to what does an unstimulated brain do when there is no input?

I read about sensory deprivation tanks and Harry Palmer's experiences. I have also read a recent article on the world's most quietest place.

The interesting thing is in both places the brain starts creating where there is nothing. In the world's most quiet place if you are left there too long you start hearing things. Voices, music, maybe an animal scurrying past you that you just missed seeing somehow, maybe laughter. Your mind starts creating things to hear where there is nothing to hear. It said NASA test astronauts there in that quiet place.

Imagine being on the moon by your self, at first it would be beautiful and amazing but stay too long in that environment by yourself with no stimulation and it could get dangerous. You could imagine some weird science fiction stuff to the point of even imagining you can't breath and need to take off your helmet! I believe this is why NASA is doing these kind of experiments to see what could happen to a man alone with no sensory input.

If we are to ever conquer outer space we need to first conquer the inner space of our own thoughts of "what could be and what next?" If we have no stimulation for different input, we can be sure our brains will create something to see and hear, and it may be horrifying and at the same time not even be there! Think about that one!

Now with the sensory deprivation tank this gets even better you have the mind creating sounds and visions that are not there. Compare this to sleep and you have a perfect matched pair. It seems that the brain is stimulated so much every day that when our bodies get tired and ran down and everything shuts down for the night the brain says "Oh no not me!" I need something to hear, something to see, something to think! This is why it can be very heard to learn to meditate with a clear blank mind, your brain tries to fight it and feels it must have input or it will make something up from memories or fantasy and a combination of both.

Now for the next part I must turn back to my old days of basic programing my computer. I remember that what keeps a program running is that it is constantly looking for "what next?" That is simple enough "what is next?" Now imagine your are asleep.

You are sleeping and your mind out of sheer boredom all of a sudden creates a house to see. Oh you are standing outside in front of this house. Before you can even think what next you notice it is dark out. Now your "what next?" creates clouds covering the moon, your "what next?" gives you an odd feeling that you don't like this place but you had better go inside before the rain starts. Too late, you thought of rain! Now it is pouring as you run to the porch. You feel this is a creepy house and believe some creepy people must live here so guess who answers the door? Some creepy person saying come in. As you go walking in your mind says again "what next?" so you wonder why is this person creepy is he a vampire? Too late now you thought it so it is that is the way the dream goes. You next think "what does he want with me?" and realize you are now being chased by this vampire around this creepy house!

All this is simple creations from expectations of "what next?" even things that defy logic like believing you can stop the dream and command it gone is your creation and thus part of the dream. In other words even lucid dreaming is still answering the question of "what next?".


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Wade Casaldi

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Well said, @Wade Casaldi,

I can also see the chains of events happening while you are awake, and creating your world from crazy standpoints. Please understand that I use the pronoun 'you' in a general sense

Years ago when I first began to meditate, I experienced feelings like this when I tried to relax. Someone had broken into my house. The way I was sitting was cutting off my circulation. A wild bunch of feelings.

My response was to get past the "what's next?" with "what is".

(25 May '12, 06:07) Dollar Bill

Excellent answer, Wade! +1 For tackling this all-important question. Sweet dreams, sweet-heart! Jai>>>>>>>>><3

(25 May '12, 10:05) Jaianniah

Bill a little clarification here please. Did someone really break in your house while you were meditating or did your mind create that experience in your head and it didn't really happen? I have read of a guy that was starting to astral project and he heard a loud explosion it rocked him right awake! He thought the hot water heater exploded. He asked his wife "what was that noise?" She said "what noise, I have been here reading. There was no noise what are you talking about?"

(25 May '12, 10:07) Wade Casaldi

No, Wade,no one in the house. I also thought I heard the crackling of fire. no fire.

Just a crazy host of thoughts that seemed to try to break my meditative state. This was early in my meditation process when I thought that I HAD to still the body through forceful conscious control

(27 May '12, 15:26) Dollar Bill

I was also practicing an extreme form of physical Kundalini Yoga with exercises from the 3HO Foundation. In these asanas you would hold a simple seeming pose that would feel increasingly hurtful.

A group leader would shout "KEEP UP!" The pain would increase (if I held the pose) and the point of the most extreme pain I had ever felt, I would go into a strange, almost paralytic trance and leave the body. They called it "discipline". I found better, more gentle ways to leave the body.

(27 May '12, 15:31) Dollar Bill

Amazing! Yes the mind will do some strange stuff! It makes you feel like really it is hard to trust when someone says I saw this or that. I really did but that is no guarantee that it wasn't created in my own brain. Wow...

(27 May '12, 20:26) Wade Casaldi
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from my understanding our brain-mind rests when we sleep, since it is of material form as the rest of our body. yet there is dreaming or visions from other sources within us. pscyhology does have its theories. but may be there is unfinished business that does not sit right with our intuition as it also seeks balance which the brain-mind while awake often denies it.


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I like to speculate about dreams and though there is some studies and science on the topic I suspect the spiritual beliefs of ancient people can contribute to our understanding of what is going on also. But I will just tell you what I am leaning towards in belief of dreams.

It seems to me that dreams have different purposes. Different phases or types of dreams. I think there is at least 4 types of dreams. Three types seem to be more of the brain and egos personality learning. Sort of like stepping out of the classroom(life) to practice at home(dreams) what we have learned in class. Repetitive dreams will redo & redo something to teach ourselves a better way of doing something. The way the mind will write an essay in our sleep or figure out the best way to fix a broken part or solve a puzzle. Or a rehearsed dance step or martial skill may be repeated in ones dream.

The drama dreams is a way to work out life issues with others or to learn more about ourselves by giving us safe interactions with others that we can test another faucet of our selves on. Experiment the cause and effect even with out it effecting our interactions with the same people when awake. Since we mirror each other in learning we often will incorporate a person who has attributes we want to work on in our selves. The working things out with others can be our minds/ego/brain recreating people we know to figure out something such as learning to forgive someone, or trying to understand another persons actions. Or it can be us figuring out why we reacted a certain way when awake and how to better react in the future to a similar situation.

It can also however be us actually meeting other souls who are dreaming, that we have a connection to so that we may learn thru sharing of lessens or saying something our egos are unable to share with each other awake. That I think is for a healing safe environment that our souls desire for the ego or because the souls sharing is doing so for the benefit of its ego, an ego that might not even be in the same time or space. Such as if a loved one dies and is reborn they might wish to reconnect when dreaming with those in a past egos life.

I think In dreams we may also be connecting with our higher self and tapping into other splinters of our existences in different time lines and parallel dimensions. I think if we are doing this, it is again for the point of stepping out of the class room and down loading and sharing with others what they did in school that day. It is also a way for others who are not connected to us only via ego form, to send us messages that will not hinder and even possibly might help our classroom experience when awake. In that it might be a connection to a soul that is not wishing to express from any of its ego points of view?

Oh and the recreation in dreams like lying at the beach, flying, laugh out loud moments, hugging, dancing and eating ice cream to name a few, I wonder if they are both of the egos/mind and the soul. Are they the desires of egos not being full filled in life only or are some of them just our souls playing and expressing itself in a fun way that our egos may also happen to appreciate?


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Jenni L Clark

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