Okay so I don’t know if I just had a precognitive dream. I had this dream before I fully woke up before 4:30am it was about 4:26 when I woke up .

In my dream I could see messages on WhatsApp from this guy I had been seeing but he’s been toying with me for 2 months now saying “ I was going to invite you out , something came up ..” I hadn’t responded then I got another message “ I never wanted a relationship I wanted to f**k many girls , you were just easy because you didn’t work and I knew you the days you were all available.. ( rest of the message is unclear ..like I’m forgetting the text ). Then I saw he had blocked me on WhatsApp. But I didn’t get to see if he blocked me on Instagram ).

I know In real life he has blocked me on Facebook and restricted me on Instagram and has not been active on WhatsApp. What could this dream mean?

Mind you at the start he said he had a connection with me and saying all the right things now he treats me like I am non-existence while being active on apps and chasing girls.He only messages me when he wants a root then I’ll never hear from him.Makes me feel depressed. Why am I dreaming this ? I’m trying to move on. I hate hurting it’s taking a toll on me. I’m heartbroken . I haven’t messaged him in 5 days.

Is my dream trying to give me closure ?

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As we as a collective rise in consciousness, karma is being purged. Karma = impurities within our energy field that keep us from being in alignment with our Higherself/God/unconditional love. One of the biggest lessons most of us are facing is that of SELF LOVE...unconditional love of self. A large portion of society has learned dysfunctional love...meaning we tolerate crappy behavior from others and toward self because we feel it is normal behavior. On the spiritual journey, it is never about the other person...they are merely a reflection of our own inner thoughts and beliefs. Dreams do the same...much like someone who has suffered trauma cannot sleep due to night terror dreams...it is the subconscious trying to process that which we cannot address in the waking realm. This person is in your life to mirror back your lack of love for SELF. I am 50 years old and had this very lesson a few years ago. The Universe sent in my drug of choice (addiction to dysfunctional love) in the form of a man who I recognized in spirit and he felt like crack cocaine...constantly in my thoughts. It took me almost three years to realize that I deserved better. Not better behavior from him...but better behavior toward SELF. I had to love myself enough to realize I couldn't keep doing this to myself and that I deserved better and needed to put myself first. Y'know, the crazy emotional state of anger to sadness...back to anger to sadness. Rinse. Repeat. Exhausting. People in the spiritual community refer to this as the Twin Flame journey...Carl Jung referred to it as the journey back to Self...the Bible as the story of Adam and Eve.

There are many more layers to this process...but it all starts with examining the story we tell ourselves. The hardest part was acknowledging and taking accountability for my own actions and thoughts. After all, it is like detoxing from a drug addiction...take away the drug of choice(dysfunctional love belief) and people get defensive and angry...fight tooth and nail to defend their ego self. After my breakthrough, I did not like the person looking back at me in the mirror. ...and believe me, this does not come from a place of judgement...it comes from a "Been there...done that..and bought the T shirt"!


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The way it feels to me is that your subconscious mind is either being therapeutic or predictive. In my experience, I always have to face certain fears in my dreams. I dream about things that I am very scared of in real life, e.g. my partner abandoning me or not being able to reach a destination I desperately want to reach. In my case I have concluded (a) either I am facing my fears in my dreams so that I do not face them in the waking world, or (b) as preparation for what is to come - sort of a buffer from the hard blow before it actually happens.

Additionally, making you face events such as him rejecting you or even toying with you indicates to you that you may have issues of abandonment and that is why you are attracting such a guy with such behaviour. Therefore this indicates to you what you need to work on on yourself.


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