I ask this, because many people only have a vague image in their mind about what being wealthy really means to them. Fuzzy thoughts create vague results. The question is two fold, 1) it shows the unlimited variations of this concept and 2)it will help those in a stuck spot get clear on what wealth really looks like to them and allow a breakthrough to occur.

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Being wealthy means having more choices, more freedom. Such freedom doesn't always require more money, and ultimately it comes down to your ability to make choices.

I can remember one time several years ago when I had the opportunity to take a job as a computer network administrator on a cruise ship. I would have been able to travel the world in relative freedom, without worrying about eating up my savings.

Why did I not do it? There were other things that were more important to me at the time.

Wealth means freedom in time and space. It means that you can buy your time back by not working a job, if you want to. It means living where you want, going where you want, and doing what you want.

And, yes, it means material possessions also. But things have a way of weighing you down, unless those things have meaning attached to them. Wealth allows you to surround yourself with beautiful things, to maintain a beautiful space.

The way you begin to gain wealth is to realize that you already have it. You have your self, you have your health, and you have your family and friends around you. You have a roof over your head, clean, safe food to eat and water to drink, and the capacity to enjoy happiness.

What a remarkable world you already live in!


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Wealth equals freedom. I agree. To me wealth IS freedom.

(17 Nov '10, 13:00) Monty Riviera

I found this article helpful in describing it: Although he is selling a lot on his site, he has the most information I have seen online for free.

True wealth means having harmony and fulfillment in EVERY aspect of your life physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually, and acquiring a wealth consciousness is what will be necessary to attain it.

All things on the outside are the result of what's inside.



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Wealth is a means to an end. I do not desire wealth because I like the feel of coins and notes or I like to see my big bank balance at the end of every month.

I desire wealth because of I think I can buy most things I desire with it and as a result, those desires will manifest in my physical reality. But what I want is the end product, whether it is the expensive car or the pricey holiday.

So, being wealthy to me means whether I have the resources (that could be money or the mindset or anything else) that will allow me to manifest my desires almost instantly in my physical reality.


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Pink Diamond

Wealth is my body, mind, and soul. Wealth is procreation with your partner, and to increase the worlds’ population. Wealth is working towards your goals, and succeeding at them. Wealth is good health, education/ career/ money/life style, good nutrition, love and friendship, and spiritual growth!


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Being wealthy means having lots of love to give and share along with health,happiness and a life of abundance.........

Thank you, namaste


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