There are a lot of good and a lot of bad going on in the physical world all the time. But could it be that its all in harmony with the Universal/God consciousness. If that is the case then is there any point in fighting for world peace, or the reduction of poverty or HIV/AIDS or any other social ills? Should we only be concerned with our own spiritual growth?

asked 18 Mar '10, 22:32

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I like your question. I personally think that everything that happens in this physical world is in fact in harmony with universal conciousness. We are all non-physical extensions of universal conciousness which have projected ourselves in these physical bodies so that we can have a variety of experiences in this physical world.

Eventually, when we die, we will all go back to being non-physical again. It is definitely not the end as people seem to think as we continue to exist in the non-physical. But our purpose for coming to this physical world is to live life to the fullest and have a variety of experiences.

I want to emphasise on the word variety as when we decided to project ourselves into this physical world, we did not want the world to be perfect. We wanted to see the good things and the bad things and experience the contrast. From this contrast, we would then be able to have our own individual preferences and launch new desires. Our ultimate purpose was to experience the fun and exciting journey from the launching of our desires to our alignment with those desires. Aligning with our desire has the additional benefit of the physical manifestation of our desire. Physical manifestations are not the main focus of our existence.

So, we can observe the things around us, but the things which we refer to as bad were meant to exist around us to allow us to experience the contrast.


answered 19 Mar '10, 09:56

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Pink Diamond

In the "Science Of Being Great" Wattles makes a statement that strikes a cord with me. That all things are perfect for their time in existence. The dinasours were perfect in their development in that time. The industrial age was perfect for it's time. We are all in a process of becoming. We are perfect to the extent of where we are in development NOW. In the grand scheme of things, this is harmonious development to the growth and evolution of our selves. My conclusion, is that good or bad events are only a position in the scale of becoming which is always in harmony with the Universal Consciousness.


answered 20 Mar '10, 11:15

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