As an example: If I were to use the law of attraction to manifest a husband/wife - does that mean that I would have a perfect relationship that would last a lifetime? Compare this to the relationship that I would have if I were not consciously using the law of attraction. I am trying to understand if when we consciously draw things to us using the law of attraction, do we have a sort of spiritual protection that will protect our manifestation. Do you understand what I mean?

asked 18 Mar '10, 22:44

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The Law of Attraction is always at work but when we use it consciously,as opposed to unconsciously, we are choosing what we want to manifest. If that happens to be a partner and we consciously decide the characteristic traits that partner has to have and we feel good with how the realtionship is to unfold, then the Universe has to match us up with the right partner to fulfill that choice.

So to answer your question, the manifestation may be more meaningful in that you are choosing what you want and are putting yourself in alignment with it, as opposed to manifesting without any conscious choice.


answered 18 Mar '10, 23:53

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Whether or not you know or use the Law of Attraction, this law applies in all cases, no exception. The Law of Attraction works gives us a physical manifestation which is a match to our dominant thoughts and vibration.

It applies to everybody in the same way, whether or not they know about the Law of Attraction and whether or not they try and apply the Law of Attraction if they know about it. There is no "spiritual protection" as you call it.

Even before I knew about the Law of Attraction, I was generally a happy person, trying to do things I liked in life and getting on with it. I had the desire to ultimately meet someone who I would get married to and live happily ever after, that sort of thing. But I did not really give it much attention and I was not too bothered about it. I had not even decided what qualities I wanted in my life partner. Guess what, even though I had that attitude and did not know about the Law of Attraction, I still found him. And after years of being with him, I have no doubt whatsoever that he is the one as we are a match to each other on so many levels.

My point is I manifested the perfect relationship even without knowing about the Law of Attraction.

However, I could have achieved the same result, by knowing and applying the Law of Attraction, for example by using the manifesting experiment 1 method.


answered 19 Mar '10, 11:07

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