Can I manifest that a specific person falls in love with me or to be more closer, intimate with me ? Thank you

asked 22 Nov '12, 11:03

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Hello, @Marin. I don't know the answer to your question, but right after I read it, I stumbled upon this link in our @DesirelessAbundance' profile:

I enjoyed it so much, I hoped maybe you would, too. It is simple, charming and sweet. You never know what may be the perfect "permission slip" for you to allow yourself to manifest your dreams, so I like to indulge in such things as long as they make me feel happy. This one did. So go ahead....Make a wish. :)

(22 Nov '12, 12:28) Grace

Thank you for your answers! I guess that I need to take lots of action now :-) and everything will fall in place I persume :-)

(23 Nov '12, 12:19) Marin

Actually I think less action is most appropriate, unless by action you mean - becoming pre-occupied so that you can stop wanting from lack... then I think it's a good idea.

(23 Nov '12, 12:23) MoonWillow

I would focus on the person of my desire, then sit back and wait for him to show up, so to speak. And yes, @MoonWillow, for me, I would do nothing and just let the Universe bring him to me, but then that is just the way that feels good for me. Happy manifesting, @Marin!

(23 Nov '12, 13:31) Bedazzled

Thanks guys I really appreciate it :)

(23 Nov '12, 14:10) Marin
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Not even the angels can mess with our free will. It isn't in the nature of the universe that you could force someone to fall in love with you against their will. If they were open to that possibility anyway, then yes, you could manifest it. I suggest instead that one who wants a loving relationship instead focus on just that.... "a loving relationship with the right person" or "a loving marriage with the person most perfect for them". The universe will see to it that the right person answers that call or matches your call with one of their own. It may be the person you had wished for and might be someone even better. I don't suggest focusing desires on just one person.


answered 01 Dec '12, 16:09

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LeeAnn 1


I so agree @LeeAnn! Perfect answer---in my opinion, anyway!

(01 Dec '12, 16:39) Bedazzled

I think this idea is sort of flawed... let me explain what I mean.

We are all a part of the same energy- we are all pure love and joy at our core. So we do all love one another deeply- and this is why we feel so out of sync with ourselves when we judge or become hateful of someone. These emotions just aren't who we are.

The thing is we have to create limitations and beliefs to perceive our reality from a new perspective- so we see everyone as separate from us and we see them all through a different lens.

Now it isn't about making them feel something. You're never causing someone to feel anything- we, as individuals, conjure up emotions within ourselves due to our thoughts and patterns of thinking.

The next thing to realize is that you're never going to be in a situation that does not match your vibration- so if you're getting a certain response from someone else, it's due to your current view/pattern of thinking about them. If you want a different reaction from them, you have to change the way you perceive them. This isn't forcing them to feel anything different, but instead allowing yourself to see a different part of them. If you only send the vibration of love, this is all you'll attract back to you.

It is flawed to assume a person "feels a certain way for you." Another person only responds to your vibration- they interpret the energy that you are sending. Send love and others will respond to you with love.

We are all love and have the ability to see each other as such. Trying to force someone to fall in love is out of a place of need- because our love comes from within, not without. Approaching it from that angle says "I acknowledge this person doesn't love me", which contradicts Law of Attraction.

You have to be love, feel love now. Don't place a limitation on love- let it flow and let an amazing, beautiful relationship unfold. It could be this person- but if not, it will be someone who is a better match for you, which will be a much better experience. :)


answered 01 Dec '12, 23:14

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Yes @Marin, I think you can - the trick is to stop wanting them so much - very ironic... I know. But if you can find a way to do that, then you will stop wanting from a place of not having... your desire will be queued up in the Universe and the manifestation process can begin. And if you find a way to do that... then let me in on your secret will you...

Best of luck to you my dear and all my love, sunshine and smiles...


answered 23 Nov '12, 12:06

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edit - ok you're a guy, she's a girl, then read all "he" as "she".

Lol. But of course. It's not so much magic of manifestation like well thought-out manipulation. And although you may be repelled by words like manipulation, there's really no reason.

The book of life has everyone in it, you just gotta learn how to read it to benefit from it.

Things work as they work and that won't change, so whatever you call it. Manifestation or manipulation is up to you and doesn't really matter.

If you understand how is the society composed and how people operate on individual level, then you will see very clearly that everybody, unless they are buddhas or other enlightened ones has some sort of attachment to things which give people sense of identity. In other words, everyone's addicted to pursuit of happiness. But everyone has their own expression of happiness therefore, also means for attaining it vary. Some will drink alcohol, others pursuit it through means of power and control over people, some do so through strength and so on.

Simply put, everyone is addicted to something. If you are good enough in learning about people you will be able to find out what it is they like. Usually because majority of people never think of protecting their information on many levels of being simply because they are completely oblivious to the fact that this information is easily used against them and for benefit of another person.

So to answer your question, yes, you can have anyone you want if you comply with the conditions he or she is willing to fall in love under. Everyone has a mechanism within that will trigger feeling of love towards the specific person under certain conditions. But you have to search for it and then press the button.

But also many people fail to recognize it, because they are taking the hints too literally instead of as a symbolism. For example. If he enjoys having a dinner at home as opposed to a restaurant, then it doesn't say he enjoys dinners at home, but that he enjoys private undisturbed environment. And this symbolic nature of the dinner can be transferred to events, like going on holidays, or walk in a park, watching movie at home instead of cinema, shopping when there's less or no people at mall as opposed to shopping at busy times.

That's just a friendly hint. And that's how you manipulate, erm, manifest anything and anyone.


answered 07 Dec '12, 09:00

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Well, I happen to believe that you can. I know that a lot of people don't believe it's possible, but for what it's worth, I do. As far as how to do it, I would just pick the manifesting method that felt the best to me and go with that!


answered 22 Nov '12, 12:37

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answered 23 Nov '12, 14:26

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It is possible but I would like to add the familiar saying, "Be careful what you wish for." The more you learn how to focus your energy and intentions, the more you will see results but there is usually a bigger picture to everything and things you aren't seeing at the time.

You can get into someone's head by focusing your energy on them but is that the best thing for them? I'd think about that a little because I have gotten results but things ended up badly at times when I used to do that. I also believe in karma and when you manipulate others (try to get them to do something for your benefit), that vibration is with you and draws other similar situations. You may find yourself living in a world with more people who try to manipulate you instead of finding that you are around people who are loving and kind.

I always add that I want the highest good for all when I am creating intentions and focusing on manifesting things.

When you create higher vibrations, people find you to be irresistible. They feel good when they are around you and naturally want to be around you more. You create a vibrational path for the right person to find you.


answered 01 Dec '12, 15:16

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I don't believe it's possible to "manipulate" people by trying to manifest that they fall in love with you. I believe that what Seth said was true, that no one can create in your reality but you, so how would that even be possible? If you are trying to manifest a relationship with someone, but for some reason it can't be, then the Universe will bring you someone who is just as good, if not an even better match.

(01 Dec '12, 15:26) Bedazzled

What you say might be true, I don't know. My fascination is with discoveries about the brain and mind, applying it to real life, seeing why things manifest as they do and analyzing things backwards to repeat them, or not. Technology shows that your brainwaves can register in another person's. I have lots of examples where a person was focused on something in a narrow way, got a person to do what they wanted and then regretted it later. I'm just sharing my opinion and experience. I value yours.

(01 Dec '12, 16:40) terirose

BTW, if someone truly falls in love with someone, that is definitely different than what I am referring to. I used to be able to easily manipulate people by focusing my mind on them. I changed my ways when the guy I wanted ended up being married and I didn't know it. I could have destroyed his family and I think that is bad karma. I'll still use my mind to get a friend or family member to call me etc. and we laugh and have fun with that. But I am very careful with other things.

(01 Dec '12, 16:46) terirose

@terirose-same here, evn i gt guy whch i wanted but,thn ended up with him.n even,i do that..,use my mind to get a phne,hav u found ur true guy? ..just curious..:)))

(03 Dec '12, 08:28) supergirl

@terirose, you may think you are creating in others' reality, but I promise you, you are not!

(03 Dec '12, 13:47) Bedazzled
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Hi I came across an Abraham Video on YouTube recently which I believe answers your question perfectly Hope so.......


answered 26 Jan '13, 15:13

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No. You are a human being. I don't care how ugly you think you are. Just go and talk to the person you like. Stop walking in the heavens and start walking on earth.

Even if you attracted a person to you are not going to have a relationship with that person if you don't know how to live in this world. How to get a partner in human ways.


answered 03 Dec '12, 13:06

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Actually we're going out for 2 months now and I think I'm in love.:) But I don't know how she feels yet. So I would really like that she feels the same for me :)

(05 Dec '12, 08:40) Marin

This is the best part in love, keep going! ;)

(07 Dec '12, 06:17) mastermind2

@Marin- Reading that comment made me smile

(08 Dec '12, 07:21) Nikulas
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the answer is no. you cannot manifest another persons decision for them but if you look around there are probably several potential mates for you you just may not like your choices.


answered 07 Dec '12, 09:37

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I agree; the universe has more than sufficient, better matches; unfortunantly the nature of the physical mind can only see what is in front of them ,eg: "this person is my one and only, there is no-one out there I like more than him/her"...Higher mind can see all the other matches, and later after you meet a better match from the universe, you realise how silly you were thinking the earlier.

Advise: stop trying to win the other person.

(08 Dec '12, 05:25) Nikulas

zzzz I'll think about it :)

(08 Dec '12, 07:23) Marin
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