I know feeling good predominantly is the key to making Law of Attraction work in our favour and manifest what we desire but that I find is the most difficult thing to do. I can manage it off and on and I'm getting better at catching myself worrying or being negative and try and force my train of thought to something more pleasant but its really really hard. Even affirmations I find after a while become kind of automatic i.e. even though I may be repeating the words to myself my mind may keep wandering. Please share any strategies you may have come up with to cope with this situation if you have ever been through a similar phase.

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@I Think Therefore I Am: Check this out too - http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6669/why-do-we-have-to-practice-all-these-methods-to-maintain-an-acceptable-life

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It's easy to feel good predominantly when you are already feeling good predominantly.

And it's easy to feel bad predominantly when you are already feeling bad predominantly.

Apparently not very helpful observations, are they? :)

But they are true and it comes down to the consistent, impartial operations of the Law of Attraction.

The Law will tend to perpetuate whatever you've already got going. So if you are already in a bad place regarding a subject (or subjects), it's going to ensure that you carry on that way...and the Law then acts as an obstacle to change.

However, if you are already in a good place then the Law will tend to make it easy to carry on being in a good place...and it becomes your best friend.

The difficulty, obviously, is moving from a bad place predominantly to a good place predominantly.

Personally, I'm not a fan of old-style affirmations. I find them too head-on and they tend to stir up (in my view) the opposite of what you want.

For example, if you want money and don't have it, and you affirm I have lots of money...how does that make you feel? Incredibly good? Or annoyed that you don't have lots of money yet and that you are lying to yourself?

For most people, I would guess it would be the latter. However, I am a fan of mini-affirmations of belief, which is what Focus Blocks/Wheels are about.

Also, in order to bring about effective belief change, you must get a taste of the belief you want to change. You must engage with it enough so that you lock into it for a short while and then move it to a better feeling-place.

With old-style affirmations, the statements are often too far away from your current belief to have any effect. They can often just seem like hollow words because they don't cause you to engage enough with the current belief.

Instead of saying I have lots of money (when you don't), you can simply say something more gentle and closer to what you currently believe which can be more easily accepted by you as a statement of fact and cause you to also engage enough to move the current belief effectively.

Also, for a big belief that is not moving despite your best efforts, can I suggest you forget about the issue completely and concentrate on other things that make you feel good instead? Once you've habitualized to feeling good on those subjects, you can then go back and tackle your problem subject, if you feel you have to. I've outlined this strategy in a recent posting...Is it possible to feel relief on a topic from a point that is not your ‘trained vibration?’

Now back to your question, it may surprise you to know that the things that make you feel bad predominantly are really not the big things in your life...they are not the ones that you generally have those affirmations about.

They are generally things like your house is a mess, you still haven't fixed that squeaky door handle, you don't like those people who drive too close to your back bumper in traffic etc.

It's those little things.

This might sound hard to believe, I know, because we tend to equate those big issues with having big effects in our lives.

But it's a question of vibrational air-time and the most air-time in your life is usually not going to those big issues...unless, of course, they have now become urgent as well.

Just dealing with all those little things can do wonders for improving everything else in your life.

Just clearing your mind of those little things that are constantly dragging you down will often bring you enormous relief that will help with those bigger things.

Again, this is why I push Focus Blocks as a useful method. It deals with those little things that keep so many people trapped without realizing it.

There's even a time management system (Getting Things Done) that is entirely focused around getting those little things out of your mind.

alt text

If you are really interested in trying out a dramatic illustration of how much better you will predominantly feel when the little things are off your mind (for a while at least) try the free Reboot Your Brain method. (The video can take a long time to load so you may need to wait a while for something to happen)


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With old-style affirmations, the statements are often too far away from your current belief to have any effect. - Ah, yes. Multi-Level companies have this problem. They get people to set goals that are so outrageous that they become demotivating.

(01 Aug '10, 21:33) Vesuvius

While I don’t feel your pain, I do understand why you have pain because I’ve definitely been trapped in negativity and it seems as though you are too, at present.

Could it be that you’re trying too hard and that you’re putting too much emphasis on the LOA? It seems to me that from your current perspective your beliefs and assumptions are the areas that you need to look at.

To illustrate my point, I picked out a few of your current beliefs. And I know how difficult it is to explain something negative without using negative terminology, but ultimately: what you think, say and do is what gets reflected back to you in your Universal mirror. Your story is perpetuated by your positive or negative thoughts, beliefs and action.

Why is it so difficult to feel good predominantly?
I find is the most difficult thing to do
but its really really hard

It’s not difficult, hard or easy unless you believe it is. It just is how it is and until you gain control of the direction of your thoughts, it’ll be a bumpy ride. Turn the other cheek. Look in the other direction. Pay attention to what you do want and ignore the rest. It’s really very simple unless we complicate it.

Once you know beyond doubt that you’re the creator of your reality, you know that what you want must come about, but at the same time you also realize that it must take a certain amount of time, so you begin to relax. Relaxing rather than being impatient is the key. Breathe and relax my friend...

Think about the analogy of a huge ocean liner cruising south. It has a certain momentum, so to change its direction and go north; we must enter the new coordinates and wait patiently while the ship gently maneuvers itself to head in the new direction. No amount of interference, adjusting the controls, cursing, shouting or jumping up and down on the bridge will aid the turning of the ship; those things can only serve to hinder its progress.

In other words, you believe it will turn, you doubt that it’s turning, you believe it will turn, you doubt that it’s turning, you believe it will turn, you doubt that it’s turning. This mental attitude will only serve to keep your ship heading in its current direction.

Previously, when I was in a predominately negative state I began to appreciate everything in my life as soon as I awoke and to continue appreciating throughout my day (I still do). To help remind me to do this I used these positive reminders:

Life is phenomenal! - Be happy now! – Feel good always! – It’s all good! – It’s all God!
See only positive aspects of friends! - Remember to remember!

One of the best reminders ever came from Bob Proctor:

What are you doing? What works? What doesn't?

That has saved me from wasting my time on things that just don’t work for me personally.

Remember that one size doesn’t fit all. What works for someone else may not work for you, so if anyone tries to push something on you, remind yourself that: There is nothing that I have to do!

To aid with my long term goals I still use positive affirmations as they help me with clarity and belief and to integrate my new desires into my reality. Once successful, I replace them with new ones.

Briefly, this is how I go about creating my reality. I have a desire that feels good. I imagine or visualize what I want and feel as if it’s already mine (the end result.) Then I relax and enjoy my now moment.

Whatever way you look at it, there’s only now. So from within this now moment, every moment, I’m left with a choice, positive or negative, wanted or unwanted. I make the choice that feels best, I make the choice that feels best, I make the choice that feels best. Enjoy, enjoy, In joy.

At the end of the day it boils down to a conscious choice of what feels better. No effort, no hard work, no frustration, no stress. Just relax and enjoy your life :-)

Further Info

Do you realize that the term LOA is only one way of describing how our Universe works and that it’s the most well known terminology mainly due to marketing? I’ve found it extremely helpful to understand the LOA from multiple perspectives, such as ‘Thoughts Become Things,’ ‘Awakened Imagination’ and ‘Primary Reality is Within, Secondary Reality Without,’ for example.

Even though the words ‘law of attraction’ represents an idea of how life works, unless you’ve personally integrated the underlying idea into your belief system the LOA may act as a stumbling block. In other words, it’s something that you want to work in a positive way, but you currently observe and pay attention to it working mainly in a negative way, thereby perpetuating your negativity.

By integrated I mean that you understand beyond belief, that you’re at the center of your Universe and that you and only you create your own reality through your vibrational output; and that all that happens right here and right now.

Until the time of full integration all you have is your belief in LOA. IMHO, narrowing your beliefs down to one idea, such as the LOA is no different to narrowing your beliefs down to one book, such as the Bible. If belief in either of those ideas works for you 100%, then you ‘got it’ and are already living a life of joy :-)


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Firstly don't get down on yourself or beat up on yourself because of this. It can often take quite a bit of time and a lot of practice to change years of conditioned thinking and behaviour - remember Rome wasn't built in a day.

It is exactly at those times when you don't feel like doing something that you need to keep on practicing because the old way of being will try it's hardest to get you to revert back to that old way of being - it won't give uo without a fight. Just try to be watchful and when you realize you don't feel good, start a focus block or positive aspects list immediately.

Realizing success at this means deciding never to give up which means persistence at all costs.

You Can do it :)


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Very nice answer! I find myself always 'sliding down', so to speak :P

(02 Aug '10, 15:26) BridgetJones09

You attract everything.

You attract when you are feeling good, and you attract when you are feeling bad.

You attract what you want to have and you attract what you want to avoid.

How do I attract what I want to avoid you ask?

Because it has to exist before you can avoid it, so it exists so that you can continue to avoid it.

Right now where your life is at didn't just fall out of the sky, it was attracted into existence.


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The Traveller

I wonder if you visualize your affirmations/manifesting? A running movie in your mind vivid colors,exciting images many details .not just words,sentences,paragraphs.Visualize these desires and intentions.A picture is worth a thousand words



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Try to focus on things that you can do in the short term such as reading a book by your favourite author, visiting places you like, hanging out with people that you like, watching funny movies, etc. Plan something everyday that is sure to make you feel good until you get used to the habit of feeling good. Also if you have not done so as yet try reading Abrham's "Ask and it is Given". The book has over twenty techniques that you can use to shift your vibrations. The most important point is that you can plan to feel good and that is something you have absolute control over.


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