How do I have good feeling dreams at night, without resorting to lucid dreaming?

Please, give me lots and lots of details upon this. I've done my research on this (amazing) website and can just see loads of information upon the meaning and explanations of dreams, or lucid dreaming.

Guys, all I'm after is to be able to go to bed at night, sleep well and wake up feeling buzzed and happy from the dreams I had.

asked 01 Jun '12, 06:12

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@Mystery- Nice question

(01 Aug '12, 09:06) Nikulas

@Nikulas, thanks for resurrecting this question at the moment I needed it. :) Very nice feeling for me.

(01 Aug '12, 10:03) Grace

@Grace- Yes. I am so passionatly interested in the subject of dreams, if the old bounty feature was available I'd bounty all of my karmic points to this one. Totally shocked this question was so unpopular...

(02 Aug '12, 06:33) Nikulas
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Be happy during your waking hours and ESPECIALLY when you lay down to sleep. Just think of happy things, stuff that makes you feel good.

From my personal experience, my dreams are always a combination of everything that went on in my head that day, especially what I thought and felt before I fell asleep.

Try it. I almost feel like each dream gives me a new perspective. For example, i have a relationship in my life that's in utter turmoil and Ive been wanting to fix it. Ive been ignoring it the past few days and just feeling good. Last night I had a dream about it, and this person was with me. We were having so much fun together, even though what we were doing didnt make any sense. But it felt so good. I felt as if I spent hours with this person last night and we have a brand new relationship. Its wonderful.

Good luck, this is the only way Ive ever changed my dreams... I used to have nightmares until I came upon the "feeling good no matter what" concept. I have the most wonderful dreams now =)


answered 01 Jun '12, 08:58

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answered 12 Jul '12, 09:33

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@Satori, I just wke up from a very bad dream. This link helped. A preview of what I am manifesting? Yikes. Still, I would rather be warned in time to change it before I manifest it. Now I realize that I went to sleep with very sad thoughts indeed; a very foolish thing to do when you know better. I knew I was doing it, too, but didn't think I could shake them. Now I'm thiking I shoukd have stayed up and tried a bit harder! Thanks for sharing that.

(01 Aug '12, 09:26) Grace

@Grace-Hi Grace,glad that was of some use.Do you use the GITV meditations? You could try as an option using them at night just before sleep as well. Actually I used to use these meditations up to 4 times a day on a bad day.I like to breathe my way through resistance. Also i think the deep breathing and relaxing has a health benefit so I have no problem using these meditations more than once if needed.Use as required.;)

(01 Aug '12, 10:24) Satori

@Satori, that is very good advice. I will try it tonight. Thank you.

(01 Aug '12, 14:53) Grace
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reflect on your day,
reasons for reactions
whether or not with intended results,

rule out reationalizations,
be grateful for daily bread,
a resolve or two for tomorrow


answered 02 Jun '12, 20:09

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I agree with Fred and LapisLazuli. I believe that as we get rid of the worries or fears we have about our day and what we have been thinking on we can look forwards with faith towards our futures. As we do this a calm relaxation or even excitement of wonder overcomes us to open us up to better dreams. We can do this with a prayer to God that we give him all our problems to take care of and we now lay down to sleep in his arms and protection. Like a child in his parents arms sleeping peacefully.


answered 01 Aug '12, 09:37

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi, I want to feel like that. I will try to remember that picture as I drift off tonight. Always with the nice mental picures for me, this @Wade Casaldi character! :) Thanks.

(01 Aug '12, 10:01) Grace

wade casaldi, it may not be that we can give them away. from Infinite Wisdom we were designed with the potency to reslove worries and fears. it may be an issue of knowing whose Will really matters

(01 Aug '12, 10:17) fred

You sleep better when you reach the stage past dreaming. Try this for a good night's sleep. Position yourself to go to sleep. Then feel your right hand, then feel your left hand, then feel both hands. The next thing you know, you are waking up. If you wake up before it's time to get up, repeat until it's time to get up. The only times I remember laying there feeling both my hands, were when I had had enough sleep any way, otherwise it is very fast.

This is so amazing! I have never slept better.


answered 01 Jun '12, 10:51

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Fairy Princess

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