So I hope someone can help me, I had a FWB a few months back and I fell for him, I told him and he then went all nasty on me and didn't want anything to do with me, so I let him go, and I was doing fine, not thinking bout him or dreaming bout him for a good 6 weeks but in the last week I have been dreaming and thinking about him again, my dream last night was very vivid and felt real we where just sitting together and he was telling me how stupid he was for behaving the way he did and that he realised that he acted the way he did because he was scared but he can't get me off his mind and he does want to try with me, and I replied with telling him well u hurt me, and I don't know if I can trust u again especially with u being an alcoholic, he said I know I understand I want to stop and I want to do the best for u and be there for u and ur children, I then said well u have a lot of proving to do and I want u to go to AA meetings and try to stop ur drinking, he agrees, then my dream changes to like a few months later or something like that and he's free of drinking and he is telling me how happy he is that I was and am with him and for helping him overcome that! Then I wake up, so is this dream telling me that I should contact him or is it just my mind telling me that it's what I want but may not actually be true ever?

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Leilanie Owen


The dream is telling you to find yourself a hobby.

(29 Aug '13, 04:52) CalonLan
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That is one hell of a story. I would feel so confused as well having such a contradictory dream like that after going through something like that with someone.

There is no way for someone to tell you exactly what it means, because in dream state, the way someone else's higher consciousness decides to represent things such as sybmbols (even using people) and emotional triggers is always unique to that specific person having the dream. The way your higher consciousness may try to communicate to you through dream state is completely tailored to use things that only you have special meaning for, such as seeing the way your Dad use to cook food in the morning. For you, it would instantly spawn the feeling of peace and feeling at home. For someone else it could be, "OH NO! HE'S COOKING!, that food is gonna start burning soon!"

If it were me who went exactly what you went through with this person and then I had this curveball of a dream thrown at me, I wouldn't try to pursue this person. Mainly because this person has by their own will already chosen to leave my life. If the person were to somehow out of the blue get back in touch with me again, I would then, because of the dream, I would trust that there would be a positive reason for why him coming back into my life is happening and then I would know more firmly that this was meant to happen and I would see that probably was what my dream was trying to tell me, and would most definitely feel silly for even considering the other option I almost would of done, which would of been me putting on my crusader helmet and making him take me back into his life so I can give him the help he doesn't realize he needs and replicate that dream future. That probably wouldn't of ended to well, because I truly believe that nothing good can come from me imposing in on his free will of being away from me. I am very confident that if this is meant to happen it will always find a way to happen without any resistance or force.

I would not force myself back into this person's life, because I do not fully know whether the dream meant that it was him on another level saying he was sorry for hurting me, or if it is showing me that I need to be open towards him when he tries to come back into my life because it will help him in ways I would of never of known. The bottom line is I won't really know until time goes by what this dream actually means, but if I respect his space of wanting to be away from me and he does find someway to come back into my life, then I know there is high reason for this. That is honest to god how my thought process would be after waking up and having a dream like that. Your higher consciousness only shows you things that ultimately help you and better you in the end, whether it makes sense to you now or takes until a few more chapters of your life to go by to see just how it did better you. I really hope this helps you.


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Thanks so much that does help me :) I would of either just ignored it or chased him, thanks so much for ur insight :)

(27 Aug '13, 00:56) Leilanie Owen

Dreams and day dreams are closely linked with desires and fears which by the way are just negative and positive poles of the same thing, just as love and hate ... it's your heart communicating with you ... to find out what your dream really means confront it with reality; contact him, explain your dream to him and listen carefully to what he has to say about it :)

alt text


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Yeah seems logical but he sounded pretty certain he didn't want to hear it know me at all, what if he tells me to F off?

(27 Aug '13, 03:10) Leilanie Owen

then you'll have found out what your dream means ... it's your dream not his

(27 Aug '13, 03:17) jaz

Ok I guess it's the only way to rly know I guess :/ thanks though

(27 Aug '13, 04:10) Leilanie Owen
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You don't need a dream to learn from a mistake. Dont' repeat the mistake! You have no guarantee your next breath will visit you or not! Hence plan your life with care, life is too precious to be lost!


answered 02 Sep '13, 09:26

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