In the Seth Material, Abraham's teachings and many other books we are told that we are the creators of our own reality. When it comes to my beliefs and expectations shaping my daily experience, that seems to make sense even if deliberate creation requires a disciplined mind.

But how can I be the creator of the overall setting of my life, i.e. this time, the society I live in, the entire global situation we find ourselves in or this solar system, for that matter? And do I have the slightest chance that I might affect this huge context of my current existence through the active monitoring of my mental activity?

I see an analogy with lucid dreaming. When I realise that I am dreaming, there are a number of things that I can do like flying, swimming in the ocean or even meet certain people or manifest certain objects just by thinking of those things. But the setting in which I "wake up" is given, the overall scenery is already there when I gain lucidity and this whole context seems to follow its own course. So far, I have never managed to change all that just by willing something else.

The same seems to be the case with the physical level. The context into which I was born, was already there and that, too, seems to run its own course. How can "I" possibly be the creator of all those beings, people, things, all that complexity and... - all that suffering?

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Something to consider is that you are already an unlimited multi-dimensional creator that can manifest anything you wish.

But being able to do that isn't very interesting to you from your broader perspective :)

Here's an analogy to try to explain why...

alt text

Consider if you go to a massive public library where there are thousands, perhaps millions, of books that you can peruse. You know you can go to any section of the library at any time and pick up any book you want. You know you can learn about any subject you want, you know you can read a novel and transport yourself (within the pages) to distant times and places. You know you can do things like that but where's the fun in knowing that if you don't actually go and do it? :)

The true "fun" in the library is found in going to particular section, selecting a particular book and then focusing on the specifics of what is contained within the book. It is that focus on the details (the words within the book that conjure up specific thoughts within your mind) that brings you the thrill of reading, not the fact that you could read anything you wanted.

So consider this physical reality to be a particular "book" that you have decided to focus upon and extract some thrilling detail from :) But like with any book, you need to have a certain structure to it otherwise you have nothing to focus upon. Imagine the chaos if all the pages were out of order? :)

Similarly the "book" of this physical reality has structures in place that guide your focus towards the details of physical life. There are broad "agreements" in place on how this physical reality will operate...just like there are "agreements" within any book that each page will follow on from the last one.

If these "agreements" were not in place then instead of enjoying the experience of reading, you would be constantly distracted by searching for the next page that follows on from the current one. Similarly, in our physical reality, having a generally stable platform allows us to get on with enjoying the experience of physical living without needing to be concerned about how to keep the illusion going.

So the reason most of us don't give ourselves the ability to drastically alter this physical "book" is because we don't want would defeat the purpose of having a book if you rearranged the pages or even left some out :)


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Thank you, Stingray. I like the analogy of the library. I guess my question partly arises from too strong a "human" perspective. It is the deep concern with suffering. That from which Buddhism was born.

(11 May '12, 15:47) Julian

@Stingray, you continue to amaze me! Powerful metaphor.

(16 May '12, 18:28) Dollar Bill

The example of lucid dreaming that you mentioned was a good one. When you are in that dream state, you have zero limitations and know without a shadow of a doubt that you can accomplish anything you think up or desire, instantly. In that state you are resistant free of your ego mindset. There is not a so called "physical you" that feels limited. That puts you easily in a place of allowance.

Then there is the illusion of these physical bodies that we carry around with us everyday. Things seem so solid and in your face. Our physical senses make everything so very real. But what is "real" really? The reality that we call real is just simply an agreement that we made before we came into this game called "life on earth." We agreed to forget who we really are to find out if could eventually remember who we really are and to enjoy all the aspects that physical reality throws at us.

So in a way, we are having the most vivid lucid dream that can be experienced. Instead of going with the flow and allowing things to come into our lives by appreciating what we have, feeling good about life in general, and understanding that everything happens right this very moment and that past and future don't exist, we focus to heavily on the thought of being some insignificant little human.

We chose the life situation that we are born into. The time, the place, and the people are picked depending on what experience and lessons we wish to explore. Just because we are brought up into a certain lifestyle and have certain belief systems forced upon us at a young age, doesn't mean we don't have the power to change.

We have all the power within ourselves to change. Everything that you project as being "out there" is really just a reflection of your own beliefs, thoughts and emotions. You are your very own universe exploring various parallel earths every single second of every single day. Just like the frames of the film on a movie projector. Each thought you have manifests each step you take throughout your day, which produces the illusion of movement and the illusion of time.

So if you are in control of each and every single second of your day, then you are in control of each and everything that you create in your own personal reality. The things that you focus on, and believe exist in your reality will most definitely show up, and show up frequently. The things that you don't prefer to focus on will not be present in that particular parallel earth that you choose.

This is why the Law of Attraction repeatedly talks about thinking about the thoughts that feel good. Putting out that positive vibration will shift you to a similar frequency that matches what it is you are thinking and feeling.

Choose what you want to see and experience in this world, believe it is done, and feel good about it as much as you can. Play with this world and turn it into the most vivid lucid dream that you ever had.


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It's good to be reminded of the 'illusory' aspect of this life experience and to think that the suffering I see or know of never touches the real essence of the living being concerned.

(11 May '12, 15:52) Julian

why be it too unpopular
to believe control is
within your will

and before that you
chose the body for
your reincarnation

your thoughts and actions
attract their group
reinforcing vibrations sent

learn to know what is there
do not be afraid to reason


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