So the past six months I've been dealing with what the doctor told me is a gluten intolerance. About two days out of the week I have intense, lower abdominal/intestinal pains. I think it may have been brought on by stress because when I first got pains I was going through a stressful time in my life. Today I've finally gotten sick of it and I decided to do something about it. The problem is I've never exposed myself to healing much, other than with the master key system and the occasional post on here. Thats why I've asked for some ideas on how I could heal myself. Anything that could remotely help is appreciated.


P.S. I was kind of in a hurry when I typed this so if anything is unclear or if I'm missing important information just comment on it and I'll fix it.

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I suggest that you first of all deal with what is really bothering you as that is where your real problem probably lies. When the body is not functioning right it is a signal that our thoughts are not in alignment with the Higher Power/God. I suggest that you be very honest with yourself and deal with the root of your problem. If you do not address it you may start experiencing more chronic illness. I believe that you can heal yourself by being true to yourself and trusting yourself. Its no magic.


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Hello, I am a reiki master and I will send you healing sessions on a regular interval, also check this next thing out: Free energy healing session on Sunday 28 March @ 7-8pm PDT / 8-9pm MDT / 9-10 CDT / 10-11pm EDT: To top this up, a method I have had very good results with is EFT, check the internet and you will find lots of information for free how to start with this. Once you have found out for yourself that it is benefiting you, you can look for a coach in EFT, but the starting procedure is simple enough. I wish you love, health and prosperity.


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thanks for the link Marlina

(01 Feb '13, 06:37) blubird two

I suggest you start with this :

I love myself, as I am. I accept myself as I am. I approve of myself as I am.

Repeat them as many times as you can. Atleast once in a day, stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes while saying them. Doing this as soon as you wake up and before sleeping is very effective as your mind is more receptive then..

You will see the results gradually.

Apply other methods as you feel comfortable.


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I'm a strong believer in reiki. So once you have dealt with the stress before you got the gluten intolerance, then go to a Reiki therapist and get weekly sessions, meditate, and affirmation your body into perfect health everyday.


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i dont know much about anything really but ive found i can heal myself just by believing that i can do it,

i concentrate on the area that hurts then aim my fingers over the area and just see and think about it healing, takes around 5-10 minutes before i go to bed, i wake up the next morning and the bruising and pain has disappeared, i guess its in all of us but some can perceive it and others not,



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Well, there are many ways to deal with stress. Meditation is one of them. But if you really have gluten intolerance or celiac disease (which is an inherited autoimmune disorder), you should follow your doctor's instructions.


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I agree with Vesuvius...gluten intolerance is an inherited inability to deal with gluten (which is found in wheat). You cannot change the genetics here...but you can change your response to your problem...and this change will give you great relief and freedom. You must eliminate gluten from your diet. Then poof! The problem will not bother you.

Also, you can accept all the wonderful offers of healing that you have received. What will happen is that the Reiki and so on will heal your soul, which is what is really hurting you!

I have some food allergies, and they can make you miserable if you do not listen to your body. So listen! Be grateful about the fact that you do not have some sort of food allergy that could kill you- as some people have with peanuts, or strawberries, or shellfish. Try and see the glass as half-full, instead of half-empty...(Actually, the glass is always full...Even when it is empty, it contains air. (LOL)

I hope all our answers help you!

Love and Blessings, Jaianniah


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have faith and do not let it affect you do not stress get rid of that pain. experiance and enjoy.


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Please follow your doctors orders as gluten intolorance is a serious problem and under no circumstances should you ingest anythig with gluten or you will be gravely ill and suffer terible cramps.

Do reaserch on this for it will be to your advantage. I can highly recoment "Glutamin 227" to strenghten your intestines. "GLUTAMINE 227" is an amino acid that the intestins feed on and this strenghtens your intestines geting rid of most of the discomfort. This has helped numerous people with your disorder. (Google it)

You must ralise that living with this problem has depleated your body of many of its nutrients and suplements are a must for healthy living. Please talk to your doctor or see a nutricionist that can help you with this. If you do see a nutricionist make sure it is one that has a good reputation.

Yes I agree Reiki is wonderful especialy for emotional and stress situations for it makes one feel relaxed so do try it with different practicioners till you get one that makes you feel most relaxed.

Good luck and please dont play with your health when it comes to this problem.


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