Lately I have been interested in crystals and their role in healing. I've had some really good results and enjoy the look and feel of them. I find them very interesting.

It got me thinking - a couple of niggling health issues I've been working on for a while have improved within a couple of weeks of applying the "appropriate" crystal remedy. I understand their power to amplify and absorb energies and although I am only a beginner I can theoretically understand that as the most organised matter on the planet they have special significance but am I just kidding myself .... is everything really just an excuse to feel better, to heal myself.

Let me give a hypothetical example of this: John suffers from a minor health issue. He has done all the sensible things suggested by both mainstream medical doctors and alternative practitioners but he finds little relief from his complaint. He understands about the law of attraction and knows that if he starts to consistently feel better (since he has "asked" many times for improvement/complete healing) he will see an improvement but try as he might, he can't sustain the good feelings because he just can't "let go" of the complaint. He is too invested in "sorting" it all out. Someone suggests crystal healing or any other healing modality and he immediately has success - are the crystals, acupuncture, operation, drugs, herbal or whatever has been suggested the "cause" or are they merely the PERMISSION SLIP he needs to let go of the health issue?

If so, are all the techniques discussed on IQ really just permission slips, the stories we tell ourselves about our situation, or do some things give us additional power outside ourselves to heal, manifest or whatever it is we desire?

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Whatever crutch you need. Anything goes.

(22 Feb '13, 02:07) CalonLan

@CalonLan I prefer the term "permission slip" rather than crutch but it's up to you which term you use of course.

(22 Feb '13, 04:26) Catherine

love this question, thanks

(22 Feb '13, 04:31) ru bis

@Catherine as Grace and CalonLan suggest, if the permission slips work for you then enjoy it, whether they be crystals, acupuncture, graphs, teddy bears ... so long as they fit your own individual structure and imaginary world they will work :)

(24 Mar '13, 14:44) ru bis

Very nice question!

(31 Jul '14, 16:48) Perfection
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Yes, they are just permission slips. But do not disregard permission slips, they are awesome, and that's why we are creating them.

To heal requires you to vibrate at a frequency that allow the healing to happen. And so it is when you use different modalities to heal.

A healer, a crystal, etc.. is just vibrating at this frequency, and the person to be healed is just matching this frequency, thus allowing the healing to occur.

Bashar would explain it better than me in this video :

It's not the best extract of Bashar talking about this, there is a session where he asks one participant "how does a healer heals ?", before giving his explanations, but it is along those lines.


answered 22 Feb '13, 01:05

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@Yva Thank you so much for this answer Yva - this is exactly what I had thought - I had sensed that they are just permission slips but what the heck I find them really powerful and really useful.

(22 Feb '13, 04:21) Catherine

love this answer thanks

(22 Feb '13, 04:31) ru bis

@Yva Nice answer!

(22 Feb '13, 12:17) releaser99

@Yva I love both the answers to my question but I have to say your answer really strikes a cord with me and I am marking it down as the accepted answer - thanks again.

(24 Feb '13, 14:56) Catherine

@Catherine Oh alright :-) Thanks

(24 Feb '13, 18:32) Yva
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Your question took me back to my high school days. When I was late to school ,better said when I showed up at first break.I would have to get a permission slip to go to the next class. At first break the staff would also take their break. So I realized that I could fill in my own permission slip and time stamp it. (The office was open and empty and the slips and the time stamp machine were out on the counter).
Sure I could have waited for the staff to come back from break and gotten the third degree about being late again. But why when I could do it myself and avoid the "hassle" .So when "John" realizes that he can write his own permission slip.(finds the method that vibrates with him).When you write your own permission slip it has a sense of being more powerful and sense accomplishment.
And no your not kidding your self because the crystals vibrate a sense joy within you.Therein lies their power and usefulness. I'm sure your most cherished crystals have found you ,instead of you finding them. It wasn't like pulling a lot out of a hat, they were drawn to you. They vibrated towards you. It is a point of focus of your joy,and that's powerful!
Like EFT,THT, crystals, chakra cleansing and even meditation. When you can apply joy to these methods. They become powerful.


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@ursixx Love the story about your school days. I so agree with the idea of writing your own permission slips and as for the crystals "finding me" that is exactly what the books on crystals say, it is a vibrational match type of thing. This is a lovely answer and I thank you for it.

(22 Feb '13, 05:19) Catherine

@Catherine - Great question. You got terrific answers. (I bet @ursixx was a real little hellion). >:)

Until recently, I had usually doubted the validity or value of things that could make life easier or better. I somehow acquired the belief that life is hard, then you die: Everything else is just whinning and fluff.

It turns out, that belief just made me powerless and paralyzed, with no self-respect. And of course, life was hard. :)

I had a vague impression that permission slips (or processes, or tools of really any kind) were something almost to be ashamed of; simply excuses or crutches for a feeble mind to use to access power that "should" always be available, anyway... If I were a better/stronger/smarter/more "spiritual" person, I would simply sprout wings, and fly. :)

Right now, I'm understanding and appreciating the assertion here that we can respect permission slips as matching vibrations that can be true way-makers. I am now seeing permission slips more as useful avenues to my own power - a subtle difference, but an important one, to my mind.

Perhaps one day, I will simply sprout a pair of gossamer wings and fly away. Sounds like fun! :D

For today I'm enjoying my permission slips, beginning with where I am, working with what I have, and not despising the day of small things.



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"i'm enjoying my permission slips" love it @Grace thanks

(24 Mar '13, 14:41) ru bis

@Grace Thank you for your lovely answer Grace. You are so right, the way I see it - it is better for me to get around with crutches than to sit on the couch complaining! I too loved Yva's comment about not disregarding our permission slips.

(24 Mar '13, 15:57) Catherine
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