Dear all,

Does anyone here have any experience with a "rampage" of amazing coincidences (such as what Carl Jung dubbed "synchronicity"), sometimes directly related to a sudden thought, but which do not seem to be a vibrational match with anything you have asked for, or know that you desire? And which do not seem to have any connection or correlation with one another?

Is this an indication of something deeper or more universal that is occurring, rather than a manifestation of desire or a request? Or does it have to do with something else?

One thing that I can say is that this does not seem to happen to everybody (several people have told me I was crazy when I tried to discuss it with them), and that I can never remember it happening to me before the age of 28.

Many thanks for considering my question.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Nice question.I have yet to see a good explanation of what synchronicity really is at least one i can understand.I was just going to ask this question as well! Lol.syncronicity? ;)

(23 Jun '12, 03:19) Satori

@lozenge123 - Can you provide a concrete example of what you mean?

(23 Jun '12, 03:46) Stingray

@Stingray, not a concrete example, but an asphalt example! <grin> I had a call from a guy putting in a parking lot next to one of my strip shopping centers. He said he had some leftover asphalt and noticed that I had a gravel parking area in front of my lawnmower repair tenants. He offered to place and level about 2000 sqft of asphalt and that I could pay him whatever I thought it was worth, or nothing. I said, "Go ahead.: He did and I never heard from him again.

(23 Jun '12, 05:26) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill I just got up, but apparently, about the time time you typing this, I was dreaming that I was coming home and there was a truck dumping asphault in my driveway and in the road and they didn't have the road blocked, so we drove through the wet asphault.

(23 Jun '12, 09:15) Fairy Princess

@Stingray - A recent example: as I started reading your "Clattering" thread, in fact just as I was reading the word "clattering," a very loud clattering sound began echoing from a strange vehicle passing by my window. So striking was the coincidence, I actually exclaimed "Whoah!" to my fiancee who was with me at the time. But I have never made any requests or desires related to LOA, this website, "clattering," etc..

(23 Jun '12, 14:07) lozenge123

@Stingray - Another example: I was at the house of a former in-law when he entered with a strange red, phoenix-like bird that he had captured while he was landscaping a client's property. Looking in a bird book, we discovered that it was a Chinese breed called a "Golden Pheasant." Seemingly strange since we were in the American northeast. Later that day, I was eating lunch at a local pub, and was surprised to see that the beer of the day was called "Golden Pheasant Ale."

(23 Jun '12, 14:09) lozenge123

@Stingray - Here is the first one I ever remember happening to me, about at age 28. I had a vivid, memorable dream about living back in time with the Pilgrims next to a "Queen Anne's Inn." The next day, I was flipping through a magazine at B&N when I saw an ad for a "Queen Anne's Inn" in Chatham, MA, (Cape Cod), which is where I was going to visit (family vacation) in about to month. I made a point of visiting the inn, but nothing out of the ordinary ever occurred or was seen there.

(23 Jun '12, 14:13) lozenge123

@Satori - Definitely seems like it! :)

(23 Jun '12, 14:38) lozenge123

Just thought of another example. A few weeks ago I was in a cab being driven through the city. For some reason I started thinking of Johnny Depp movies, and what a good actor he was for certain roles. At that very moment, I looked out the window, and there on the street was a man dressed as Edward Scissorhands...full costume and make-up, with the scissor-hands. And it was nowhere near Halloween time; no idea why he would have been dressed that way.

(23 Jun '12, 21:46) lozenge123

@Fairy Princess how fun! A "Coincidental" dream just happened to me too. What do you make of it? Does happen to you a lot?

(26 Jun '12, 08:39) Grace

@Grace, I don't make anything of it. It is just a matter of awareness. Before I got my minivan, I didn't see any of the make and model I was looking for driving around town. Then, once I got one, I see them everywhere, even the same color. I hadn't noticed yet, until I had it in my awareness. If I were to read into it, it would either show me that I am connected to everything, or that I attracted them, or that I came into vibration with them. Maybe I need to raise my vibration if I want to see

(26 Jun '12, 08:47) Fairy Princess

a Mazeratti

(26 Jun '12, 08:47) Fairy Princess

Huh. Well, I learn something new here every day, don' t I?

(26 Jun '12, 10:49) Grace

@Grace I learn every day too. What fun!

(26 Jun '12, 11:01) Fairy Princess
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Everything is connected to everything else. Nothing comes out of nowhere. There are no vibrational discontinuities in this universe.

But the connection is not necessarily a physical connection that we can observe with our physical senses, but a vibrational connection.

It's easy enough to prove this to yourself.

  • Get your list of things you need to do today
  • Choose the item on the list that you most feel like doing (the most "exciting" thing) and do it...or at least as much of it as you feel like doing
  • After you've gone as far as you can, choose the next item on the list that seems the most "exciting" at that moment. It doesn't matter what it is, just do it.
  • Then keep repeating the process for the whole day, always just doing the thing that seems the most "exciting" to you in the moment that you are deciding what to do next.

At the end of the day, you'll find that you probably have done a collection of seemingly-unconnected things. But actually they were not unconnected at all :)

All those things you did were vibrationally connected to each other, not necessary physically connected.

And if you did follow those instructions and always did the most "exciting" thing in the moment, you'll just have had your most vibrationally productive day ever :)

Regardless of what your logical, goal-setting, analytical mind tells you, those seemingly-unconnected things will have moved you further towards your desires than anything else you could have physically done today. (For further information on these ideas, see: How can I become more disciplined and consistent in whatever I do?)

So, similarly, nothing that happens to you can come out of nowhere. You may not physically comprehend, from your limited mental perspective, where it came from but it is always vibrationally connected to what has gone before.


Regarding the examples you've added, have a read through this snippet from Abraham and it might give you some ideas about how these meaningful "coincidences" work.

We were talking with a woman on the telephone the other day about pure thought and she couldn’t really understand what we were talking about. These are difficult concepts when you are accustomed to just thinking about whatever is flashed before you. In other words, most of you as you watch the television, it is much easier just to just observe what someone is offering to you rather than it is to close your eyes and offer your own projection of thought. And so we were wanting to assist her in holding 17 seconds of pure thought. She had three very important issues that were troubling her; financial issue and a health issue and a relationship issue. And we said to her; “Leave those issues aside for a while, because those issues you have practiced your negative thought about them so much, that as you now try to practice positive thought it is still a watered down sort of process. We said to her: “Lets take three subjects that you do not already have a habit of negative thought about”. Well, she couldn’t think of any. We said: “Just three subjects, they do not have to be life-changing subjects, just three subjects that are of interest, but you do not have a negative habit about”.

Well, she still couldn’t think of anything so we said: “Lets talk about the subject of blue glass”. She said: “What?!?” And we said: “Blue glass. You know, some of it is clear and you can see through it. Some of it is muted or frosted and you can’t see through it. Sometimes it is made into beautiful chandeliers or beautiful windows, or beautiful vases. All kinds are made from this beautiful clear or frosted blue glass”.

And then we talked about feathers for 17 seconds and butterflies for 17 seconds. And then the telephone call came to an end and Jerry and Esther were in California, they were in San Diego and so they went to La Hoya for lunch. And when they got out of the car, Jerry is walking down the street toward George’s and Esther is walking into a shop and Jerry could not understand why she was taking a detour and Esther did not really understand it either, she just said: “Lets look in here”. And so they went in and deep in the shop, Esther found a wall of the most amazing blue glass she had ever seen in her life. Shelf after shelf after shelf of amazing sculptures made of blue glass. Jerry did not understand why Esther was captivated by it because he had not heard the call and Esther did not make the correlation either.

And they didn’t buy anything, it wasn’t appropriate for their house, it was just AMAZING blue glass! They had lunch and went to the park and as they were entering the park, they were surrounded by a flurry of butterflies. Esther still did not make the correlation. And as they were leaving about 15 minutes later, a little boy, an oriental boy, looked to be about two or three years old, had found a little pigeon's feather on the ground - and he was holding it at his full extension of his arm running toward Esther to show it to her.

And it was not until then, that Esther realized that in less than one hour of our spending 17 seconds together on those three subjects, that the Universe had managed to deliver in DRAMATIC FASHION all three subjects. We encourage you to play this game AND we encourage you to play the game in threes. Because if you play it in one or two, you might be as Esther did and miss it altogether. If you will play this game just a little bit by taking subjects that are of slight interest, but most importantly, subjects that are pure because you have no contradictory thought about them the Universe will prove to you in two or three days time that it is utterly and absolutely and ALWAYS responsive to your vibration. But the reason you do not KNOW that the Universe is responsive to your vibration is because you are saying: “I want a new red car, but it is too expensive” and as the Universe is responding to both vibrations, you end up with no change whatsoever. You are getting the sense of what we are talking about?


For more information on the power behind 17 seconds of pure thought, you can see these questions:


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@Stingray, so many great reasons almost every day from you to do whatever the hell I feel like doing. Its taken me from thinking I need to avoid being selfish to feeling like its practically my duty to enjoy the heck outta myself. Getting used to it. Liking it.

(23 Jun '12, 09:28) Grace

@Grace - "do whatever the hell I feel like doing" ...sounds like a great philosophy of life to me :) If you have any duty at all, it's the duty of being true to who you really are... and, as a by-product, everybody you come into contact with (physically or vibrationally) benefits when you shine your inner light. It's ironic but being "selfish" is the most unselfish thing you can do :)

(23 Jun '12, 10:17) Stingray

@Stingray, that is just reverberating inside my gut right now. I have preached what you just said for decades to moms in my life. Stressed out moms who never take a thing for themselves really aren't doing anyone any favors. Good grief, why did I not apply it to myself?

(23 Jun '12, 10:51) Grace

@Stingray - Thanks for this illuminating response. Do these vibrational connections always have meaning for us, i.e., are they always connected to something we are doing, have done, or are feeling or thinking about?

(23 Jun '12, 21:51) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - The meaning you place on anything is always created by you: . Someone else might look at the same event and see no meaning at all. That's why I say manifestations are just personal perception: . The examples you've given are meaningful to you because you've decided there is some meaning in there but LOA is always bringing vibrational matches. We just ignore it most of the time :)

(25 Jun '12, 03:06) Stingray

@Stingray - Oooooooh thanks for the edit! I'd never come across that before. Can't wait to play!!! :)

(25 Jun '12, 16:54) Grace
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Based upon the limited information you've provided, here is my reply:

When you initiate change in yourself, your higher self you may bring experiences to you which don't seem relevant or related to your desires or what's currently on your mind.

Many people, who’re on the path of self awakening, suspect or believe that they’re being tested in some way by life or the Universe. And while that’s true it’s probably not true in the way most people think it is.

Similar experiences as you had before might be presented to you, in order that the physical you can test to see if you’ve really changed or not :)

Edit: added everything below this line:

Hello lozenge123, I’ll illustrate with an example of ‘how’ and ‘why’ we test ourselves.

Previously I eagerly jumped on board with a group of people who were involved with ‘real estate sales,’ because I wanted to make a lot of money quickly. Even though I had strong feelings which told me NO, this is not a direction that will best serve me; I did it anyway and consequently lost ALL of my money over a two year period. So in a sense I wasted both time and money.

Five years later I put out a request for opportunities to make more money. Within two weeks I bumped into a friend whom I hadn’t seen for five years or more. Within five minutes of talking to him, he offered me a position as director of sales for a ‘real estate development’ that he was in the process of starting. Based upon my request, I was excited by the synchronicity :)

However, due to my previous bad experience, I didn’t jump on board without first doing due diligence regarding my friend and his project. During the course of the following two weeks my friend demonstrated several things through his behavior.

He failed to return several calls or reply to text messages and emails. He changed every appointment to meet me at the very last minute, even though he’d made those appointments. He often seemed vague and even asked me to wear different clothes when meeting with his clients. Overall he’d demonstrated many of the traits of the people I’d worked with five years ago.

Each time he acted in ways that were out of alignment with who I am, I almost disappointed myself from him and his project. But at the same time, I thought wait a minute: I asked and this is what came to me, so it must be a part of my path. However, eventually I realized that this was a test that I’d set up for myself to see if I’d really changed during the past five years.

The truth is that it really was a part of my path, but not in the way I’d first thought. The lesson I’d learned here was to do with discernment. I realized, through his actions, that he would continue to keep me waiting, not respect my time and continue to change things, even things he’d implemented. My feelings told me that that’s not the path that will best serve me.

I emailed my friend and thanked him for showing me what I don’t want. The moment I got the lesson and passed the test, inspiration and ideas started flooding my mind pointing out a new direction that will serve me best. I knew by how I felt that I really have changed and that I have a deeper or more solid connection to my higher self. And that’s wonder-full :)


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Good answer, @Eddie. We know that when we launch a desire, the Universe immediately grants it. But only the non-physical you has access. It may take some time for the physical you to connect with the manifestation.

(23 Jun '12, 07:01) Dollar Bill

@Eddie - Thanks so much. This make some sense to me, considering that when this stuff first started happening to me (at age 28), I had only just begun meditating a few months before...always wondered if it was connected to that. Also, the phenomenon seems to have been intensifying lately, and I have (over the last 4 months) begun broadening my spiritual practices with activities such as pranayama, dharana, and other classical yogic exercises, as well as the manifesting experiments on this site.

(23 Jun '12, 14:18) lozenge123

@Eddie - I'm curious...if we are being tested, but not in the way most people think it is, then in what way are we being tested?

(23 Jun '12, 21:48) lozenge123

@lozenge123 I think that Eddie's belief system was being "tested". He had bad feelings about certain real estate ideas that did not work. He created situations that did not work by putting effort, focus and energy into them.

Energy and focus are the basics of manifestation. When he decided he had nothing more to learn and shifted focus, he gained clarity and better understanding.

(24 Jun '12, 05:20) Dollar Bill

But these things are not really a "test" in that an outside entity, or Eddie, himself, or you, are creating a learning situation.

If you walk into a room while staring at the ceiling. and you ignore a friend who is trying to help you, and you bang your shin on a table, is that a "test"? Do you blame the table? Maybe kick it? :)

Or change your focus? Listen for the Guidance?

(24 Jun '12, 05:28) Dollar Bill

@Eddie - this may be a stupid question but is what you refer to as your "higher self" what Abraham refers to as the "larger part of you" and is that then the same as what has been referred to on this site as an "over-soul"?

(24 Jun '12, 05:33) English Rose

@Dollar Bill, as I explained the test was set up by my higher self to see if I'd really changed or not.

Previously, even tho my thoughts and associated feelings were telling me don't go there, I ignored them and paid the price.

This time I used discernment and placed 100% trust in myself, thereby dis-appointing myself from a path that will not serve me and thus, I've avoided the pain and suffering that goes hand in hand with that path :)

That's what I learned from my experience...

(24 Jun '12, 07:59) Eddie

@English Rose, There are no stupid questions :)

Yes, I use higher self, higher mind, inner being and larger part of you to refer to the same thing. This is not the same as over-soul.

Each individual spirit being has the same higher self for each concurrent or simultaneous life experience, whereas many spirits have/share a common over-soul...

(24 Jun '12, 08:07) Eddie

@Eddie - thanks for clarifying that Eddie.

(24 Jun '12, 08:09) English Rose

@Eddie - You passed! Passed on by the old stuff!

(24 Jun '12, 13:52) Dollar Bill

@English Rose, I agree, no honest question is stupid. :) @Eddie I have only the vaugest idea of over-souls, would you mind elaborating on that?

(24 Jun '12, 14:43) Grace

@Eddie - Thanks very much for sharing really puts things in perspective in a helpful way!

(25 Jun '12, 00:27) lozenge123

@Eddie - thanks for the link. Very clear and helpful explanation.

(25 Jun '12, 08:58) Grace
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I am also a bit unclear on the OP question, but will give my interpretation.

We can have focused desires, i.e., we want a new red sports car. The LOA goes into swing and we draw red sports cars (not green, or blue sedans) into our experience. When we find a great deal it can seem like a coincidence. And we get the red sports car.

But if we are sending out a desire for a better lifestyle, or greater happiness, we attract a much broader field. As the LOA brings us events, manifestations, people, whatever, that can contribute to a better lifestyle, it seems like synchronicity. Seems like goodies have come to us without our specifically asking for a particular, specific goody.

Personally I am asking and allowing Source to bring me happiness/connection with Source. I don't care about how this happens! Asking for specific manifestations may limit Source.

Years ago I wanted a car, I asked for something cheap, reliable, could be a bit rough, I might need to do a little maintenance, but it would get me around. My conditions were limiting Source!

I seemed to hear Source say, "Oh well, ok, let me move the new, beautiful cars I had waiting for you to the back row and dig out that old clunker you are asking about, so you can have fun working on it!" So I changed my "ask" to a car that I would be very happy to own. A much better car appeared at an incredibly good price.


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Dollar Bill


@Dollar Bill - Thanks for the great answer! Since you mentioned you were unclear about my question, see my responses above to Stingray.

(23 Jun '12, 14:14) lozenge123

@lozenge123 Got it!

(23 Jun '12, 19:41) Dollar Bill

Just had to share another experience...last night, coming into my apartment, I passed a neighbor who had just dyed her hair completely purple, which I thought was unusual, and mentioned it to my fiance. About two hours later, we were watching "Flight of the Navigator" on DVD, and there was a conversation in the movie about Sarah Jessica Parker's character dying her hair purple. Another example of synchronicity that is meaningless to me, beyond the fact of the connection between the two occurring phenomena. (I have made no manifestation requests relating to "Flight of the Navigator" or purple hair.


answered 07 Jul '12, 13:37

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This has been happening to me too. Lots of unconnected synchronicities in the past few weeks. Did your synchornicities eventually turn into any meaningful manifestations?

(18 Mar '15, 13:58) Inner Beauty

if we be tied to only
one earth life we have
limited vision and
knowledge of past choices

what was thought or chosen
may now be reciprocating
so how is it embraced


answered 23 Jun '12, 11:26

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Welcome to the wierd and wonderful world of synchronicity. Dont you just love it when things like that happen.

You will find that once they start they will carry on as long as you pay attention and expect them to happen. Because a person experianced synchronicity one looks and pays closer attention albeit unconsciously. In fact one is somehow aware of things one would normaly miss.

In my own experiance if I see a car with numberplates 777 for the next few weeks I will see 777 all over the place. It doesnt mean that this wasnt happening before but simply that now my attention was hightend and and I would notice this where as before I simply didnt.

Than there are those coinsidences that have special meaning. In otherwords messages especialy meant to help. When this happens it is almost as if there is an invisible something or someone helping. I love these the most. Your communication with source can also come in coincidances so pay attantion and try to figure out what they are trying to tell you.

Good luck.


answered 23 Jun '12, 15:19

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Paulina 1

Yes, like when I get a new used car that I haven't noticed much before, after I get one, I see them all over, even the same color and other colors. They were there before, but I didn't notice them.

(23 Jun '12, 15:50) Fairy Princess

Today, it is men in red shirts. No idea why. They're everywhere!

(24 Jun '12, 14:47) Grace

@Paulina 1 - Thanks for the response and the "good luck"...same to you!

(25 Jun '12, 00:28) lozenge123
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