How do you manage your stress level? Do you make lifestyle changes? Do you meditate? Or do you have other techniques?

Do you consider stress a lifestyle problem or a thinking problem?

asked 26 Mar '10, 00:28

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The more aware I become, the more I realize that all our stress is selfcreated by how we choose to react to any given situation. Until we are willing to admit this and try to change ourselves from within, I think stress will always be part of our lives - we create our lifestyles by our thinking so it has to be a thinking problem.

Incorporating stress relieving practices, like meditation, yoga or numerous others, into our daily lives is the greatest gift we can give ourselves; to move beyond stress and experience life ( the ups and downs ) fully and completely stress free, the way we came here to.


answered 26 Mar '10, 00:56

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Over the years I have learned to deal with stress in different ways. When I was younger I used to react to every event in almost the same way. I get excited and tried to fix everything all at once. Having come so close to losing my best friend, my husband, I have learned to take life one day at a time. One thing that really helps me is to leave everything to God. When things get tough for me I think of myself as a child traveling in the car with God. I picture God very lovingly putting me in a car seat next to Him and I became totally relaxed. I also have learned that faith is very powerful. When one doctor after another tells you that you are going to die, you either give up or you put your faith in God. Faith is what works for me. I start with meditation and give my thoughts to God. I think of God as my Heavenly Creator. I think of Him and reflect on the love I have for Him. We are always taught to believe that He loves us unconditionally, which is very true, but how do we really feel about Him. I talk to Him all day and even at night when I wake up I thank Him for making me who I am. My husband used to not believe in Him the way I do, but he has changed dramatically. God loves me and I love Him. That is a wonderful feeling which melts the stress away. It really works for me. I work with at risk youth and I really need God to be my Rock. I also believe, Like Michaela does, that we create our life styles and make our choices. However, it takes patient and practice to learn to find out what works for us. We are all different and what works for some might not work for others. Furthermore, it is in exploring our own feelings that we discover what works.


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Yes Michaela, I agree with you, I also think it is a choice that we make once we realize that our lives are stress-based. I use Reiki, EFT and meditation to avoid stress and deal with situations that might cause stress. Breathing techniques are a good immediate help when you are in a stress situation, they can give you instant relief. Raise your vibration by a number of these techniques and methods and you will find soon you will be able to master more and more difficult situations. Most of the techniques you can find in the internet if you start looking. The LOA will give you what you need. I know, I have been there too. I wish you love, health and prosperity.


answered 26 Mar '10, 03:57

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Stress is the self-generated thought or illusion that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish your tasks. After lying in an emergency room thinking I was dying from a heart attack, and after all the tests were ran I was told there was no organic cause for my pain and symptoms. Lifestyle change I could not afford to at the time. I made a mental shift started applying my faith to my life. Behavioral changes and I implemented a new form of Prayer (Visualization) I Preset my day inwardly. I meditate in the day and at night I end the day with gratitude, thoughts about the next day. When I awake before I get up I send out thankful appreciation, then a joyful expectation. (The enchantment of everyday life!)This works great for me,I have my creative potential with me always. My answer reflects a thinking problem. A healthy lifestyle is rewarding.


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I manage my stress level by keeping my life in balance and doing things that make me happy. I love my job so going to work is fun. I love my family and my home so I am happy in that space as well.

I believe that stress or any other form of negativite energy are all the same and arise out of a feeling of being disconnected from the Higher Power. Stress serves a useful purpose in that its a way of signaling to the body that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. Most of us tend to ignore the signals until it develops into something big. But if we are in tuned with our bodies and respond to the signals as they arise we can start living more peaceful lives. Everyday , I try to remain conscious of the signals and resond accordingly. Sometimes I get very busy during the day and become distracted but at the end of the day I try to put things into pespective before I go to sleep.

One of the main reasons that I was drawn to spirituality is that I have a low threshold for pain (physical or emotional) and so I have to find ways to quickly respond to any stressful situations that I am faced with. I may not solve the problem but I have to diffuse the emotions and situation to a point where it is manageable.


answered 26 Mar '10, 15:54

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