The Universe is calling me and I am unsure about how to answer or if I want to answer at all. I will let you decide, should I take the call or just hit "Ignore"?

asked 27 Mar '10, 08:43

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You are the center of your universe. Therefore, you are actually calling yourself. Think about how you will feel on your death bed if you take the call verses just hitting ignore.


answered 27 Mar '10, 09:33

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I am the center of my universe but not yours, we all live in this universe and we all interact with each and every molecule in the entire universe, to say I am calling myself is to say I am an island cut off from everything else. You need to expand your conscienceness and realize that what I do affects you and everyone else in this reality. Wake up Brian before it is too late.

(29 Mar '10, 04:33) Goodisevil

Your right, we are all connected. As long as you are working for the highest good of all and the free will of everything, take the call.

(29 Mar '10, 11:58) Brian

As Brian pointed out - it is really the center of your being that is calling. It may quieten again for a little while if you don't answer, but it will never give up, so I think you have to take the call. Your Higher Self is calling to come forth and I think if you hit ignore,in the long run, it could be detrimental to your overall well being ( you'll never truly be happy).


answered 27 Mar '10, 13:10

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You too need to open up your mind to the fact that we are not islands isolated from each other, but we are interconnected and you influence me and I influence you.

(29 Mar '10, 04:35) Goodisevil

I don't think I insinuated anywhere in my answer that we are not interconnected- I am well aware that we are. Maybe I misinterpreted your question - but if it is not you calling, but someone else, why then would you ignore them? As you so rightly pointed out we are not islands so I think any empathic person would take the call.

(29 Mar '10, 12:54) Michaela

The universe calls you to benefit the most people and yourself at the most appropriate time. If you don't answer someone else will. It's like the universe is sending you a limousine and it's up to you to get in. If you don't get in, the limousine will pick someone else up. Go ahead and hit ignore. You may realize that you are missing out on some great happiness. What do you want? The universe only wants you to be happy.


answered 27 Mar '10, 13:17

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The universe is the medium and it is influenced by everyone of us. We need to stop and realize that how we feel affects others near and far. Most of the books and information on this site are about helping you focus on being a better person and that you are your own worst enemy. Your self, is your inner being and what it believes you to be is what you are. And your inner self affects others around you as they affect you, collectivly we influence our reality. If one person sees the truth that we are not seperate entities on the subconsciencous level, then maybe there is hope for us after all.

(29 Mar '10, 05:14) Goodisevil

my answer kind of runs parallel to Wades. I think of telephone sales people that call here. I am polite I listen long enough to make the choice "do I need socks sent to my house every month ?" "is this really a lower long distance rate?" And if they are serious and do have a good offer but I need time to think, they will call back. So take the call listen to the offer.If it is something you want and do not choose right now they will call back.


answered 28 Mar '10, 06:33

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Thanks for the laugh.

(29 Mar '10, 04:51) Goodisevil

We should never jump to being lead by an outside force but weigh first what we are being told to do.

Does this cause anyone harm?

Unfortunately there are many killers that said God told me to kill this one and that one because they are bad. That was not God at all.

Second question is does this cost anyone, in other words God is telling me to ruin this politician's life. Again that is not God.

Third question is does it have a compassion and love to it, in other words benefits many or even your self without harming or costing others pain?

I am not saying this to you specifically this is good advice for anyone that feels called to do something. I think there is even a verse in the bible about testing and weighing things before jumping head long into the pool you need to be sure it is God's guidance.


answered 27 Mar '10, 18:37

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Wade Casaldi

I am curious Wade, since you mentioned GOD, How many people did GOD kill or cause to be killed in the "Old Testament" I know the "New Testament" is the teaching of Jesus and teaches love and compassion for your fellow man. I know from the New testament that GOD allowed Lucifer to tempt Christ while he fasted for 40 days on the mount, all he had to do was bow down and he would not have to suffer the pain of the cruxifiction for man's sins. So how can you be so sure GOD is what you say he is, when all the evidence points to a different conclusion.

(29 Mar '10, 04:47) Goodisevil

I suppose it could be changed to what would GOOD do, then that way you can weigh it out does it seem to harm anyone? It all depends on what you would like to judge it by. Some don't believe in God at all so in that case change it to GOOD then.

(31 Mar '10, 07:20) Wade Casaldi

well i am interested in the call you got share the experiance! if you ignore you are ignorant! but don't worrry many are! if it is something evil don't ignore it figth it so it leaves you alone!


answered 22 May '11, 04:11

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white tiger

Ignoring the call is taking the call.


answered 22 May '11, 04:56

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