Hey guys, i have been trying to grow taller for so many months, and i finally found out that the only way i could possible reach my ideal height (5'11) i would need to use my subconscious mind. i have been having so many problems though:( sometimes i worry whether or not our minds are really that powerful, because everyone around me claims that it is all bs and our genes determine everything. i have done so much research on this topic whether it is really possible to change our bodies with our minds and honestly i have found a lot of proof, but for some reason i feel like the people sharing their success stories are just sharing them for either attention, just because or for money. I have never actually met or even talked to someone who has gotten taller or changed their body in any way by the will of their mind. and honestly i feel like the only way for me to actually believe is that. i have had a lot of doubt lately and if someone could share a physical manifestation story with me that would be amazing.

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honestly i feel like the only way for me to actually believe is that. i have had a lot of doubt lately and if someone could share a physical manifestation story with me that would be amazing

What you're asking for defies Universal Law :)

Law of Attraction will always bring you matches to what you believe or disbelieve. So, from your current state of disbelief, even if someone posted the clearest evidence in the world ever, your current beliefs would still find a way to not believe it :)

If you want to find the evidence you seek, you first have to find a way to believe that what you want is possible.

But the ironic thing is that once you've truly convinced yourself that what you want is possible, you won't need the evidence you are asking for :)

For more information, see Do scientists just make up their own answers?


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I would guess that the first way to grow taller would be to identify why you want to grow taller- if it is based on a belief that you cannot do certain things unless you are tall, it will probably be more downstream and more within the allowing to let go of the belief instead of actually making yourself taller.

The next step is identify more aspects of being taller, and specifically imagine those. Do you want to be noticed more? Recognized as a leader? Recognized as attactive? Imagine those.

The third step is the most important one: Imagine yourself as taller, and experience yourself as taller, and ignore the measurements. Be ten feet tall if you like- it's your imaginative experience, and you get to decide that it's real. Keep doing this, and most likely the universe will find some kind of exciting equivalent that will show up in your life, but I have absolutely no idea what that would look like, but it's bound to be great. It may be as simple as a comfortable pair of heals, or it could be as complex as releasing tension that kept your spine at a higher density than was appropriate for you, or it could mean that suddenly lots of new friends are shorter and consider you tall, and these are just the "known to be realistic" options that kind of tell you you're on track like little omens. The important part is that you are actually already as tall as you want yourself to be right now, because you imagine yourself to be and allow that experience to emotionally satisfy you.


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