I want to manifest a new car.

What metaphysical steps should I take?

what practical steps should I take?

Thank you guys!

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Chris 2

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See http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2915/manifesting-experiment-1-how-to-get-what-you-want-effortlessly

(30 Mar '10, 16:49) Vesuvius

This question seems like a good excuse to try and summarize some of the manifesting knowledge we have on Inward Quest. I'll amend this answer as I find or remember other related answers

How to metaphysically manifest a new car step-by-step...

Question 1 - Do you need the car as soon as possible or can you wait?

Question 2 - Can you forget about your desire for a new car for a while and just let the Universe do what it needs to?

Question 3 - Are you unhappy with your current car, or method of transport?


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Needs flowchart. :)

(30 Mar '10, 22:41) Vesuvius

THat's perfect. but should I include visualization?? or does that create a block for me?

(30 Mar '10, 23:37) Chris 2

@Chris - you can visualize if you want, it's optional though. If you do it, do it because it's fun not because you are trying to force the new car to come. I've now amended "Question 3 - No" to point out that all manifesting processes are actually optional

(31 Mar '10, 04:58) Stingray

Stingray, thanks for the major contribution on this subject. I greatly respect and appreciate your answers. I've understood many more elements about manifestation and in turn clarified many biblical passages. Thus grounding me more solidly. Again, thank you.

(31 Mar '10, 20:03) Frank 1

You're welcome, Frank. Glad you've found them useful - the principles are universal (only the terminology varies from culture to culture, and age to age) so it is probably to be expected that the bible would be littered with references to them

(31 Mar '10, 22:14) Stingray

I agree totally.

(01 Apr '10, 14:12) Frank 1

After how many months here and because I am lazy, I just registered my account and now I can vote your answer (is that how it's called?). And I am so having fun with it. Ha ha ha. Brilliant Stingray. Very useful.

(22 Sep '11, 16:45) Aphrodite

wow.. amazing explanation. thank you so much

(15 Oct '12, 19:57) Susan1704
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I needed a new car, badly, years ago when I was going through a divorce. Mine was aging and on its last legs, needing expensive repairs nearly every month. With all of that happening, it was hard to save a down-payment for a new one, and it would also be difficult to get credit while in the midst of a divorce....there was some stipulation by the court that neither of us could obtain credit without the written consent of the other....something like that.

I didn't let myself get discouraged though, and nightly before bed, I would see myself in a new, pretty, reliable car. I could smell it, feel it and totally imagine it. I even saw myself on a road trip, with the signs going past me on the freeway. (impossible at the time with my old unreliable car).

I persisted with this vision for a few weeks, but didn't really take any action.

Soon, a relative contacted me, saying that he had lost his job but had a new car on his hands. He knew mine was getting on in years and wondered if I would just take the car and take over the payments. The car was beautiful and only a couple of months old. He had purchased it with nothing down and just wanted out from under the payments. I sold my old car for a little cash, assumed the payments, changed the title. The payments were easily affordable and I had a new car, which I liked, and enjoyed for many years. (And yes, I took the road-trip not long after!)


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LeeAnn 1


+1 for an actual, true-life example.

(30 Mar '10, 21:40) Vesuvius

Yea! Real life experiences are always nice to hear, especially when they turn out so well - good for you LeeAnn:-)

(30 Mar '10, 21:58) Michaela

You are what you think. thoughtrons, the energy particles of thoughts can travel and can activstrong textate as one thinks, both positive and negative. The studies on thought by His Most Divine Rishidev narendranji revealed an astounding finding.When we think about a thing, say about getting a car, the thought circles around our mind for 45 days. But if we frequently change the thought pattern, it gets confused. The thought cannot be maaterialized.

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