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According to physics light is energy (electromagnetic) darkness is its lack. Sound is energy, silence is not. Motion is energy (kinetic) , stillness is not. Heat is energy (thermal) , coldness is not. An object with more energy is softer. For example, ice turns to water and then steam with more heat (thermal energy); so yang is actually soft, not shade/yin (the lack of energy). As and object gets colder its particles contract, pulls together and becomes still. As an object gets hotter its particles move and release expanding. So to sumarize Yang: Light Heat Motion Softness Release Yin: Darkness Coldness Stillness Solidity Contraction So it is actually cold, dark, still, heavy energies that are yin and hot, bright, moving, soft energies that are yang according to physics. So, keeping your energy gentle, warm, and spreading will keep your energy high. Notice how the lack of energy (yin) is also the symptoms of fear: chills (cold), stillness (shock from fear), and tense (contraction) and feeling safe feels the opposite. So a great way to keep your energy in a high frequency (yang/light) is to repeat the affiemation "I am safe" to keep your energy moving and free (gentle, soft, warm).

This is all according to physics, what do you guys think? Staying in this vibe of "I am safe" is high vibe and powerful and you will easily manifest what you truly want from your pure/high vibe without effort or struggle (heaviness nor slowness)

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Great explanation, I love this!!

(04 Jan '15, 15:21) Jess
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Hi @arpgme I love the mix yin yang, hot cold, electromagnetic :) ... according to traditional science the electromagnetic spectrum is represented as an open ended straight line pointing in opposite directions

alt text

gamma waves have the shortest wavelengths and produce the hottest physical objects in the universe, radio waves are the longest and the coldest.

Thanks to the works of two brilliant radiesthesists L.Chaumery and A. de Belizal the electromagnetic spectrum can be represented as a disk

alt text

In the early 1930's they discovered "negative green" and in 1968 de Belizal isolated, within this zone, two source energies "pure electric" and "pure magnetic", these two energies combine and fan out between black and white to form the building blocks of our physical world.

Yin Yang are two opposing source energies that originate in ancient chinese Tao philosophy - it's the basic eternal principle of the universe that transcends reality and is the source of being, non-being and change.

alt text

Clearly yin yang and electromagnetism represent the same phenomenon;

Two opposite forces that are interconnected and counterbalancing, the circle representing unity out of which all existence arises.




Lots of strange things happen in the negative green sector; reality starts to bend ... from a human point of view it seems like your senses fuse together birds in the sky seem to fly backwards and you feel something like this: "Le Cri" so beautifully painted by E.Munch

alt text

... the shortest and the longest wave lengths seem to melt together, it probably corresponds to where the planck length enters into the scenario

All this certainly fits in with the idea that the energy shape of the earth's aura is like a torus

alt text

afterall the planet is known to act as a bar magnet


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