Well, I like LAW OF ATTRACTION, it is my challenge,my interest my whole life, every time I fail I have no complain in standing up and start over, but recently I am confused.

It is lottery again, I want to win, I have to study, travel and pay for therapy, and I am getting involved in numbers too, I want it, I want to match these six numbers.

Well I matched 4 numbers twice, I liked this play so much and its my test towards all that complexity of actions and reactions, my conscious and subconscious, that glance in eyes when I am match numbers, that pain in stomachs when I do not, when I tear the ticket and declare it is useless, just fake, and when I come back with magic numbers and smile positively, it is interesting and I don't complain.

What was updated is I must go under medical treatment by recent time, a bank loan was suggested but is that contradict with my lottery journey??

as for me I am interested in that game and the desire to win, but I have to be healed, later it will be difficult to get result medically, well that thrust me, do I take that loan or keep in lottery, as loan tell lottery that you are not assured, and what would present in my subconscious in the path of unfaith.

Suggestions?? I will appreciate from your experiences, knowing that I am determined in lottery till I get it but that case of treatment was not expected. Can I go through both? and does getting loan delay results in lottery??? and deactivate the enthusiasm in playing it?

sometimes I guess it is my interest about feelings what delay the winning knowing that I am seeking another experiences after winning... anyway en-light me and I will be so obedient.

I am sorry if it is a long question It is only my second one. forgive me.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes, you can "make" money from the lottery....if you believe it. It is imperative that we remind ourselves that all we draw into our world (our experience)...is really because we created it. The Universe just matches up things that are similar to our broadcast. The broadcast is your belief, thoughts and desires. When you have the strong belief, then winning money thru the lottery becomes easy to you.

You speak of loans, health issues and other things that worry you. Some mental conflict going on there. Since you tie them all together in your mind (your belief) then the worries are doubts and anxieties that are in direct conflict with your belief and faith of winning the lottery. You are showing too much concern for the money....and concern is a cousin of fear. Fear is the "anti-creator".

My suggestion would be: To take out the day-to-day rigors of playing your lottery numbers. play weekly or monthly instead...this will help to cool out your fear/doubt emotions. Ever so often during the course of the day...think of how you will spend the money. Enjoy the feeling of what it will allow you to do. The key is to believe and know that you are gonna hit....do it with a "uncaring" light heart attitude.

The quicker you do all of the above...getting into alignment emotionally and mentally...then the quicker you will see your results. Then and only then.


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Consider for a moment, the notion that your thoughts create your life experience.

Whether you believe in making wine from water, or you simply believe that the actions you take are a result of your thinking process, you must surely believe that the quality of your thoughts largely (if not completely) determine the quality of your life.

What is the quality of your thinking process?

Looking at the question you posted, would you say that your thoughts are clear or unclear, asssured or conflicted? How do you feel about the quality of your life? Is it clear and bright and purposeful? Or is it chaotic, messy and uncertain?

Change your thoughts, change your life.


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I am a Law of Attraction lottery winner who won twice, and I wrote about it in my book titled "Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets." The book is for sale on Amazon. The power of the Law of Attraction definitely works if you work it! A person wanting to win the lottery should be visualizing for at least 15 to 20 minutes per day. The important thing to know is that you can manifest anything you can make a part of your beliefs and feelings.


answered 05 Oct '13, 16:03

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Definitely appreciate your insgiht, however it's very hard to not look at it as just a way for you to promote your book. I mean, you apparently won the lottery twice. What would be the problem of just simply linking a free pdf version of this book to help this person out?

(05 Oct '13, 16:32) ikaruss21

Definitely appreciate your insgiht, however it's very hard to not look at it as just a way for you to promote your book. I mean, you apparently won the lottery twice. What would be the problem of just simply linking a free pdf version of this book to help this person out?

(05 Oct '13, 16:32) ikaruss21

I will do better than that. In november the book will be free for two days. At that point I will post a message here so that people can download it for free for those two days.

(05 Oct '13, 16:33) eddiecoronado

This makes me appreciate Stingrays input to this site....now theres a guy who would make millions if he wrote a book...but we get his stuff for free! But to be fair on our new friend, he has offered to make the book available....so fair dues to him.

(05 Oct '13, 17:54) Monty Riviera

Ah my bad, totally double-posted this. Thought my browser was just bugging out. Can't really delete this, bummer.

But yes, I totally agree! I would read the hell out of a stingray book if stingray were to write one.

(05 Oct '13, 23:37) ikaruss21

@eddiecorando Awesome! Well I definitely do like the advice you gave as I believe in what you said is very true. I actually have heard about you before from someone on here not too long ago. Definitely would love to hear more of your insight on future topics!

(05 Oct '13, 23:44) ikaruss21

WoW @ikaruss 'Ask and it is Given" & as if by magic, your wish was granted.

(06 Oct '13, 01:04) ele

@eddiecoronado Would you mind telling me where you won (states or country), the dates and how much you won each time. Very cool offering your book for free for 2 days in Nov. Thanks.. Welcome to IQ eddie.

(06 Oct '13, 01:07) ele

@ikaruss - I'm sure if you ask @Barry he will fix this. He knows magic also. I'm sure he can delete this & magically put Monty's comment in the right place & make mine disappear altogether.

(06 Oct '13, 01:09) ele

@eddiecoronado i just got your book on amazon after reading about it here. Just read the first part and really excited about it.. i'll let you know what happens! thx!

(07 Oct '13, 18:58) jodie

You can borrow it from the Kindle lending library for free, for those of you who have Amazon Prime.

(08 Oct '13, 20:23) LeeAnn 1

thank you for reading MANIFEST YOUR MILLIONS. I wrote it to prove to people that lotteries can be won through the Law of Attraction. I didn't intend to write a book until I realized that lots of people kept asking me how I did it, so I wrote a book on Kindle and it's available on Amazon as a paperback title.

(11 Oct '13, 22:30) eddiecoronado

For the most part, I used two methods: I visualized daily even when I didn't want to, and I affirmed daily. I just persisted because I realized that the Universe loves persistence. As i visualized daily (read books by Neville Goddard), I started feeling more and more prosperous and expectant.

(11 Oct '13, 22:30) eddiecoronado

These feelings of expectancy are very powerful, and they will bring you the money you desire. Feelings are very creative, and as you visualize with feeling you will start to change your life. When you feel good about money, you will start manifesting more of it in your life.

(11 Oct '13, 22:30) eddiecoronado

Also, I want to recommend another amazing book that you all should read. It was written by the late Stuart Wilde. It's called MIRACLES. It's a small book, but worth its weight in gold. It's my favorite law of attraction book of all time.

(11 Oct '13, 22:33) eddiecoronado

@eddiecoronado - "I visualized daily even when I didn't want to" - I'm intrigued by this aspect of your experience. I'm wondering if the regular visualization "even if you didn't want to" made your vibrational-financial state so habitual that it became almost mundane, i.e. "no big deal" because you were so used to it. And thus in the right place to receive it physically? Is this how you felt?

(12 Oct '13, 01:59) lozenge123
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