I am new to vibrational work. i have known LOA for few years now, i have never applied it in my life. Altough, i agree and can see how i have attracted the life i am living right now. This is my first time with delibrate manifestation. I have so far manifested a feather and a dollar and seats on buses and subways! and i am so excitd about all this.

I read ME1 and was so excited to put in my desires, but then i knew i would keep on thinking about them, as they are prety huge. then i treid ME2 for a few rounds, no way near a pro, but i do see how it brings relief. I am already looking forward to excesising again.

My question is I know i have limiting believes and i am drawn to ME4, but Stringray said i should first be efficient in some clearing method then only i could use it? is it strictly so or could i still use it. well the thing is i am at a point in my life where relationships and my desires around them is dominationg my life. It seems as if i dont have any other desires anymore in other areas. everything seems to be tied around it. as my career also is influenced by these relationships as it is more or less in the family business. i have childhood issues that i know are ruling my limiting believes. I want to be detached and at times i am able to do it, but others i just start thinking about these desires again. i fluctuate between hopefulness and hopelessness. and at times feel so bored by desire and feel like giving up? in this case should i still first practice Focus Blocks and then only try ME4 or could i still try ME4? please guide me as i am natually drawn towards ME4!!!

All help is greatly appreciated

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Yes, it is possible to use Manifesting Experiment 4 - The 'Resistance Release' Method when first starting out.

If you are finding yourself especially drawn to it then there's probably something valuable within it for you.

And, yes, you can also use it even without a clearing method.

But your belief system would have to be such that you can actually allow yourself to believe it is possible to let go of limiting beliefs just by identifying they exist.

See if the ideas mentioned in How To Break Bad Habits Effortlessly resonate with you. If you find that it makes sense to you that painful beliefs can just drop away effortlessly then that experiment may well work for you without any clearing method at all.


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Thank you so much for your kind reply. I have read the link to another answer as well, it all makes sense on an intellectual level, i am finding it hard to feel it in my body. Is it possible for one to get numb to the beliefs that you have been living for a long time, as in you are somehow aware of the issue butnot fully feel it? Thanks again. I wish i had discovered this earlier. "A year from now, you'll wish you had started today" - hopefully that wouldnot be the case with me. thanks again!

(09 Jul '12, 14:03) dreamersmiles

@dreamersmiles - Yes, it is very possible to become so used to your existing limiting beliefs that you no longer feel the pain of them in your body. I usually recommend daily meditation to help kick off the process of re-sensitizing you again to how you are really feeling. See How can I Reconnect with my emotions? and the related answer link within it.

(09 Jul '12, 15:45) Stingray

Thank you so much Stingray. :)

(09 Jul '12, 21:06) dreamersmiles
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