Hello everyone,

I've read a lot of the questions regarding ME-4 and the different challenges faced when dealing with the equivalent of an inner spring cleaning (I feel sometimes like I'm doing that for a whole neighborhood hehe).

One of them took me about 4 hours to completely neutralize all statements. So I'm using the streamlined suggestions from @Stingray of doing only steps 1-3 to focus on the matter at hand. And then later on when they are neutralized I finish up the rest of the steps, since this issues have been established for a while.

While in the middle of a long process I have reached a point a couple of times where I feel numb in regards to feeling any feelings/sensations, I don't know if it's just being tired or something going on vibrationally. I have stopped the process there for the day, tapped on that numb feeling and meditated to go on with my day. I know it's better to finish the process in one sitting but I don't know if that numbness is just another feeling coming up or if it's like an anesthetic and I wouldn't be able to feel the other statements.

What should I do?


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@Kriegerd Maybe try drinking a lot of water (1-2 liters, i.e. 30-60 ounces). It should give immediate relief from numbness. Also hyper-hydrating your body over a few days seems to make clearing methods work more efficiently in my experience (especially the Super Power Tap). And sometimes we subconsciously restrict our breathing while applying techniques over a longer period of time. EFT's Constricted Breathing Technique for numbness and stuckness should get your energies flowing again.

(12 Feb '15, 09:17) releaser99

Thanks @releaser99!. I am drinking water like crazy hehe and it has helped.Didn't know about the breathing technique; I'll look into that. Thanks a lot!

(12 Feb '15, 11:22) Kriegerd

Definition of "numb" in The Free Dictionary; "Deprived of the power to feel or move normaly, benumbed" ... "deprived of sensation, as by anesthesia" ... in other words hypnotized

Definition of "hype" again in The Free Dictionary; "Something deliberately misleading, a deception" ... "To stimulate, excite or agitate" ... "To create interest in by flamboyant or dramatic methods" ... etc

(22 Jun '15, 10:02) jaz

Here's the Urban Dictionary definition of hypnosis;


I have actualy experienced hypnotizing myself so that I feel like I'm flying ... truly enjoyable :)

So what to do when feeling numb ... change dimensions from 3rd to 2nd.

both @releaser99 and @Kriegerd speak of water ... magnetic water, symbol of magnetic fluid, of the accumulation of forces :)

(22 Jun '15, 10:26) jaz

In other words it's not the two combined elements hydrogen and oxygen commonly known as water that's important ... it's the symbol of what water represents ... two forces bonded together. All you see from the outside is the protective mask. otherwise put behind the mask that you can see "water" is hiding two separate forces.

(22 Jun '15, 11:54) jaz

what is the motivation behind this question by @Kriegerd ?

(23 Jun '15, 01:38) jaz

and what is the hidden motivation behind this question?

(23 Jun '15, 03:46) jaz

wow and behold the answer at lightning speed :) ... danger! scramble scramble two symbols bonded together "sting" "ray" ... definition of sting in The (trusty) Free Dictionary; to pierce or wound painfully ... definition of ray; a narrow stream of radiant energy, especially visible light ... separate the two symbols ... one symbol is the raw experience and the other symbol is the feeling ... raw experience of emotion always appears first(true happiness) then the judgmental story.

(23 Jun '15, 04:17) jaz

the story is what's happening in Story Space, that is in this case via the pc screen using symbols arranged in a particular fashion and the feelings are happening in my own personal experience Inner Space

(23 Jun '15, 04:56) jaz
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What releaser99 says about deep breathing (comment under your question) in an effort to prevent the numbness you speak of from surfacing is very sound advice.

I know what you mean when you talk about this numb feeling. Just like you mention in your question, I've tapped on it, accompanied by a meditation to go on with my day, and that works pretty well, but what I found works even better in this scenario is to finish off^ your ME-4 with an MC2 Method meditation session. This will help you release the resistance hiding behind the numbness for lack of a better phrase. Not only that, but it is probably the most effective way to get back in touch with your Emotional Guidance System, much better than just tapping on the numbness and a regular meditation. You want to make sure you've always got a clear channel to your EGS as you move throughout the day. Carrying this numbness with you is effectively like going out for a drive with a blindfold on :)

^ Finish off means finish off :) Don't go back to your ME-4 statements. You may already be vortex aligned after your MC2 meditation, but if not, follow up with regular meditation, positive aspects, or whatever you prefer, to get vortex aligned, and then go do what you feel inspired to. Come back to your ME-4 spreadsheet when you're next kicked out of the vortex, or whenever you feel inspired.


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Thanks @WeRadiateBeauty. I arrived at the same answer. I've been using MC2 more and more when I reach that point, which happily hasn't happened that much in a while. Your last paragraph hits the nail, I would doggedly go back most of the time, cleanup targeted as you mentioned in your other answer. Thanks again!

(03 Jul '15, 07:43) Kriegerd

So what is this feeling of numbness? it's due to interacting with strings of symbols arranged in a particular way on the pc screen that induces a hypnotic state ... solution; wake up! and stop tapping ...

T've never practiced this technique so I don't really know whether it would work for me or not. However I don't feel like doing it so I don't :)

I do notice that lots of people practice this kind of technique and the upshot is that it does seem to make a difference for a while maybe, but I've yet to hear from someone who says it done a real deep healing. I also notice that it does assist some people in taking them a little further towards "truth" whatever that maybe :)

To explain how I feel about this I'm going to use the metaphor of a computer.

The brain functions very similarly to a computer, it has internal programs and algorisms that it uses to pop up answers to questions and we communicate with the mechanism using a keyboard with symbols placed at strategic points on which we tap with our fingers.

The result depends on the internal programs and the programs are set up by a computer programmer that is a person expert in this kind of work, in short a human being. Whatever code you tap with your fingers will always bring a result, whether that result is correct or not depends on the skill of the programmer.

If the programmer changes the program you'll get different results ... I could go on forever changing program after program and still not quite getting the result that I wish.

Why can't I ever get the result that I wish however fast I tap, even if I could tap at lightning speed (which seems highly improbable) the computer would still stupidly grin back at me and give me the answer provided by it's programs.


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