Hello everyone,

I've read a lot of the questions regarding ME-4 and the different challenges faced when dealing with the equivalent of an inner spring cleaning.

One of them took me about 4 hours to completely neutralize all statements. So I'm using the streamlined suggestions from @Stingray of doing only steps 1-3 to focus on the matter at hand. And then later on when they are neutralized I finish up the rest of the steps, since this issues have been established for a while.

I have noticed that some emotions manifest in me as some sort of pressure in the chest, like someone pressing their fingers in my sternum but from the inside-out. Sometimes I get to feeling neutral about a particular statement/belief but the chest sensation is still there, and it doesn't budge!! With A LOT of tapping and trying different angles I manage to lessen it but still it doesn't go away.

Is this related to the issue?, should I really strive to clear that completely? Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks a lot!

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I think the physical sensations take a lot of work to shift permanently (if at all) - well that is my experience. A few methods that have helped me though more than EFT have been Emotrance. http://emotrance.com Here you work with the energy until it finds a place to leave your body - very weird, but it's amazing how much tension might be stored in parts of your body you might not even think of e.g. you may feel the tension going to your ear and then releasing from there, or from the soles of your feet! The other is the mc2 method, which I'm currently trying. http://www.mc2method.com Someone mentioned it recently on IQ and I decided to try it. I think it's really helpful to listen to the audios and do the exercises at the same time. The aim is to stick with the sensation for as long as possible. At one point, I thought I was literally going to die from the pressure in my chest, but kept staying with it until it gradually dissipated and I seem to have less of that negative energy feeling in my body since then.


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Thanks @Inner Beauty! I already knew mc2, I forgot to mention it in the answer. Sometimes the sensation just stays there until It goes on its own. That's why I was asking for more advice. I'll try emotrance. Thanks!

(05 Feb '15, 18:37) Kriegerd

@Kriegard - I'm not sure if emotrance is any better than the other methods, just different. But what I did find good about it is that the developer says to try it out in different situations e.g. listening to music that you don't like or looking at pictures of people that trigger you in some way! I tried it out on listening to opera - not my favourite music - and now I am able much more to enjoy that kind of music as well as other classical music that before I found too depressing to listen to!

(05 Feb '15, 18:49) Inner Beauty

This is the free e-book I used. I didn't read all of it - just parts I thought would be helpful to me: http://starfields.org/starfields/5th/2610/Oceans-EBook.pdf

(05 Feb '15, 18:50) Inner Beauty
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