I read the Secret of Instant Healing by Frank Kinslow. Then I read Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett. They seem to be almost the same, but Richard seems to get results more quickly and drastically. Does anybody have experience with both and could you compare them here? Thanks

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Fairy Princess

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Fairy Princess-Very interesting FP please let us know how you get on with Quantum Energetics should you decide to apply it, Thanks :)

(10 Jul '12, 10:58) Satori

@Satori I will. I have tried a few things and no great shift yet. I don't know what the trick is.

(10 Jul '12, 11:03) Fairy Princess

thanks for sharing and the link, FP.

(25 Jul '12, 10:45) Satori
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I think I have this all figured out and on the other hand, barely understand it at all. So I am sharing this right away so that anybody who wants to can explore it with me now. This thread really helped a lot.

They seem to be basically the same as far as the Two Point and the Triangulation go. They are both just techniques to get into what they call Pure Awareness and Heart Space respectively. I think this is also what Abraham calls The Vortex and Jesus calls the Kingdom of Heaven. In this place, you can move mountains. This is where you go to change your reality.

This is where Richard Bartlett gets more creative. Basically, you get into that state, then play, then drop down. He doesn't set limits that would limit you, but this is where people get confused without instructions. Also, the drop down makes it look phoney at first. Once I listened to the audio someone posted on my question at their forum, I understood the drop down better.

My undertsanding is that dropping down physically like that puts us in a neutral physical state so that when we re "crystalize" we do so in a different physical state from a different reality or dimension where we never had the problem.

I use Two Hands Touching because the above mentioned techniques hurt my injured shoulders. That is why I needed to come up with THT. So my example in using the Matrix Energetics concepts with my THT is:

I did THT, then I said the year, "2012" then did THT for that year, then I said the year, "2011" then did THT for that year, etc... If a particular year felt disturbing, I just did THT until it cleared, until I got to the year of my accident. So, while in the THT state, I imagined myself back in my car before the accident. This time I stayed in the right lane of the two lane, one way street, but I got rearended. So, I went into the other lane and stopped before the car could tbone me, but I still got whiplash from stopping so hard, so I went back and filled my car with feathers to cushion the blow, but my wrists were holding the steering wheel and still got hurt and I was still shaken up, so I went back and put a bubble around my car and floated over the other car and then just kept driving home and didn't look back. Then I did THT again and dropped. Then I went to another accident where I was rearended while stopped for a school bus and a kid was walking directly in front of my car. The driver had kept her foot on the gas instead of the break, pushing my car, causing me to tighten everything and use everything in my to not get pushed into the kid in front of my car. It was very scary and jambed every muscle in my body. So I did THT, then I went back to sitting in my car. This time, I put the flasher on and I didn't get hit. The kid looked up at me and gave me the biggest smile and just kept walking accross the street. Then I did THT again, then dropped down. Then I went to my slip and fall accedent where I had messed up my hips. There was a woman in there mopping the floor, no wet floor sign and the door was not locked. I did THT, then went back and had a trampoline catch me and bounce me back up. But the floor was slippery, so I would fall again when I landed, so I went back and saw the door closed and knew this time that meant there was someone in there, so I didn't go in so I didn't fall. Then I did THT again, then dropped down. I have noticed huge changes in my tightness of muscles, pain, range of motion, etc... I just did this the day before yesterday. I still have more timeline to do and another rear end accident. But so far so good.


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Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-Thanks for sharing this.I found that interview with Richard Bartlett very interesting.This has helped me understand Quantum Entrainment a bit better to :).Glad your applying it.I take it that the book is not really enough info in it to get started? Thanks :)

(13 Jul '12, 13:37) Satori

@Fairy Princess-Actually in his new book FK talks about getting into 'Pure Eufeeling' which is actually a deeper state of Eufeeling and then setting simple intentions from there, sounds similar to the heart space:)

(13 Jul '12, 13:58) Satori

@Satori yes it does sound similar. I just got my copy of Eufeeling in the mail and started it this morning. The book Matrix Energetics was not enough, but going to the forum and asking the question and getting the answers I got along with the video was very helpful. I would love to attend a workshop now that I understand it. However, I am excited to play with it on my own. I am now reading Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal. It was recommended to me and seems to be along the same lines.

(13 Jul '12, 14:15) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-Yes they are all drawing from the same source I suppose just different 'techniques' and ideas to get there.That interview has helped me understand more about 'letting go' part and why 'trying' to make things happen doesn't work in these Processes.Enjoy the new books.Thanks:)

(13 Jul '12, 14:28) Satori

@Fairy Princess-Yes I can see big similarities in Triangulation and Two point.

Two Contact points A & B

Become aware of both contact points=find a connection between both.

Become aware of PA=Drop into Heartspace.

How do you drop awareness Into Heartspace? 

Just by asking the open-ended Question "Where am I in relation to my HeartSpace and then letting go as described in the interview? Thank you:)

(14 Jul '12, 11:57) Satori

@Satori Two Contact points A & B = Two Hands Touching

Become aware of both contact points=find a connection between both=THT.

Become aware of PA=Drop into Heartspace=the feeling I get from THT.

How do you drop awareness Into Heartspace? I do THT and feel my hands.

I hope this explains it.

(14 Jul '12, 12:16) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-Thanks that explains it very well:)

(14 Jul '12, 12:43) Satori
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