Title of this question might be confusing as I am confused myself. I am brought up to this point listening about soul every now and then. But, as I am reading a book which frequently uses soul (for example - seek the soul, soul is the creator etc.), I just wonder what it really means!!!! Is there a way we can experience it (for example through meditation) or is it just feeling (then again my feeling is so much changeable - I am afraid that more that often - and I call it emotional jerk)?? Would you help me to understand this entity 'Soul' with understandable example or process that I can follow to experience it?? I am so confused :(

With sincere gratitude and welcome for all answers and opinions.....

asked 10 Jul '12, 15:36

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What book are you reading?

(12 Jul '12, 11:29) Fairy Princess

'Conversations with God - an uncommon dialogue Part - I' is the book that I am reading :)

(12 Jul '12, 11:39) ZDCobran

"The profit in what is (body), is in the use of what isn't (emptiness or soul)"

(06 Jan '13, 10:59) CalonLan
  1. Why do you want to experience soul?
(09 Jan '13, 09:10) mastermind2
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Hello ZDCobran, following your request I reviewed your question.

After reading through it, the most helpful advice I can offer is for you to visit my website (link in my profile) and click on Who We Really Are. That opens a fairly long article which I wrote a while ago that might offer you some insights and clarity regarding our soul.

"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." C.S. Lewis - 1898 - 1963

Additionally, I wrote a couple of pages offering shortcuts to understanding chakras and how to balance them yourself (Chakra Shortcuts). You don’t need anyone else to do this work for you, unless you feel pulled towards the idea of allowing a healer to assist you with that process.

Always remember that if something resonates with you it’s because you already know the truth of it; although from your current limited perspective, you might have temporally forgotten. All for reasons of your own highest good and for your soul’s ultimate purpose, of course :)


answered 13 Jul '12, 00:03

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Sincere gratitude @Eddie for your answer :)

(13 Jul '12, 06:13) ZDCobran

http://www.inspired-self-help-shortcuts.com/self-help-tool.html ...here is the link to the chakra short cuts

(06 Jan '13, 05:22) ursixx

I know I have a soul that is separate from my body.

This is because when I was small, I used to leave my body and “fly” about at will, and it was a wonderful, expansive feeling! I was told at age five by an angel that I could no longer do it; I was very sad.

The soul is anchored to the body by a spiritual energy called “ki” or “chi”. There are energy centers in the ki called “chakras”. These can be balanced by a spiritual healer, which can bring about physical healing- remember, the soul and body are connected!

But we sometimes use the word “soul” to refer to human beings in general- as in “lost souls”.

Google “Reiki” and “Chakras” for more info on this!




answered 11 Jul '12, 09:36

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Sincere gratitude for your opinion :) I have been still looking for - though I have been trying some way to activate some part of my chakra - I think I have not been deep into it to experience - hopefully it happens one day as I continue the process!! Be blessed @Jaianniah

(11 Jul '12, 09:41) ZDCobran

yes you experience soul(heart and mind) it at a low level every day being aware of it at around 5% in the water of the mind. and through meditation you can experience it fully in the water and the light. to explain it to you the light is you and the water is also you but where it is not in truth between the water and the light or the mind and the heart there is a division to make the water and the light become one,you need to solve those division in truth. when you meditate you are aware and see the water as a screen or a mirroir and think this is my mental though and eventually you will say this is my emotion and will see how they relate together. what happen next is that you see the light reflecting on the water,that is why it should be better to see the water as a mirroir and not a screen. the strange thing is that the light appear as something outside of you but know you and is in perfect harmony with you and help you in all truth. but eventually when there is no division the water and the light become one. then you know that you are the light the spirit made in the image of the father. then with out fear you can cross the last door and you will go out of the flesh in the kingdom where many of your brother and sister are as children of light (spirit) the father God is in the middle of the kingdom. communication is made there at the speed of light though emotion experience is shared. similar to when you download stuff in a computer your computer as is own memory and is not another computer or the internet yet they can all communicate together. well it is the same over there. the soul in the light is like some form and color in the middle of the light that change shape and form similar to when you listen to music on the computer and put on the screen a light form and color pattern that follow the music. the music in that case would be your communication of though and emotion. i do not know if anny one in jesus or buddha time could have understand anny of this if they would have talk about heavenly things with them. to make a parallel when you talk with someone here on earth you see their though and emotion reflected in their eyes there face their body language. well over there you see it in their soul.


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white tiger

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Different people use words in different ways. The most accurate use of the word soul is that it is your true ego, the center of consciousness, the subjective self. It is the little man in the brain. The soul is that part of you that is still you even when you are lost in strange dreams without memory of your normal life. You cannot experience the soul; or if you want to look at it another way, you cannot NOT experience the soul. That is because all you experience you do so through the soul. The soul is the raw material of consciousness, the thing which is shaped into different sensations. The incarnation of a soul is the shaping of that raw material into the patterns of flesh and blood. The distinction is that the soul is not the flesh and blood, it is not the form, the soul is the material out of which the flesh and blood are made of.


answered 06 Jan '13, 11:35

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